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There was blood all over Roberts body. His wet clothes were stuck to his body. Some parts of his body had been torn to shreds. Michael stared at Robert viciously. I did not doubt that he wanted to kill Robert.

Then, Michael swiped his claws at lightning speed and stabbed Robert in the neck.

Blood spurted out of Roberts neck, and he looked up, and a gurgling sound came out of his throat, like two pieces of glass rubbing against each other. Roberts arms and legs flailed weakly in the air, and he finally dropped to the ground, motionless.

I covered my mouth with both hands in shock and choked on the scream that was about to come.

Michael killed him anyway. He killed Robert right in front of me!

Was he punishing me in this way on purpose So that I could see for myself what would happen if I betrayed him and hurt him and would be in awe of him for the rest of my life. If that was his intention, I think he did it.

I felt my legs go weak, and I fell to the ground.

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Michael glanced at me and pulled his claws out of the back of Roberts neck. He still had a bloody thing in his hand.

I didnt dare look at him again. I just stared blankly at the ground. Only one thought was in my mind: I caused all this.

I let Michael kill Robert. I killed Robert.

I was the murderer. I was a sinner.

“Its all my fault. Its all my fault,” I muttered as I sat on the ground.

I felt a strong force pull me up from the ground. It was Michael. I looked at him blankly. It felt like he was a god of death from hell. He was a demon.

Michael lifted me like a marionette. I looked down and saw Robert lying on the ground. There was a huge bloody hole.

I struggled and shouted at Michael, “What are you doing You killed someone, and you want me to look at his body Michael! You… !”

I was so agitated I couldnt speak.

Crazy! These people were all crazy!

“Look carefully!” Michael shouted in my ear.

I looked down at Roberts body and found that his hands and feet were still twitching slightly. However, the bleeding speed of the wound on the back of his neck was slowing down.

“You… you didnt cut off his carotid artery You didnt kill him” I asked in surprise.

Werewolves had a powerful self-healing ability. As long as it wasnt cutting off a large artery and causing a large amount of blood loss in a short period, a normal wound, even if it looked terrifying, would still heal in the end.

I heaved a sigh of relief and immediately realized something wasnt right. Why would Michael suddenly attack the back of Roberts neck just to scare me That wasnt right.

“What did you do” I turned to look at Michael.

“I dug out his mark.” Michael threw away a bloody ball in his hand. His eyes were cold when he announced, “He wants to mark you. I will never let him do that. His previous mark will all be nullified. He will never be able to have another mark. He will never be able to have a mate.”

“What!” I looked at Michael in shock.

This was the harshest punishment a werewolf could ever receive, other than death. Removing the mark meant they would no longer be a full werewolf, and his power would be diminished.

He would never receive the blessing of the Moon Goddess. He would be banished by the werewolf pack and forced to wander or survive in human society.

For Robert, this meant that he would never succeed the Alpha.

Michaels gaze was locked on me now, and I knew it was time for me to pay the price for my past stupidity. But, even before I thought I was fully prepared, Michaels approach scared me.

Michaels eyes began to turn golden again. This time, his change was unbridled. He had no intention of controlling or hiding. Instead, he stared at me as if he had calculated all my escape routes. He made it impossible for me to avoid him.

It was your turn.

His gaze sent out such a signal.

I stood still.

I had already thought that I wouldnt run away from what I should face, but the truth was that my entire body was trembling.

“What are you going to do” I asked, trembling.

When the people gathered around saw Michael transform into his human form, they slowly surrounded him.

However, I had no time to care about them. All of Michaels aura was now enveloping my body. It had already taken much effort for me to resist his aura.

Michael didnt intentionally release his pleasant scent that would attract me. There was only cold water vapor and the terrifying smell of blood on his body. Even so, he still made me feel that he was attractive.

I bit my lip and looked up at him.

“Guess what Im going to do” Michael maintained his low voice.

I felt my entire body become numb. We were separated for a time, making my body yearn for him even more. Even though my head was still bleeding and my body was in bad condition, my blood could not help but boil for him.

“I dont know.”-

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