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I didnt know what Sasha said. I was curious about what had happened in the past, but werewolves didnt like to record their history. So there were very few related documents.

“Why do you know so much” I asked curiously.

“How do you think I know Michael” Sasha raised her eyebrows and looked at me.

“Oh, you said youve known him since you were young. Maybe youre from the royal family” I guessed.

“Thats right. My father is a member of the Committee.” Sasha nodded. “But if we go back further, I might be related to Michael. Who knows”

I thought about what Sasha said and realized our pack probably developed after such an agreement. Our pack was lucky not to be implicated too much in that war. We kept our heads down enough, then opened up and took advantage of the situation to make the pack stronger.

I even had a new guess as to why Michael was here.

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He was at Roberts succession ceremony out of the blue. How could he be here because an Alpha of a pack was about to take over So what had he been up to these days

Even in the relatively peaceful present, the skirmishes among the packs had never ceased. Werewolves had always valued their territories, and they were very much a force to be reckoned with.

Without the Lycans suppression, I did not doubt that there would have been violent clashes among the packs and that they would have taken what was theirs. This was the nature of beasts.

Our pack was rarely involved in such disputes because we were more powerful than the smaller packs around us, and they were more willing to please us and take advantage of us rather than become our enemies.

I was more inclined to believe that Michael was here to spy on our pack than be on a princes tour. Our pack was powerful enough to start a war, and the royal Lycan family must have been worried that we were making a move, which was why they had sent people here to investigate.

“Im telling you this because I want you to understand the environment Michael grew up in. Its the same for me. When I was born, girls were just allowed to receive a normal education. I also fought for the opportunity to go to school when I was a child.”

Sasha stared into my eyes. “As a Lycan, the chances of finding a mate are much lower than you werewolves. Michael finally found you, and he took you for granted. To him, you, as a woman, running away deserves to be severely punished.”

“I have already apologized to him. Even if I was wrong, he has locked me up for so many days. Isnt that fair enough” I muttered.

Sasha looked me in the eye and said, “But Ill tell you my story. Then, you can think about your story after you hear it again.”

I looked at Sasha curiously. Her gaze seemed a little empty, as if she was immersed in memories.

“My family once arranged for me to marry the son of a member of the Royal Committee.”

The moment Sasha opened her mouth, she frightened me.

“Is your marriage all arranged by your elders” I asked.

Sasha smiled and shook her head, saying, “Not all of them are like this. “But my family is more traditional. Even the Lycan families of the royal family are conservative. “You know, the development of werewolves is not as fast as that of humans. Especially in the past hundred years, the technological level of humans has developed rapidly. We are still behind the humans. This is not only in the technological sense but also in traditional concepts.”

I listened quietly.

Sasha said, “Were more of a traditional family. My father was adamant that a girls only purpose was to marry a man. When I was a kid, he had asked me to learn traditional skills attributed to women like housework, cooking, mending clothes, and instilling in me the idea that if I wanted to be happy in the future, I had to serve my future mate with all my heart.”

Sasha shrugged and said, “But I didnt do any of these things well. I didnt like any of them. I preferred to sneak out and play, doing things that only boys were allowed to do. I only felt truly happy when I was in the wild, but they arranged a marriage for me regardless of my wishes. So guess what I did”

Sasha lowered her voice and revealed a mocking smile.

“What did you do” I was already completely immersed in her story.

“I ran away, just like you did before.”

This was indeed something that Sasha was capable of doing. I wasnt surprised by it. I was more concerned about what happened afterward.

“Did you succeed” I asked.

“Of course…” Sasha smiled. “Not.”-

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