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A Beautiful Luna After Rejection Chapter 90 - : Life In Captivity

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This time the captivity was even more difficult than the previous one as I was confined to a bed. To be precise, in a radius of five meters from the bed.

This circle allowed me to eat at the table, to go to the bathroom to wash up, and to do nothing more. But maybe I could strangle myself with this chain.

Michael didnt even give me any communication equipment. He refused to let me contact anyone. He said he wouldnt give me another chance to escape.

I suggested he give me textbooks and notes like before, even if it was recorded lessons. I didnt want to miss so many lessons when returning to school that I would have to repeat.

But look at the reason he rejected me.

“I dont think you need that much space in your current situation.” Michael pinched my chin. “Youll have a lot of time with me,” he said. “Focus on me instead of those unimportant lessons.”

“I need to finish college. You cant control my life like this,” I said.

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“Ill take care of college.” That was the last thing Michael said.

Well, that was the reality.

My daily life now consisted of waking up, eating, sleeping, and having sex.

Although Michael strictly controlled my life, he did not mistreat me. Three meals were delivered on time, with vegetables, fruits, and meats, as well as tea and snacks in the morning and afternoon.

There was an elevator in the room to deliver meals, and the kitchen would send food up from the elevator on time when it was ready, and it was kind enough to provide a menu that would allow me to order what I wanted.

Michael didnt stay in the room all day as I did. He would come back to bed at night and leave in the morning. During the day, I was alone in the room, and there was no one to talk to. So I would just stare out the window.

I felt like I was going crazy for the first two or three days. Then, every night when Michael came back, I would go crazy and beg him to let me go. But Michael wouldnt budge. He would just push me into bed and f*ck me.

After two or three days, I got used to it and tried to guess how long Michael would lock me up.

I didnt believe Michael would keep me there for the entire seven months. Michael wasnt crazy. My actions had provoked him, but he was going home. He couldnt stay with us forever.

If he were going to leave, he would take me away. I just didnt know his exact plan.

I suspect that some of Michaels unusual behaviors was related to his wolf. His wolf seemed too unusual, as did Sasha and others reactions to his wolf. I always thought it would be the key to resolving our relationship.

But now that I had no way to contact the outside world, and Michael seemed angry and wouldnt give me information, I had to wait for a change.

At the same time, I discovered something else that was bothering me.

Ever since I started having sex with Michael, I had become incredibly horny.

I thought this was normal. After all, I had just experienced this, and couples who had just been together always had more sex. But when Michael was with me every night, and I didnt think it was enough, and I couldnt stop thinking about him during the day, I realized something was wrong.

Michael had always been physically attractive to me. However, in the earlier days, that was just attraction, and I would admire his body and imagine our future sexual intercourse.

But now, Michaels breath was like an aphrodisiac to me, and when I inhaled it, I couldnt stop thinking about him. Whenever Michael came home at night, I wanted to jump on him and couldnt help but want to possess him.

I had tried to control my lewd behavior, but it was difficult to control. As I tried to control it, it was like wildfire. It was a spark before, but now it burned brighter and brighter, turning into a sea of fire inside me.

One afternoon, I was alone in the shower again.

These days, I tried to take a cold shower to relieve my libido, but it became less and less effective. Until now, it was completely unable to wake me up.

The whole room was filled with Michaels scent, including my own, making me feel as if my body was not my own.

The familiar heat was burning, radiating from inside out. I felt my skin burning, and my breath was throwing sparks.

Eventually, all the heat converged between my legs. I touched myself everywhere, and my legs intertwined and rubbed against each other.

I panted, trying to fight my bodys desires, but I couldnt fight them. Finally, I shivered and slowly reached down.-

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