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A Beautiful Luna After Rejection Chapter 83

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My lips were forced to open as wide as possible, and I let out an involuntary groan of pain, instinctively using my tongue to ward off the invasion of the foreign object.

But my actions seemed to excite Michael even more. As he thrust his hip to my mouth, I felt like I was about to suffocate.

Finally, Michael seemed to have lost his libido and was aware of my situation, so he stopped.

I quickly pushed him out of my mouth and started coughing awkwardly.

Michael reached out and touched my flushed face. Then, in an affectionate tone, he complained, “Why are you so delicate”

I was choked to the point where my face was red, and my eyes were filled with tears. When I heard him say this, I glared at him.

However, I didnt know that the way I looked at him with tears in my eyes wasnt threatening at all. Instead, it incited a mans desire for further abuse.

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“Are you that troubled” Michael asked in a low and hoarse voice.

He reached between my leg with one hand.

“Youre wet.”

I felt Michaels fingers scraping inside me, and my body couldnt help but tremble.

In his low, husky voice, Michael continued to say, “Can oral sex get you this wet”

I was speechless. I felt very embarrassed. I tilted my head and whimpered, refusing to answer him.

Michael did not let me go. He pushed his fingers into my privates, which no foreign object had ever invaded. As Michaels fingers slowly rubbed against the tender flesh inside, my body trembled like it was charged with electricity. I could not help but clench my legs and moan, “Dont do this…”

“Youre telling me not to do this”

Michael couldnt resist parting my legs. His other hand rubbed against my breasts. Finally, he mumbled, “Are you feeling unwell”

Michael was far more experienced than I was. He used his fingers to forcefully exert force against my sensitive clitoris, squashing it until it was flat. He even used his fingernails to scratch it maliciously. His breath so entranced my body that I immediately reacted enthusiastically when I received the signal.

I gasped for breath and felt an awkward warmth.

It was just as Michael had said.

I was all wet.

I could feel fluid flowing out of me, and the dry, virgin spot was getting wet.

Michael flipped me over, and I faced him directly.

I felt very embarrassed and said, “Whats wrong with you… Ah!”

Michael suddenly thrust his fingers hard into me, and my body shook violently. I was interrupted. There were still traces of tears in the corner of my eyes. At this moment, I could only hunch my back in a sorry state and try in vain to stop Michaels action.

Michael did not even look at me. He only focused on digging into my body with his fingers, constantly stimulating me.

He bent down and flirtatiously came to my ear and left a kiss. His breath brushed against my skin.

“Look at you. Youre making my hands wet,” Michael said softly.

I felt the heat on my face rise rapidly. I grabbed Michaels perverted hand and panted. “Dont, dont do this…”

“Really” Michael heard me and removed the fingers he was using to tease me.

I lay on the bed and panted. Michael pushed my thigh aside with his knee. My legs were parted with him between them, and his genital touched my lower abdomen.

My body felt empty. Michaels fingers had completely aroused me. However, I was also the one who had just asked him to stop, so how could I ask him to do it again

It wasnt enough.

Even Michaels fingers were not enough. I wanted something hotter and bigger.

Specifically, I wanted Michaels penis to enter me, do me, do me hard, fill me up, and bring me to orgasm.

This unspeakable thought swelled in my mind repeatedly, so much so that when I looked at Michaels face at the moment, just thinking about it, my fluid flowed lustfully out of me.

I was shameless sl*t.

I had never experienced what it was like to be tormented by lust, only to feel that I was beyond redemption at the moment.

I looked away and gritted my teeth, trying not to let Michael see how much I wanted him to touch me. He was toying with me, punishing me, and I was addicted.

He would think I was a sl*t, I thought desperately.

Michael kept looking at me, and I felt the heat build-up in my face. I tried to keep my mouth shut so pleas and groans wouldnt escape from it.

However, that didnt escape Michaels eyes.

I saw him squinting. The indifference lingering in his eyes before quietly faded away, but the lust burned in his eyes.

Michael leaned down again and curled his arm around my waist. He put his face on my burning cheek and rubbed it against mine. “Cecily,” he whispered. “Be honest with me from now on, okay”-

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