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A Beautiful Luna After Rejection Chapter 99 - : Feeding

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I left Kate alone in the Ancient Woods Pack. The Ancient Woods Packs Alpha was her mate. So I was really worried about her.

“I sent her home,” Michael said unhappily. “Arent you going to eat”

I breathed a sigh of relief and ignored Michaels subsequent questions.

Fortunately, Kate was not implicated because of me. But then I began to worry about what would happen if she left her mate, Alpha Alex of the Ancient Woods Pack.

If a werewolf had found and left the mate, the werewolfs power would be diminished. Kate wouldnt be as strong as she used to be, and her ex-boyfriend would be on campus.

When I look up again, I see Michael holding a piece of beef up to my mouth, unperturbed, dripping with a delicious sauce.

“Open your mouth,” Michael said.

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I stare at Michaels hand, not wanting to be fed like a child. However, I carefully observed Michaels expression and thought it was better to obey him.

So I bit into the beef, and the rich flavor exploded in my mouth, accompanied by a delicious sauce. It was like a genie dancing on my taste buds. Michaels cooks were always the best.

I licked my lips and felt Michaels gaze on me. His eyes looked darker than usual.

“Its not clean,” Michael said in a low voice.

Before I could react, Michael was already close.

I held my breath, thinking he was going to kiss me. But he just leaned in and gently wiped my chin with the napkin on the table. I stared at his full lips, eager to taste them.

I could already feel a heat gathering in my lower abdomen. I couldnt help but focus on Michaels lower body to see if he reacted. To my disappointment, I couldnt see anything. It was as if I was the only one who would get carried away by the slightest intimacy between us.

I pulled my sanity back to normal. I was a little better than I had been two days ago. At least I was able to control myself again.

I began to focus on the food on the plate in front of me, and I gulped it down. There was a saying that all human desires were connected, and when one filled their stomach, it would reduce their desire to have sex.

I felt this saying was probably true when I touched my slightly bulging stomach after the meal.

Michael didnt look as tempting as before the meal anymore.

“I cant be locked in this room forever. Ill be bored to death. Ive been bored enough this week,” I complained as I looked at Michael.

“I thought we were having a good time together.” Michael sipped a glass of juice slowly. “If youre bored, you can plan some more small acts. Ill be happy to enjoy them.”

I didnt even want to think about yesterday when I was having sex with Michael in the shower. It was too ridiculous.

I shook my head and said, “I need to communicate with someone other than you.”

“Didnt you already chat with Sasha” Michael coldly snorted.

I looked at Michael in surprise.

He walked over, lifted my chin, and said, “I thought you would tell me yourself at night. It seems that I have overestimated you. Little Wolf, there is nothing in this house that can hide from me.”

I lowered my gaze dejectedly and said, “Then, you should know that we didnt do anything. We just talked.”

“You should be glad that you didnt do anything stupid,” Michael said arrogantly.

“You see, this house is completely under your control. There is nothing I can do. Just let Kate come and see me,” I pleaded.

“Let a she-wolf that escaped with you come and see you Do you plan to escape again” Michael shook his head.

I frowned. I felt that I was about to run out of patience. “Ive already admitted that it was I who planned everything.”

“Then, you should be punished instead of making demands.”

I was about to be defeated by Michaels self-contained logic.

“However, its not that I cant agree with you,” Michael said.

Hope lit up in my eyes again as I looked at Michael with anticipation.

“But what are you going to give me in return” Michael smiled playfully. I looked at him cautiously, feeling as if I was making a deal with the devil at this moment.

“What do you want me to do” I asked carefully.

Michaels smile widened. “Yes, what do you have to do”

Michael pretended to be thinking. He was using this method to deliberately keep me in suspense, making me anxious so that I would make more concessions.-

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