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A Beautiful Luna After Rejection Chapter 96 - What I Want

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I revealed a dejected expression. Sasha reached out and lightly knocked on my head. “Didnt I just say that even the Lycan king is related to our family So how can I defeat a family by myself Just like you. Its unrealistic to think that you can escape from Michael on your own.”

“I didnt want to escape,” I muttered, unwilling to allow Sashas story to end. “Then, what happened”

“Then, I was captured and locked in my bedroom. My father told me that he would lock me up until the day before the wedding and send me to marry him. I would be marked at the wedding,” Sasha said.

“So you got married” My jaw dropped in shock.

“No.” Sasha smiled smugly and said, “I bribed a maid to bring me food and told her to tell everyone she knew that I had slept with strange men every day during my escape.”

“What Are you crazy” I looked at her in shock.

Even in the twenty-first century, when people were more open about sex, they didnt think a girl was good when she slept with a new partner every day. Any family that cared about their reputation would look down on such a girl.

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“I also asked the maid to emphasize that many of them were human men.”

The Lycans were usually extremely arrogant. They always felt their bloodline was nobler and refused to mingle with ordinary werewolves, let alone humans. By doing so, Sasha had destroyed her reputation. I could completely imagine the severe consequences if such news were to spread.

“This… This is too crazy…” I muttered.

Sasha didnt seem to care at all. She said, “Back then, the only thing I thought about was to do my best to stop this marriage. As long as I could achieve this goal, I didnt care what others thought of me.”

“Then, then what happened” I gulped.

“My father was furious about it, but it had already happened. He knew that there was no point in doing anything else. With my mothers persuasion, he let me out of the house and said he wanted to disown me. Then, I left home. It was then I met Mr. Thomas.”

Sasha flipped her hair unnaturally.

But she quickly skipped that part and continued, “Then, as time passed, the rumors and chaos calmed. I was still me, so I came here to attend college.”

I looked at Sasha with admiration. She was always so carefree and happy as if nothing in the world could stop her.

She was the most special person I had ever met. I thought that I would never be able to be like her.

“So, why are you telling me this story” I asked, puzzled.

“Hahaha!” Sasha suddenly laughed and said, “You noticed the difference in our stories, right”

I continued to look at her, puzzled.

Sasha said, “There are many similarities between our stories. We were about to be marked, got caught, and were locked up by someone. But look at you. You dont see any similarities between my story and yours. You dont even think this story has anything to do with you. Havent you realized the truth yet, Cecily”

“What truth”I asked.

Sasha looked at me with a teasing smile and said, “I was able to get out of this marriage in the end, not because Im wiser and braver than you, but because I want it more.

“I would do whatever it takes to get the results I want. But you, Cecily, you dont want to leave Michael at all. Your complaints arent real. The best advice I can give you is to think about what you want.”

I paused and began to think about what she had said.

It wasnt that I couldnt think or do what Sasha had said. When I saw Michael, I always thought that I was in a submissive position because Michael was too strong.

But maybe that wasnt the case. Michael and I had been playing the wrong game from the start.

I hadnt figured out what I wanted from the start, and when Michael put pressure on me, I instinctively resisted. And because I disobeyed him, he became irritable and difficult to communicate with.

What if we could put the past behind us and start over

I wanted a loyal and loving mate, but Michael was a beast, and I wanted to tame him, but I couldnt. It was more like he was taming me.

Over the days, I had tried everything I could. Running away was out of the question, and the more I disobeyed Michael, the more he wanted to lock me up.

For a beast, the struggle of his prey would only arouse his desire to conquer. But it didnt seem to be of any use. I had begged Michael many times. He wasnt someone whom tears would move.

“I see your clever little brain working,” Sasha said with a smile.

“I have no idea at all,” I said with a wry smile.-

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