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Am I a Stupid Character in a Childrens Story

“First, you have to find a place with extreme cold. Then, you have to find these materials and place the Golden Crow True Yang into the formation.”

Xie Qian picked up the piece of paper that he had just finished writing on the table and handed it to Liu Yuan.

Liu Yuan took it over. On it read: Mirror Moon Jade, Greenwood Demon Blood, Fish-scaled Lotus Seed, and Mountain Sea Treasure Heart. It also gave the specific location and method of obtaining these items. There was also a formation and the method of making it.

So, he was writing these things just now...

But in that case, Liu Yuan had seen him holding a pen when he came in.

In other words, before Liu Yuan came in, Xie Qian had already written the prescription.

Combined with his calmness when Liu Yuan came to visit.

Is he a prophet

A bold guess appeared in Liu Yuans mind. If that was the case, then Xie Qians rank was definitely higher than he had imagined.

Xie Qian turned a blind eye to Liu Yuans probing gaze and smiled. “Just now, I said that youre not simple, but I didnt mean that youre not simple just because you know my Dao Literature ability.”

Liu Yuan was surprised. If not that... What could it be

“Looking at your expression... You dont seem to think that youre not simple.”

Xie Qians gaze carried an unusual meaning. “I originally planned to let you decide how to deal with the scroll. If you give the scroll to Yuan Kaixuan, Ill do you a favor from Fusang Sea. If you ask for an exchange with the scroll, Ill give you the Golden Crow True Yang...”

At this point, he shook his head and laughed. “But I didnt expect that you would choose to exchange first and then give one away. This way, they have a higher evaluation of you in their hearts. Youve killed two birds with one stone.”

Liu Yuan turned the Golden Crow True Yang, his face numb, “Yes, youre right. I dont think Im special at all.”

Ah, this True Yang is good for making a hot water bag.

In fact, giving the scroll was a last-minute idea... He gave one to the girl because she was pretty. Was there anything wrong with that

However, the status of these two people in the Fusang Sea was definitely not low. Today, they had indeed gained a lot. If he could go to the Fusang Sea in the future, he might have a backer.

Then again, the exp scroll is yours. I dont feel bad giving it away.

Xie Qians expression did not change. “Although you may think its a coincidence, everything happens for a reason. For example, if you were greedy or resentful of Yuan Kaixuans previous actions, you wouldnt have made such a decision. Youre not greedy, and youre not competitive. Its clear that your character is better than I thought.”

Liu Yuan was speechless.

Hey, as long as youre happy.

Was this the consequence of having a full favorability bar

Liu Yuan was in the pavilion surrounded by the lotus pond, listening to Xie Qian brag about himself for a long time. Basically, Xie Qian could interpret the meaning behind every word and every action.

Liu Yuan folded the piece of paper and put it into Yue Longzhangs storage bag.

“Little Friend, youre careful and meticulous.”

Liu Yuan did not know how to appreciate good tea, so when he picked up the cup, he simply chugged it down like water.

“Little Friend, youre carefree and easy-going, and you dont care about trifles.”

Im f*cking cautious and carefree at the same time. Am I a character in a stupid childrens story

Liu Yuan did not know whether to laugh or cry. He thought of his former language teacher.

No matter what ordinary sentence it was, the language teacher could always interpret it strangely and gave it unusual meaning. It made no sense.

“Senior... Ive troubled you for a long time. I should take my leave.”

Liu Yuan bit the bullet and interrupted Xie Qians endless praise. If this continued, he would really start to believe the nonsense.

Xie Qian stopped talking and looked at Liu Yuans expression, “Little Friend, youre calm and patient. Youre able to distinguish between the inside and the outside. Youre able to debate about honor and disgrace. Youre not moved by the words of foreign objects. Its rare, very rare.”

Seeing that he was about to start again, Liu Yuan quickly said, “Senior, I suddenly remembered that the clothes I hung out to dry are still hanging outside. It looks like its going to rain soon, so I have to go back and collect them.”

Xie Qian looked out and saw the sun shining brightly.

“Little Friend, you are well aware of the principle that fortune and disaster depend on each other when they reach an extreme...”

“Senior, Ill be leaving first!”

Liu Yuan almost ran away. Damn it, he really could not stand the crazy praise from someone who had always ridiculed and mocked others!

Xie Qian sat in the same place, watching Liu Yuans back as he ran away. After a long time, he said, “Interesting.”

He thought for a moment, picked up the pen again, and spread out the white paper.

He dipped the ink and started to write.

“The flying swan steps on the snow, the villa dreams of butterflies.”

Who was he writing about

After he finished writing, he put down his brush and looked at it carefully for a while. Then, he sat in his seat as if he was in a daze and sighed. “Time, fate, and luck are not thing I can control.”

From a distance, he looked like he was sitting alone, his long hair hanging loosely, as if he had been through countless years.

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Liu Yuan stepped out of the door and even greeted the guard Shaoying, indicating that he would often... No, when he was free, he would come to visit Senior.

Although the exp scroll was great, he could not stand the feeling of the endless praise.

Shaoying scratched his head in confusion. “Oh...”

The guard had a suspicious nature. He had never seen anyone who said they would come to visit the Old Master often.

It was normal for them to slam the door and leave in a hurry, just like the two just now.

Could he be... The kind of person who felt good when being scolded

Shaoying looked at Liu Yuan suspiciously. His curiosity was about to explode, but Liu Yuan had already left.

Next time, next time I must ask.

Liu Yuan strolled around Xichang Town. It was not much different from the game, but the feeling of being there in person was definitely different.

To be honest, Liu Yuan felt that he was very lucky to be able to see real people and things in the game he liked.

Moreover, he was in a much better mood because he had obtained an exp scroll and a pet.

He returned to the entrance of the villa.

Liu Yuan stopped in his tracks. The happy smile on his face gradually disappeared when he remembered that he had to deal with the two girls next.

Liu Yuan took a deep breath and cheered himself on. “Liu Yuan, bring out your aura as the God of Conqquering Strategy! Youve already conquered them once, and their favorability is maxed out. Do you still need to be afraid of them As long as I maintain my good image and trick them, they will still have to be obedient. No mountain will be too tall for me!”

After cheering himself on, Liu Yuan was full of confidence. He held his head high and walked towards his guest room.

On the way, Liu Yuan began to recall how he had conquered Ning Xiangrong.

“Let me think about it. That independent plot should be when nNng Xiangrong was still in Water Moon Dock. At that time, she was a young lady of an Immortal sect with no experience. She was pampered since she was young, dedicated to cultivation, had sufficient resources, and had no fights. She was used to the people around her obeying her and being shorter than her, so she looked cold and arrogant on the outside, but she was actually pure in heart.”

“At that time, I chose to steal her clothes directly to break her arrogance. In that shameful state, it was easier for her to reveal her true feelings. I would never spoil her, but bully her instead. However, I didnt cross the line and showed her my character. I used this to let her find a completely different and novel experience in her routine, unchanging life.”

“To put it simply, people who are passive and follow the rules are more likely to be attracted to the deviant.”


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