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Tides Have Turned

“Hiss, calm down, I have to calm down... I have to analyze it carefully. ”

Liu Yuan took a deep breath. This was not a baseless supernatural incident. There must be a reason.

When Ning Xiangrong was at Water Moon Dock, because her father doted on her and was afraid that she would get hurt, he did not allow her to go out before she reached the Nascent Soul stage.

But Ning Xiangrong said that she had been looking for him for three years, and this time she had also followed him here, and even entrusted him with the important task of supervision and assistance.

In that case, it was precisely because she was determined to come out to look for the missingJun Xuan that she was allowed to come to Chiyu Villa after three years of training and experience.

This meant that Ning Xiangrongs appearance was also because of the butterfly effect caused by Liu Yuan!

And it started three years ago in this worlds timeline!

This f*cking...

How are these favorability points helping him in his conquering strategy process

Liu Yuan felt his balls hurting.

He had conquered all the characters he could conquer...

Now, not only did he have to worry about his image in front of these characters, but he also had to worry about the butterfly effect caused by his transmigration.

F*ck! Did you hear that! Goddamnit!

Liu Yuan cursed in his heart.

He had to maintain his appearance now, or he would definitely curse out loud.

Liu Yuan cursed in his heart as he stepped out of the door. What he saw was a young man standing in the corner next to the door, gritting his teeth and muttering angrily.

“The tides will turn...”

Liu Yuan paused.

Was this a new plot point Could it be he had transmigrated again

Then he remembered, this was the main character of the marriage annulment event at Chiyu Villa, Xue Yan, right

Oh, right. Liu Yuan suddenly realized.

It was obvious that the Tiandao gaming company was paying tribute to a certain classic when they were working on this plot, and the players were having a great time playing it.

At that time, he could see a bunch of funny posts every day when he visited the forum.

“My name is Xue Yan. I was born in an influential family and am the son of the head of the family. However, my Dantian was destroyed and I have no hope of learning martial arts.”

“I had an engagement with the daughter of the famous Chiyu Villas Master... But the engagement was broken off.”

“But I know that Im the main character.”

“Theyre all just small fries in my story.”

“The Immortal cultivation sect, Water Moon Dock, discovered my cultivation talent and took me in as a disciple. They brought me here to renew the engagement. I want to let them know that the tides will always turn, so dont bully the poor young!”

“In the Chiyu Villa, Foundation Establishment cultivators are already as rare as Phoenix feathers and Qilin horns.”

And so on and so forth.

Recalling the scene, he remembered the plot at this time.

The people in the hall were discussing the marriage, but Xue Yan was talking to the players outside the gate of the villa.

He would tell the player what was on his mind and revealed that he was forced by Water Moon Dock to propose marriage, and it was not of his own free will.

This was very thought-provoking. Did a cultivation sect have nothing better to do

Why would they get a person who had already broken off the engagement come to propose marriage again.

Moreover, the person involved was not willing to do so.

As a player, Liu Yuan naturally knew the reason why the Water Moon Dock forced Xue Yan into the Chiyu Villa. It was because of theXuanwu Secret Treasure that had been buried under the villa for many years.

They would find the most suitable candidate and get him marry the only woman in the Gu family of Chiyu Villa. Then, he would obtain the key to open the secret treasure and obtain the Xuanwu bloodline.

This was the Water Moon Docks plan to obtain the secret treasure without losing a single soldier.

On one hand, the Water Moon Dock still considered themselves as a righteous sect, and it would be too embarrassing to shed all pretense of cordiality and become bandits.

On the other hand, he was afraid that Gu Feidao would really go crazy, which showed how famous he was.

Yue Longzhang was a brainless man. He probably only let him come because he thought that he was easy to control.

If he was not dead, he would have been controlled by Ma Shu.

Similar to Xue Yan.

Thinking of this, Liu Yuan suddenly decided to give it a try so that the puppet character Xue Yan could have a slight initiative...

Since he did not have the power, it would be a good idea to teach the NPCs a lesson.

After all, he still had the template of a protagonist, so he could not just use it as a joke.

“Youre still thinking about your childhood sweetheart”

Xue Yan, who was gritting his teeth, was shocked. He looked up and saw a black-haired young man looking at him with a meaningful smile.

The young man was dressed in a black robe that looked like a scholars robe. He held a long sword in his hand. His figure looked thin and weak, but his steps were steady and silent. He should be skilled in martial arts.

The strangest thing about him was his short hair, but he did not look like a monk. It was really strange, as if he had deviated from the usual path.

“Y-y-you... H-how…” Xue Yan stuttered.

“How would I know” Liu Yuan asked on his behalf.

Seeing his expression as if he had seen a ghost, he thought,Of course you told me yourself.

In the game, as long as a conversation was triggered, Xue Yan would start to pour out his grievances, and no one could stop him.

But on the surface, Liu Yuans face was still calm as he said, “I also know that your childhood sweetheart is called Zhuang Yuner. She is in love with you and has already pledged to marry you. However, you were forced by the people of the Water Moon Dock to come to the Chiyu Villa to propose marriage, am I right”

“Dont talk nonsense!” Xue Yan was shocked and quickly said, “I cant tell anyone. If they hear it...”

“Then its true,” Liu Yuan said.

“This... This...” Xue Yan was at a loss for words.

His expression changed several times and he was panicking. He had never told anyone about him and Zhuang Yuner, so how did this person know He gritted his teeth in shock and suspicion.”Who the hell are you What do you want to do”

Liu Yuan made a decision and said in a low voice, “Im here to save you!”

“Save me I dont need to be saved, I just need to complete my mission. They promised not to make things difficult for me and Yuner.”

Xue Yan did not have much confidence, so he straightened his neck and said.

“You dont believe it yourself, do you” Liu Yuan spread his hands.

He put on ayou know nothing about Immortal cultivation sects look and said slowly, “Do you know the reason why the Water Moon Dock wants you to re-establish the marriage Will you still be of value to them after your mission is completed Youre already deep in the trap. When you know more and more, do you think you can still escape unscathed And that childhood sweetheart of yours, isnt she still in their hands Do you really think that a sect that can threaten you with the lives of others is the so-called righteous path”

The series of questions made Xue Yans face pale and speechless.

Liu Yuan took two steps forward with his hands behind his back, looking at Xue Yans twinkling eyes, and continued, ” Im Liu Yuan, Liu Jun Xuan. Ill stay in the guest room of the villa. Ill find you in three days and give you a great opportunity. As for whether you can grasp it or not... ”

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Just as Xue Yan was about to speak, the black-haired youth in front of him waved his sleeve and disappeared.

Only the lingering sound was left.

“Its up to you.”

Xue Yan was stunned, looking at the empty mountain path in front of him. He slowly clenched his fist, and his face became determined.

Liu Yuan, who was hiding behind the tree, silently revealed a smile as if he had planned everything.


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