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A Beautiful Luna After Rejection Chapter 78

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As expected, Michael turned toward me. This time, his gaze wasnt cold but filled with apparent anger and confusion.

“You cant kill him.” I staggered up from the ground and transformed into my human form. I wanted to use my human form that he was more familiar with to convince him.

However, Michaels gaze seemed to become even angrier. He shouted at me, “Youre still speaking up for this b*stard even though youre in such a state. Have you forgotten what he wanted to do to you just now”

I looked at him in surprise. Michael had also transformed into his human form.

I had not expected to see him again after so long. It was such a messy and chaotic scene.

Michaels hair was wet and stuck to his face. His deep eyes were dark and filled with indifference and anger. There seemed to be a faint trace of injury.

His upper body was bare. His muscles were clearly defined. The veins on his arms were bulging. His hands were clenched into fists. Blood was dripping from them. I saw that the joints on his fingers were red. I knew how hard he had hit Robert.

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I subconsciously pulled my hair back. I realized there was probably nothing I could do to change his mind. I lowered my head and saw that my hands were covered in blood.

I confusedly looked at my hands and touched my head as if I remembered something. Sure enough, there was blood on my hands.

I then realized that Robert had injured me. Sasha said she would deal with it, but I had rushed to stop Michael. Michael probably stopped when he saw my blood.

“No matter what you say, I must kill this b*stard today. He shouldnt live anymore if he dares to pine for my people,” Michael said coldly. He raised his hand, which was dripping with blood again.

I watched them turn into wolf claws again. I sighed in my heart and slowly walked over.

I was very afraid to see Michael again. But more than that, I was happy.

I never thought my feelings for a person would be fear and love. I walked closer to Michael. I was certain that in this life unless Michael actively rejected me, we would never be separated again.

Michaels gaze followed me until I walked up to him.

I looked up. He was looking down at me. There was no emotion in his eyes.

I took his other hand and wiped the splatter off his face with my shirt. But there was still rain on it. It was blood from somewhere else. I couldnt get it off. I refused to give up. I repeatedly wiped the traces on him. Michael looked at me quietly.

“Ill go home with you. Can you let him go this time” I grabbed Michaels hand and gently kissed it.

“Do you think you have the right to choose whether to return” Michael finally spoke.

He rudely pulled me in Roberts direction. Robert was kneeling on the ground. When he saw Michael walking over, he seemed terrified.

“Please, let me go. Let me go,” Robert pleaded.

Michael grabbed my hand and lifted me. He made me look him in the eye and said, “You want to plead with me Why should I agree to it What right do you have to do this”

I looked at the flames of anger in Michaels eyes and said, “Im your mate.”

“My mate” Michael sneered. The pain of being betrayed flashed in his eyes. That expression also stung me. He mocked, “Cecily, do you know what a mate is”

“Im sorry,” I apologized.

For a moment, I felt both regretful and aggrieved.

I was the one who was hurt. Even if I did something wrong, I had already received the punishment I deserved. Michaels attitude toward me made me feel uncomfortable.

Moreover, I had to plead to Michael for mercy for that sc*mbag who hurt me. No matter what Robert did, the law should punish him. It shouldnt be because of personal grudges. This was a principle.

The power of werewolves was not used to bully the weak. Just like the rule that ordinary werewolves could not harm humans, I believed that the Lycans also had a rule that they could not harm ordinary werewolves. Therefore, what Michael did was wrong. Moreover, Robert was likely to be the future Alpha of my pack.

Although he was temporarily deposed as the heir, everyone knew that he was the only son of the older Alpha. The Alpha position was likely to be Roberts still.

After all these considerations, how could Michael just kill Robert!

“You choose to apologize now Alright, then Ill give you a chance.” Michael sneered as he let go of my hand and moved closer to Robert.

I wanted to follow him forward, but I was stopped on the spot.

“Stay there obediently, or Ill kill him in front of you,” Michael said threateningly.

I watched Michael nervously as he kicked Robert hard.

Robert flipped over and lay on his side, clutching his stomach in pain.

The rain had stopped, and the dark clouds were gradually dispersing above the forest, revealing the sky that had become clearer after being washed by water. The sky was very light in color. It was bright and clean.-

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