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A Beautiful Luna After Rejection Chapter 89 - Seven Months

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“As I said before, if you run away again, I will punish you,” Michael said calmly.

“Were these three days not considered punishment” I looked at Michael in shock and asked.

During these three days, I felt like Michael was about to break my bones.

I thought about how Kate had asked me about the feeling of having sex with a Lycan prince. I only wanted to say that the Lycan princes physical strength was terrifying. For three days, I didnt know if he had any rest. The only feeling I had was being knocked out and waking up.

“Thats what Ive wanted to do to you for a long time.”

“What!” I looked at Michael strangely.

“And youve also hidden many things from me, havent you” Michael said in a composed manner. “For example, you havent rejected contact with me for a long time, but you used your wolf as an excuse.”

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I opened my mouth in surprise and stammered, “You… how did you know”

Michael smiled, but I couldnt see much warmth in that smile.

“Cecily, dont treat me as a fool. Ive been patiently waiting for you to confess, waiting for you to trust me. Im willing to respect your timing, but youve expressed your betrayal to me with your actions.”

Michael sighed and said, “Since youve betrayed my trust, I dont have to indulge you like before.”

“So, how do you want to punish me”

I realized that because of my mistake, something irreversible had happened.

“Just like before, grounded,” Michael said.

I tugged on the silver chain and fell weakly onto the bed.

“How long are you going to lock me up this time” I muttered.

“Do you still remember how many days you went missing” Michael asked.

“Seven days” I counted with my fingers. “Ive already been trapped here for three days, so there are still four days left.”

“Oh, my Cecily, youre too naive.” Michael looked at me with pity and said, “You must be grounded for a month in exchange for one day.”

“What Seven months!” I sat up from the bed and exclaimed.

Michael must be joking!

“If you tie me to the bed for seven months, I will be paralyzed,” I shouted at Michael.

“Isnt that better Then, you will never be able to escape from me again.” He smiled evilly as he reached his hand under my nightdress.

“Hey! You… Stop!” I struggled to move away from Michaels reach.

Michaels hand went up to my thigh with familiarity, and my nightdress was quickly lifted above my chest. I saw my nipples harden shamelessly when they were suddenly exposed to cold air. Michael lightly scratched them, then he moved downward again, reaching for a more private place.

“Do you want it” Michaels voice sounded like the whisper of the devil in my ear.

“Uh… Ah, uh, give it to me… give it to me, Michael.”

I kept twisting my body around Michaels finger. I was surprised that my body was so easily turned on when it came to Michael. A slight touch from him could make me spread my legs like a sl*t.

But Michael grabbed my hand when I tried to reach down. He quickly pulled off his tie and tied my hands to the headboard.

“Wh… What” I blinked at him. I wasnt sure if my eyes were filled with tears.

“Oh, I didnt keep you here to make you happy.” Michael walked to the door and said, “Stay here my little wolf.”

I couldnt believe what I was hearing.

My body was still burning because of Michael, and he was going to just leave I twisted my legs, but my hands were tied at the head of the bed, and I couldnt escape.

I had to focus on the tie, which took much effort, and by the time I was done with it, the feeling was gone.

I pulled down my nightdress and lay gasping in bed.

Michael was crazy now, and I knew I was pushing his buttons, but he couldnt communicate it.

What was this Hed forced me to give him oral sex for three days, but then hed served me, and it was all just sex. My confused mind couldnt figure it out, but it was pretty clear that Michael wasnt mad at me or planning on abandoning me.

There was nothing I could do about his decision to lock me up.

I couldnt run away. Michael ensured this place was secured like a steel drum, and I didnt want to, anyway.

I only wanted us to be how we were in the past, but I didnt know how.

I had told Michael a million times I wanted him, Mark, but he wouldnt listen. I couldnt figure out what he was thinking.

I sighed and lay in bed staring at the ceiling.-

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