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Just Like That, Hes Trapped

suddenly limping


The flames burned fiercely, gradually turning the corpse in the air into charcoal.

The hardened limbs shattered, and the dust formed a black cloud that rose from the remains, floating up and down in the flames.

There were countless skeletons wailing in it, and they were immediately sealed by a wave of spiritual power.

It was Liu Yuans spirit butterfly.

“Yue Longzhang ... Hes really a piece of trash. Hes so useless when hes alive, but he doesnt forget to disgust people after hes dead.”

Ma Shu stared at the ball of fire in front of him, his expression uncertain.

“If it wasnt for his father being an elder, how could he be the first seat” Ma Shus eyes were full of contempt, but also jealousy and envy.

He was indeed a disciple of the Water Moon Dock, or rather, his family had been disciples of the Water Moon Dock for generations. From the outer sect to the inner sect, generation after generation, it was as if they had become the servants of the Water Moon Dock.

However, Ma Shu was different. With his Thick Soul Constitution, he could have had better resources.

However, because of his ordinary identity, it took a lot of effort just to train, so he was overshadowed.

Until Luo Shengtians men found him.

“I didnt expect there to be people from our sacred religion here... But why isnt there any news at all Could it be a spy But this mission is so important, why didnt we get notified ”

“Is he too late, or...” mumbled Ma Shu.

Under the contrast of the flickering flames, he had long lost the likable and timid appearance he had in front of others.

Although his appearance had not changed, and he still had that round face that looked a little honest, his eyes were now sinister and fierce, and his temperament had changed greatly.

“Im not a spy,” Liu Yuans voice suddenly sounded.

Ma Shu was shocked. Then, he felt a pair of hands on his shoulders.

He subconsciously struggled for a moment, but the strength was beyond his expectations and he could not struggle.

Ma Shu immediately realized his weakness and gave up struggling. He took a deep breath and said, “Who are you Ive never heard of the Holy Churchs contact in Chiyu Villa, or that they had spies in the manor.”

Liu Yuan let go of his hand and said, “I am indeed a spy from the Holy Church . However, I am not a spy to help you. I was sent to the Sea Slashing Tower on another mission. Some accident happened a few days ago, so I came to Chiyu villa. I dont know much about your mission.”

Ma Shus eyes widened. “Sea… Sea Slashing Tower!”

The worlds leading tower!

Everyone in the upper realm knew that it was located on the easternmost part of the Central Continent, the Yonghui Sea.

Standing between the sea and land was the Sea Slashing Tower. It guards against the blood sea that was always rolling with dark demonic Qi, preventing the invasion of the demonic race.

You Sui, the Master of the Sea Slashing Tower, was one of the most powerful cultivators in the world and a big shot at the Judgment stage.

Luo Shengtian sent this guy to the Sea Slashing Tower as a spy...

How strong and good at disguising one must be!

For a moment, Ma Shu even felt that he might die fromknowing too much.

Liu Yuan chuckled. “If I wanted to kill you, I couldve done so with a simple excuse just now. Ning Xiangrong wouldnt have any intention of stopping me. Of course, its still the same now.”

“Do you think that if I killed you here, and disguised it as the work of Yue Longzhangs poison, and even the talisman I gave you couldnt block it… Do you think anyone would ever suspect me”

Although this man looked like he had come with ill intentions, Ma Shu was relieved to hear this.

Thats right. If he wanted to kill me, he could have done it earlier. He wouldnt have waited until now. Ma Shu composed himself. At this moment, he was already more convinced of the other partys identity.

But he still had some doubts.

“If I may be so bold, I have another question ... Why are you at Chiyu Villa” Ma Shu asked carefully.

“Why” The young man seemed to find it funny and looked at Ma Shu. “Thats because I failed my mission, and my cover was blown in the Sea Slashing Tower... Sigh.”

He heaved a heavy sigh, as if he was unwilling to talk about the past.

Liu Yuan was already in the zone of fooling people. It was not difficult for him to figure out peoples thoughts. After all, it was a feat to conquer so many characters in Shangyang.

Over the years, he had the ability to instantly guess the thoughts of others based on their words and expressions, and it had almost become an instinct.

Naturally, he could see that Ma Shu was still in a state of doubt.

Liu Yuan walked in front of Ma Shu with his hands behind his back, and changed the topic. “Ive been in the outer seas all year round, so Im not familiar with the people of the Holy Church. I wonder if the Holy Emissary in charge of the Jiang Kingdom is still theDemonic Hand, Ao Zhiyuan Or that kid by his side back then, Wei Ding”

Ma Shu was taken aback and shook his head. “No... Master Demonic Hand died five years ago. Master Wei Ding took over for a few years and also passed away in a conflict with the Jade Void Sect. The current Holy Emmissary isFreezing Sky and Freezing Earth, Master Xu Xuefeng.”

The identities of the Holy Emissaries were all kept a secret, and it was not easy for outsiders to know.

And what the other party was talking about was the previous Holy Emmissaries.

Other than the people from the Holy Church, no one would know so much.

Otherwise, the Holy Churchs system would collapse in the face of those sanctimonious Orthodox sects.

Moreover, from the tone of the other party, he seemed like an old monster who had lived for many years...

Ma Shu was completely relieved. He bowed and said, “Senior, I dont know what you need, but I can help you.”

He had been tricked... Hook, line, and sinker.

Liu Yuan sighed in his heart. If it was not for the fact that he had to conquer the Holy Maiden of the demonic sect, he would not have learned so much about the members of the demonic sect just to gain those favorability points.

No, wait...

Liu Yuans face suddenly stiffened.


If he were to foil the demonic sects plan here, he would definitely draw the demonic sects attention. Then, if the higher-ups, especially the Holy Maiden, found out...

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The corner of Liu Yuans mouth twitched, and his balls hurt even more.

She was an extremely sick and delicate girl!

Why did he have to conquer so many people Were his hands itching that much

Forget it, Ill just take it one step at a time.

“You cant help me,” Liu Yuan said indifferently.

Ma Shu laughed awkwardly, and Liu Yuan continued, “Tell me whos your superior. Ill go find him myself.”

Because he had previously said that he had been undercover in the outer seas for a long time and had only returned after failing his mission, it was normal that he had no contact in the Central Continent.

“Umm...” Ma Shu stammered, ” I... I cant contact him. I can only rely on the higher-ups to send me a letter. But recently, they told me to report back at any time.”

“Oh right, because of that brat Xue Yan, Im going to bring him to meet the higher-up to teach him the cultivation techniques of the Holy Church.”

“Ill take you with me then,” said Ma Shu with a flattering face.

“Mmm.” Liu Yuan said, “Ill take care of Yue Longzhang. You just need to know that hes the demon sects spy now. Understand”

“Yue Longzhang” Ma Shu was stunned, but he immediately reacted. “Hes the scapegoat Umm... Could it be that someone is suspicious of my identity ”

Liu Yuan was calm and his gaze was unpredictable. “Ning Xiangrong has already seen through your identity.”

“How... How is that possible And dont you and Ning Xiangrong… have a special relationship”

“Its just a little trick,” Liu Yuan sneered, “to temporarily make her lose her mind.”

Ma Shu saw his dark smile and thought to himself that he was indeed from the Holy Church. His methods were vicious, and even a beauty like Miss Ning seemed to be used as a tool.

He was more and more in awe of Liu Yuan, and he believed what Liu Yuan was going to say.

Liu Yuan walked down the mountain path and breathed in the fresh air along the way. He felt his entire body relax.

“Its still more comfortable to be alone... I dont feel safe being with these NPCs.”

Liu Yuan heaved a sigh of relief.

Damn it, why did it feel like he was just fooling people after transmigrating


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