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The Young Lady and Her Teacher

Gu Siyin immediately jumped up and glared at Ning Xiangrong as she ran in front of Liu Yuan and opened her hands. “No!”

It was like a hen protecting its chick.

“Siyin, dont be rude,” Gu Feidao said in a low voice.

Gu Siyin puffed up her cheeks and widened her eyes, making a whimpering sound from her throat... It probably sounded like she was trying to threaten Ning Xiangrong, right

Liu Yuans expression was subtle.

Youre really not asking for a hug

Although he really wanted to reach out and put Gu Siyin on his lap to coax her, her father was right above her, and he was afraid that he would explode in anger if he hugged her.

Liu Yuan rolled his eyes in his heart. Others might not know, but as a player, he knew that Gu Feidao, this old man, was very evil. Not only did his strength not decline because of his age, but it had become even more profound. It was just that he had hidden it deeper...

Gu Feidao would be the players greatest help in the later battle plot.

In that situation just now, if Liu Yuan had not made a move, Yue Longzhang would have also been intimidated by Gu Feidao.

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He would at least teach Yue Longzhang a lesson on etiquette.

“Siyin,” Liu Yuan said from behind Gu Siyin.

Actually, he was not very worried about this kind of thing.

After all, in the current version of Shangyang, as long as it was a conquerable character, they would have a full favorability with him.

They were all full, so there should be no problem... Right

The Housekeeper, He Ren, was dumbfounded as he watched from the side. The black-haired young man, who usually did not have much presence in the villa, spoke indifferently. Gu Siyin immediately wilted and said pitifully, “Oh ...”

Her small hands were placed behind her back, and she wriggled them as she slowly moved them back to her seat.

“What ... What is going on Could it be...”

A thought that He Ren did not even dare to think about before appeared in his mind.

Gu Feidao looked at the inexplicable atmosphere between the three of them and the obedient yet aggrieved look on his daughters face. He looked at Liu Yuan and said, “Um.... Mr. Jun Xuan seems to be with my daughter”

It was finally here.

Liu Yuan knew that his relationship with Gu Siyin could not be kept a secret after he stood up like this, so he could only stand up under Ning Xiangrongs gaze. He said, “Yes, its my fault for hiding it for so long.”

Gu Feidao showed a kind smile. “Oh It seems that when Mr. Jun Xuan was staying in my Manor, he wasnt just resting as he seemed on the surface.”

Gu Siyin was overjoyed and looked at Liu Yuan with bright eyes.

Brother Jun Xuan is finally going to say it

On the day of her marriage, she must make her own wedding dress!

Liu Yuan smiled. “Villa Master Gu, youre being too serious. I just feel that Siyin has extraordinary talent and want to guide her to the path of Immortality. Thus, I taught her in secret... I guess you can say that Im an irresponsible teacher.”

“Yes... Huh” The shy smile on Gu Siyins face froze. At first, her eyes were a little dazed. Then, she blinked and looked at Liu Yuan with a confused expression.”T-teacher”

The other peoples expressions were also interesting.

At first, he thought that his Little Miss had someone she liked, but in the end, it turned out to be a plot likehaving a strange affinity and receiving guidance from a mysterious teacher

Liu Yuan nodded and looked at Gu Siyin with a kind gaze. “Yes, Im her teacher.”

Gu Siyins heart ached and she almost cried. However, she saw the comforting look in the young mans eyes and heard a familiar gentle voice, “Be good, I wont let you marry someone else.”

The young girls eyes brightened once again. If he would not let her marrysomeone else, then did that mean that she could only marry him

Although she still felt a little aggrieved, this was definitely part of her Brother Jun Xuans plan.

And if they had a teacher-disciple relationship, there was no need for the two to hide when they met.

Gu Siyin lowered her head and pinched the corner of her clothes. She pouted and said reluctantly, “Yes, Brother Jun Xuan is my teacher. Its been a while, but I havent told Father.”

Gu Feidao was a little surprised. “So ... My daughter has the possibility of cultivating”

Looking at the attribute values, Gu Siyins affinity attribute value was 12, which was higher than all her other attributes. Affinity was related to the magic power value.

Its specific manifestation was spiritual power.

However, she cultivated martial arts, so her mana should not be so high.

Therefore, according to common sense, the fact that the affinity attribute had not been converted into magic power... Could really be referring to the affinity.

Other than the five dimensional data chart, there was also the attribute bias.

It showed that Gu Siyin was more inclined to the fire element and had a good affinity with it.

Liu Yuan nodded and muttered, “Siyins talent is very good, but her temperament is too unpredictable. Thus, I spent some time observing and polishing her. I didnt expect that Water Moon Dock would suddenly bring Xue Yan to propose marriage... Forgive me for being direct, but with Siyins talent, preserving her primordial Yin and cultivating properly is the right way. If she were to become a Dao Companion with an ordinary cultivator, I would even despise it, let alone a mortal.”

In fact...

However, the dignity of a teacher still existed in this era. Hence, when the people present heard that Liu Yuan claimed to be Gu Siyins teacher, their attitude immediately changed.

This was a very serious matter.

Even Ning Xiangrongs expression became a little startled, and she vaguely relaxed.

In addition, Liu Yuans face was calm, and his words only contained the heart of cherishing talent. He had the appearance of an elder and was very serious.

Housekeeper He Ren instantly felt ashamed, feeling that his previous thoughts were too despicable.

Come to think of it...

Although the other party looked to be only around 20 years old, which was very young, how could Immortal cultivators judge their age by appearance they might be old seniors who were hundreds of years old.

Moreover, the most important point was...

That fairy-like messenger Ning Xiangrong had personally said that this Mr. Jun Xuan would be her husband...

Although it was a little disrespectful to think this way, compared to Ning Xiangrong, their Little Miss could only be considered a somewhat beautiful bean sprout.

“In that case, Mr. Jun Xuans objection to the marriage...” Even though he said this, Gu Feidaos eyes looked at Ning Xiangrong.

This matter was really complicated ...

It seemed that the two had a close relationship, but three years ago, Liu Yuan had left without saying goodbye. Ning Xiangrong had been looking for him, but she did not expect that they would meet again three years later with completely different purposes.

Water Moon Dock wanted their disciple, Xue Yan, to marry Gu Siyin and use this as an opportunity to take over Chiyu Villa. However, as Gu Siyins teacher, Liu Yuan was against it.

If Liu Yuan could change Ning Xiangrongs mind, as the daughter of Water Moon Docks Dock Master, Ning Xiangrong might be able to reverse the decision of Water Moon Dock...

Gu Feidaos eyes were deep as thoughts ran through his mind.

Ning Xiangrong looked at Liu Yuan and said softly, “This marriage was decided by the elders. I had no choice. Even my father couldnt change it.”

Liu Yuan shook his head. “I didnt ask you to change anything. Siyin is my disciple. I will naturally help her clear the obstacles in her path of cultivation.”

Ning Xiangrong looked at him, the corners of her mouth curled up, and the tenderness in her heart was about to melt.

“Hes still that frivolous but serious and responsible bad guy.”

Gu Siyin, on the other hand, was secretly biting her handkerchief at the side.

Who wants to be a disciple I want to be a wife.


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