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A Beautiful Luna After Rejection Chapter 98 - Dinner Together

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I also understood why Sasha looked so nervous that day. She thought I would die at Michaels hands.

“But that day…” I recalled the scene that day.

Michael was indeed frenzied then, but he didnt kill Robert or me. His human nature still defeated his bestiality.

“I dont know.” Sasha shrugged. “In theory, only the Moon Goddess moonlight can appease the Golden Wolfs brutality, but you did it that day. So if theres someone in the world that can appease Michael and solve his problem, it must be you because only you are his mate.”

“Me” I looked down at my hands.

I wasnt sure if I had the power to influence and change a Lycan prince. A month ago, I was just an ordinary girl, and what bothered me was Robert. But now, Sasha told me that I was the only one who could influence Michaels behavior and thoughts. It was incredible.

“Its you,” Sasha confirmed. “Cecily, dont underestimate your powers. You have a great influence on Michael. Start with yourself. No matter what you want, you can achieve it.”

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Sasha stayed in my room for a while before leaving. She promised to visit me often and help me think of a way. But now, she had to leave the room before Michael came back.

After sending Sasha away, I sat alone on my bed and thought.

I decided to try what Sasha had suggested, and if it didnt work out, I wouldnt be any worse off than I was now. As I flipped through my phone and laptop, I realized Michael had taken the liberty of asking for a leave of absence from school for me.

As for my parents, I was surprised to find that Michael had somehow arranged a vacation for them and that they were now somewhere on the west coast of the United States, enjoying the sea and the sun.

Michael was a megalomaniac, but it did solve some of my problems.

Michael would usually come home in the evening, and most of the time, he would have dinner with me.

But in the past, to express my protest to him, I had eaten dinner as soon as it was served, trying to minimize my time at the same table as him.

When the dinner was served today, Michael hadnt returned yet. So when he pushed the door open and saw that I was sitting at the dining table waiting for him, he seemed surprised.

“Uh, dinner was just served.”

As soon as I said that, I wanted to shove my words back down my throat. I looked like I was trying too hard, I thought to myself.

Michael glanced at the dishes on the table, took off his suit, and hung it on a clothes hanger at the side. Then, he walked over.

“I saw the things you asked the butler to send over. Its… My phone and computer.” I tried to speak clumsily again.

“Yes,” Michael answered in a low voice and stuffed a piece of beef into his mouth.

“Why do you suddenly want to give these things to me today” I asked.

“You asked me for them before. You said that you wanted to attend class.” Michael looked up at me. He was very calm.

‘But you didnt promise me before. This was a long time ago. Moreover, I asked for other things. You didnt give them all to me, I cursed in my heart, but I didnt dare say that out loud.

“Can I ask for other things then” I asked tentatively.

“Dont push your luck, Little Wolf.” Michael glared at me.

But I could see that he wasnt angry. He was more like a wifes husband complaining about her troubles. This kind of imagination made me a little shy.

I became bold again and asked, “I want to meet my friend, can I”

“Who do you want to meet The friend who lured you to another pack and almost made the other werewolf mark you” Michael said sarcastically.

“Its not Kates fault! Shes my best friend!” I shouted.

Looking at Michaels slightly narrowed eyes, I realized I had reacted too emotionally.

‘Dont provoke him. Dont provoke him.

A beast was living in his body. I couldnt lower myself to his level. I had to calm down and use gentleness.

I repeated it in my heart a few times and calmed down. Then, I said, “This is completely my fault. Can I apologize to you again Kate is a good person, and she only wanted to help me. I was the one who proposed all the plans in the beginning, and she was forced to agree. Moreover, she kept trying to persuade me to come back and reconcile with you. I insisted on going my own way and wouldnt listen to her. Thats all on me.”

“So you know that was all you then!” Michael snorted.

“Can you tell me anything about her” I asked nervously.

After I got my phone this afternoon, I tried to contact Kate, but she didnt reply to me. These days, I didnt hear anything about her trying to contact me.-

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