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“The other teachers are worried about not having enough students and yet Teacher Mag only kept 32 out of the 400 students who registered themselves. Isnt this ridiculous”

“Didnt he say he wanted to recruit 100 students Why did he change his mind in the end There are only 32 students in such a huge training center. Isnt that a waste of space”

“Yes. The other practical course teachers dont even have enough space. If Teacher Mags training center is not full, can you ask him to let the other teachers use it, Principal Doesnt that building have three storeys”

A few senior teachers gathered in the principals office to discuss the teaching venues with Luna.

Their tones were not antagonistic, and instead contained a hint of helplessness.

“Teachers, I have already contacted the construction teams. Were going to build another multi-purpose training building at the southwestern corner of the school. Were going to carry out the construction work at night, so it wont affect the students learning during the day. The building can be built in a month,” Luna smilingly said to all the senior teachers.

“I know all of us want to give the children a good learning environment, but the Chefs Training Center was built by Teacher Mag with his funds. And, we have agreed to let him use that building to teach cooking from the start. How can we use it for other purposes”


“As for why Teacher Mag only took in 32 students, he has also informed me about it before. Learning to cook and learning about the theory behind cooking is different. A strong body and a strong will are the most basic requirements. Currently, only 32 of our children met his requirements in this batch.”

Luna sincerely said to all the teachers, “I hope all of you can understand that. Teacher Mag is choosing his students and teaching them with a responsible attitude. The students get to choose their teacher, and the teacher gets to choose his students. This is the privilege that I bestowed to all my teachers.”

There was silence in the office for a while.

A senior teacher sighed and lamented. “Sigh. These children all had a hard life before. They dont have a strong body.”

“You dont have to worry about that. These children are still growing their bodies. They have only been eating in school for one week and I have already seen the children in my class having growth spurts. In less than two months, there will be more children meeting Teacher Mags requirements,” another teacher said smilingly.

“Yes. These little ones are really growing very fast. They are eating much more than the students at Chaos School.”

The teachers all smiled when the childrens appetites were mentioned.

What Luna said was reasonable, so the teachers didnt insist. They left after chit chatting for a while.

“Phew…” Luna breathed out gently. Even though she was the principal now, she still had the pressure of facing her elders in front of this group of senior teachers.

“I heard that we could get free lunch if we attend Boss Mags lessons. Principal, can you help me ask Boss Mag if he needs another teaching assistant” Vivian walked into the principals office smilingly and closed the door.

“You have to ask about that kind of matter yourself. I cant do it,” Luna replied with an exasperated smile.

“I only joked with him about him being the only person with a teaching assistant this morning. I have to maintain my pride…” Vivian shrugged. She was regretful over her rashness in the morning.

Luna stood in front of the windows and watched the children play on the field below as she gently asked, “Do you think those children will become chefs as great as Mr. Mag”

“Thats impossible.” Vivian nodded with conviction. “Boss Mag is a genius. A genius like him only appears once in a 1000 years. Even if those children could become excellent chefs, they will never be as good as Boss Mag. They will only ever be able to be a level below him.”

Luna smiled, but she didnt refute Vivian.

“However, to these children, this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.” Vivian smiled. “Even if they are chefs who are a level below Boss Mag, they will still be top chefs. Look at Mana Hot Pot Restaurants brisk business. They will be top chefs as long as they can graduate from Boss Mag.”

“Thats indeed a great thing.” Luna nodded. To those children who had once struggled along the poverty line, this would be their biggest way out.

Other than imparting knowledge to children and giving them a chance to make a choice, Luna wanted them to gain some skills to get themselves out of that poor situation when she built Hope School.

The practical courses in Hope School werent extra curricular, but were very important curricula.

“But there are only 32 students who could meet his requirements right now,” Luna murmured.

“You dont have to worry about that. I just came from the canteen. These children are great eaters. They eat two bowls of rice each and can even drink a big bowl of soup after that. They are growing very quickly. Many children will meet Boss Mags requirements in a month.” Vivian waved her hand nonchalantly.


Mag came out from the kitchen with a tray and shouted to the ladies, “Alright, we are ready for lunch.”

A little one came to hug his leg as soon as he put the dishes down. She climbed up his body slowly like a koala. She looked up at him and asked with befuddlement on her chubby face, “Father, father. Why could Auntie Caroline, Big Sister Amy and Big Sister Annie sleep with you in the restaurant, but Mother and I couldnt”

The restaurant descended into silence immediately. The maidens smiled at Kiddo as they took their seats. They were prepared to watch a good show.

Speaking of it, Gina was also his childs mother. She looked like a poor concubine, who was forced out by the wife, by staying outside with the child alone.

Although that wasnt the truth, it didnt stop the maidens from watching a good show.

Irina also sat down smilingly with an expectant expression.

Mag looked slightly embarrassed. He didnt expect the little one to discover it so soon.

Gina was blushing too. Kiddo had asked her that question yesterday, but she didnt know how to answer her. Hence, the little one said she would come and ask Father herself. Gina didnt expect her to really do it.

“Kiddo also wants to sleep in the restaurant. I also want to fall asleep to Fathers story.” Before Mag could speak, the little one said that with a pout and looked as though she was going to cry if they didnt do as she said.

Mag felt his heart melting. How could this little one be so adorable He picked her up while shifting his gaze to Irina at the side.

Tracheitis1 was a chronic disease. You wont even know when you caught it.

Irina pinched Kiddos face and indulgently said, “So, Kiddo likes to live in the restaurant. Then, you shall live in the restaurant with your mother from now on.”-

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