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A Beautiful Luna After Rejection Chapter 8

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Robert wailed. He didnt expect me to attack him suddenly. He took a few steps back and released his grip on me.

I rubbed my sore wrist and coldly said to Robert, “Robert, youve already marked Alison. You dont deserve to be with me!”

Robert was flung a meter away by my kick. He covered his crotch and half-squatted. He looked extremely ridiculous. The infatuation and deep feelings he had earlier were all gone. His eyes were filled with hatred. He glared at me fiercely and said, “What did you say”

“I, Cecily Levin, reject you…”

I was about to completely reject him when I felt a gust of wind blow over. Robert pushed me forcefully against the wall and covered my mouth.

“How dare you!”

He grabbed my neck with one hand and said viciously to me, “You b*tch, you piece of trash! “Youre just a lowly werewolf with nothing to offer. You are blessed to be able to be a mate to a person like me. How dare you reject me!”

He was so strong I could hardly breathe.

I thought that I had already recognized Roberts wickedness, but I did not expect him to be worse than I thought. He used violence against me! He was a rotten person. If he became our Alpha, we would suffer. I breathed hard and was extremely glad that I had rejected him. Otherwise, the rest of my life would only be a nightmare.

However, I was about to suffocate. He was holding me too tightly.

Robert wouldnt want to strangle me here, right He wouldnt be so crazy and do such an irreparable thing, right I felt my consciousness slipping away. I somehow regretted provoking him like that just now. If I had known that he was so crazy, I would have chosen a safer place.

“What are you doing”

I vaguely heard a low voice.

Then, with a bang, Robert was sent flying.

I finally felt my throat relax. Oxygen rushed into my lungs. I breathed heavily and had to kneel on the floor. A pair of shiny leather shoes appeared in my sight. My eyes were filled with tears from the abuse just now. I raised my head and looked over weakly.

I saw a tall man in a well-tailored suit who didnt look like a student at a party. Rather, he was the cream of the crop who had just emerged from some conference room. His bow tie clip was shiny, and his brown hair was slightly curly. I couldnt see his face from this angle, only his high nose bridge. The man looked extremely noble. He was the one who had stopped Roberts atrocity!

“Your actions arent worthy of being an Alpha.”

I barely managed to stand up against the wall when I heard the man say this to Robert. Robert didnt refute me. Roberts physical fitness was great, but this man easily subdued him. Moreover, Robert had always been proud and arrogant. Yet, he didnt get angry even after being treated so disgracefully. Who exactly was this man

“Thank you,” I whispered.

The man turned to look at me, and I finally saw his face.

For a moment, I felt like I had been hit by something.

I had never seen such a handsome man like him! Robert was already a handsome young man in our pack, but his charm reflected his identity and muscular physique. As for the man, his eyes were deep, and when he looked at me, I felt like there were stars in them.

His features are well-defined, and his facial features are well-proportioned. And even though he looked like a handsome young man, there was a hint of evil in the corners of his eyes. The fresh air of a young man and the strong manly feeling combined. You could see the confidence in this man. He stood there, giving off the sense as if he could control everything.

When he looked at me, he raised his eyebrows as if he had discovered something interesting.

“And you are…” he asked.

“My name is Cecily.” I didnt know how to explain what had happened just now, so I could only say, “Thank you for that.”

“You have already thanked me.”

“Oh, ah…”

I didnt know why, but I felt a little shy.

He looked at me but his eyes darkened.

“Cecily …” He repeated my name in a low voice, each syllable falling on my ears and making my heart flutter a little.

No one had ever pronounced my name like that before.

Then he looked up at me with eyes that seemed to strip me naked.

He sniffed the air around him as if he was suppressing some kind of inner restlessness, “Are you wearing perfume ”

“I didnt, but a lot of the girls in our pack used perfume. ”

He frowned and moved closer to me, lowering his head close to my neck.

I froze. I felt his hot breath on my neck and my body trembled with goose bumps.

“Dont move.” His voice was hoarse.

I held my breath, my heart beating faster, I had never heard a man sound like that before.

Then my eyes widened in shock!

Hed licked the most sensitive part of my neck!

I could feel his teeth nibbling me lightly!-

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