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A Beautiful Luna After Rejection Chapter 93 - The Two Visitors

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I sighed. It was a good thing, anyway. It was at least progress, a sign that Michaels attitude toward me was shifting and that I finally had hope of getting out of mycage.

I recalled what I had done to make Michaels attitude shift last night, but I couldnt remember any meaningful conversation apart from a few snippets that made me blush. Was it because I had taken the initiative this time I felt a burning sensation in my ears.

If that was the way to be free, it wasnt impossible.

I shook my head to shake the wild thoughts away.

Michael had been acting a little differently than usual yesterday. Wed been having a lot of sex these days, but Michael was extra excited yesterday. He said, “Youre finally going to be mine.”. He said it with a wild look in his eyes.

I had explained it to Michael, I had promised him, and I had agreed with him. So why was he emphasizing it

I was still deep in thoughts when I heard a knock on the door.

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It was the first time I had heard a knock on the door in more than a week. Each time Michael came back, he pushed the door open and entered. Without the daily meals delivered on time, I almost thought that everyone in the house had disappeared.

I went to the door and pulled on the handle. It was still locked. In fact, I had already tried. I could not open the door from the inside.

So who was the person knocking on the door I had been locked up here for so long. I didnt believe the other people in this house didnt know my situation. They must have known that I couldnt leave this house. Could it be someone else Michael didnt control

My heart pounded, but this door didnt have a window. So I couldnt see the scene outside.

“Miss Cecily, are you inside” The butlers voice came from outside.

“Uh, yes, I am,” I replied.

“His Highness, Michael, asked me to bring your things up. Would you mind opening the door for me” The butler asked.

Huh Michael wanted to bring me something, but he didnt mention it last night. And judging from the butlers tone, he didnt seem to know I was being held here.

While hesitating, the butler continued from outside the door, “I heard from His Highness, Michael, that you have been staying in your room because you havent been feeling well recently. Are you feeling better now”

It seemed that Michael had another set of excuses for the outside world to explain why I hadnt shown up for so many days. Unfortunately, it was also because I had been too foolish. Even if Michael was the Lycan prince, he couldnt openly imprison his mate. If I had thought of this before, I might have had a chance to escape.

As my thoughts were running wild, the butler spoke again.

“Miss Cecily, is it convenient for you to open the door for me to bring the things in”

“Uh… Ah.” My Brain was spinning rapidly. If this was what Michael said, I had better not expose the fact that I was imprisoned. After all, this was not something honorable.

I simply went with what the butler told me and said, “I dont feel so well. If anything, just send it over with lunch.”

“Ah, this…” the butlers voice was hesitant.

“Alright, Im a little tired. I want to rest for a while.” To avoid saying too much, I decided to end this conversation as soon as possible.

“Alright, Miss Cecily. Ill send the things over to you from the lunch window.”

Through the door, I heard the butler leave.

I waited for lunch to come around. I wanted to know what Michael sent me. I was stunned when I found out.

My laptop, phone, and textbooks had come with lunch. These were the things I had asked Michael for when my captivity started. But what did he mean by sending them to me now

Confused, I switched on the devices. They were fully charged, apparently prepared by Michael.

I was about to contact my parents on my cell phone when I heard a strange noise from the other side of the door.

Two visitors in one day!

This time it wasnt a knock but a rustle as if someone was fiddling with something on the other side of the door. I tiptoed over and saw the door being pushed open from the outside.

I thought it would be Michael and stood there awkwardly. I tried to figure out how to explain my thief-like behavior to him and to ask him what he meant by giving me these things. If he was going to let me go, why was he keeping me in this room

But when I looked up, I saw someone I wasnt expecting.

“Sasha!” I called her name in surprise.-

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