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A Timid Transmigrator Chapter 7 The Banquet

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I eventually finished creating the item I required after two weeks. Given that my body is only four years old and that Im just starting out, it took longer than expected.

All I can say is that it is a good start for a beginner like me.

"Now that my preparations are done, I guess I have to just hope for the best for this coming banquet."

These previous two weeks, we spent a lot of time getting ready, and Im pleased we did. since I currently know very little about fashion and trends.

And because it tends to alter significantly each year, I now have to learn about it. Not to mention that I only completed a portion of my etiquette training.

Dustin is a genius, but he is still a child, thus he still prioritizes his interests over those of others.

Well, Im delighted that everything has been prepared, including the history, customs, and attire. All I have to do now is not be afraid of anything and approach it head-on since everything is prepared to go.

Aside from the actions and forms that a royalty should take, there is also the aspect of communication that I must cram in these two weeks.

Dustin is a genius, but he is still a child, thus he still prioritizes his interests over those of others.

Well, Im delighted that everything has been prepared, including the history, customs, and attire. All I have to do now is not be afraid of anything and approach it head-on since everything is prepared to go.

At this part, I didn notice that even with all the preparations I did, I was not able to overcome something that is common yet hard to face problems.


"You better be quiet and don go wandering around again, or more like, don do anything at all."

Right now I am disciplining a certain problem child, and from the looks of it, he won listen.

I really don want to spoil him, but it is the day of the banquet and I really don want trouble.

"Fine Ill leave this open, so eat to your hearts content."

What I open is my collection of rocks that I sealed away from him. Well, a little sacrifice won hurt, plus there are still others like this in my other box.

Despite the fact that it is a minor component of the many collections I have amassed.

It breaks my tiny heart. I mean, he is already growing fast. Before, he was just the same size as my fist. Now he is as big as my head.

And what shocked me the most was that he eats a hundred times his size.

Causing me to believe he has another dimension in there. Not to mention the things that we destroyed the last time I got angry. He ate it all in an instant.

Well, there are some he can consume that I have to stealthily sneak out to avoid being noticed by Kiara.

And there was something I discovered after my outburst. I can just use Titan as my target practice for my magic training.

Though not literally, I just put him in the corner where he would just absorb the residue of my magic.

No one would notice, and it would be a free meal for him. a win-win situation for both of us.

So in this way, I practice my magic when Kiara is busy. And because of that, I got the hang of using magic. And can I apply it in combat?

And what I needed the most was to know my current strength. And from what I gather, I am basically back to my previous strength before the poisoning.

Not just that, but after practicing these past few weeks, I noticed that my mana capacity has increased and that my mana recovery is very fast.

Meaning, my bloodline ability doesn just recover me back to good health but also improves it. So even my physical strength might also have improved


Though there are still things I need to do to prove my theory, it will have to wait until after the banquet.

Knock! knock!

"Your highness, are you ready? The carriage is already waiting outside."

"Oh okay, Ill be right there."

My thoughts were interrupted by Kiara, telling me to get ready.

"Okay Ill go now so please behave."

Saying my last words to Titan before leaving completely to attend the banquet.


"Well then your highness I won be able to be there with you during the banquet. I will stay out near the venue once we are inside."

"Mm okay."

"Suu haa"

Well, here goes nothing after taking a deep breath. I think the only thing I can do to calm myself is think.

As I got in, a butler-like person assisted me to a certain area, and there children of aristocrats were gathered. It would be strange for a child to go inside alone without a guardian or their parents.

But looking at my invitation, the butler-like person must have known my circumstances and so guided me here.

And from the looks of it, there are already some that are socializing. Im kind of surprised that even for their age, they seem used to these things.

As for me, I just avoided them. As far as I remembered, there was no instance that Dustin would like to interact socially.

Since he was hanging out more with his teachers, he was not very experienced with this. And so do I, because I know that I was a shut-in before landing a job.

Well, I wasn able to interact more with my coworkers because I died shortly after being accepted. Not like I even remember them. This really bugs me, being able to remember my lifestyle but not the people around me.

Plus, I will be escaping from this place sooner or later anyway, so why bother introducing myself to others?

As I was waiting and eating some snacks being served on the table, a person came in front of me. He was with a bunch of kids, and from the looks of them, they were looking at something with great interest.

"I haven seen my little cousin in a long time.I was awfully worried that I didn see the main castle on every visit this year. I hope that you

e okay now."

The person who claimed to be my cousin said those words without even a hint of pity. Instead, they were full of malice and mockery.

"Nevin, Its been a long time since we last saw each other. I apologize. I was still recuperating from that time. And only now am I able to go to the banquet today."

He is my cousin, and his father is the emperors little brother. His name is Nevin Mathias. If I remember correctly, he is six years old this year.

I am calling him my brother because thats how we usually call each other, but it seems like he hates me. As much as I don like to call him "bro", it will only be weird if I don .

And if you

e wondering why our last name is different, its kind of like a monopoly thing. Only the royal family can have the name Sagallion.

The names of those who will not inherit the throne will have to change once the new emperor sits on the throne.

When that happens, they will have to choose to have a new name or have none at all. But there are also those who are married and carry the names of their spouse. And Nevins father is one of those examples.

Well, it is also practiced by other noble families, so it is not very uncommon.

"Is that so? Well, I am glad that nothing is wrong with you. Oh, I forgot, there is something wrong, you have become rootless. Hahaha."


He said that everyone around him laughed as well. And I just stood there stunned. Even though this is quite a common theme in stories I have read, my experience is different.

Seeing these people, a sense of dread seeps into me. I felt fear, anger, and other negative emotions mixing within me.

I want to lash out and express my emotions. I want to yell and I want to punch him in the face. But I didn , not because I don want to, but I can . I just can move and I can express myself. I don know, but this seems normal or common to me.

Ah, thats right, this happened to me before. I couldn move because I was afraid of the outcome, and the only thing I had on my mind was to run and leave this place.

But just as I was about to raise my foot, a commotion happened outside. Everyone laughs and listens to the current news that is happening outside.

"Hey what happened outside?"

My cousin suddenly asked an attendant serving food to us.

"Oh sorry young lord, there are visitors from countries that have an alliance with the empire."

Hearing that Nevin pushed the attendant aside and went to the grown-ups venue.

And this occurred later, when several kids received reprimands for leaving the waiting room without permission.

But I don need to know or care about it. because I am unable to process anything at this time.

The fear and mix of emotions that I feel right now aren just my own.

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