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The Sinking Liu Yuan

“After that, its the standard procedure. Say some sweet words and give her some gifts. Moreover, they did not need to be expensive, just something shes never owned.”

Liu Yuan touched his chin and muttered, “Speaking of which, Rongrong and Siyin are quite similar, but their environment is different, which leads to different personalities.”

Gu Siyin lived in the forces of the pugilistic world, most of the people she came and went with were straightforward. She placed more importance on material desires and human relationships, so she was arrogant. On the other hand, Ning Xiangrong lived in a simple cultivation sect and was held in high regard, so she was cold and arrogant.

In addition, there were also factors such as age, cultivation technique, and so on.

“In Ning Xiangrongs mind, it seems that I left without saying goodbye after flirting with her, so... I hope shes not here for revenge.”

Liu Yuan was just complaining. Ning Xiangrong did not look like she was here for revenge. She was more like she was here to look for her husband.

Just like what she said before:He will be my husband, she probably wanted to kidnap Liu Yuan and marry him.


Liu Yuan shook his head. “Everything will work out in the end. I will try to persuade her, and if I cant… I cant fight back with my current strength. I can only drag it out. ”

Therefore, even scum had to rely on strength. This was such a cruel and realistic place.

“Phew...” Liu Yuan finally reached his own courtyard and pushed the door open.

The first thing he saw was a woman in white standing there quietly. She had already taken off her veiled hat, and her beautiful face was breathtaking. Her black hair hung down, and her blue eyes were like a deep spring under the ice. Once the ice cracked, it would reveal the autumn waters below.

It was almost afternoon, and she stood in the shadow of a lush green tree, isolated from the sun, giving people an unreal beauty.

Liu Yuan was stunned for a moment. Just now in the hall, he had been focused on the matter at hand, and he had not carefully looked at Ning Xiangrongs appearance.

It had to be said that when the characters in the game were in front of him, the feeling was completely different...

However, it was very shocking. As expected of the third-ranked beauty in the game.

Ning Xiangrongs card face data was not strong, and she did not have any outstanding performance in the later plot. But… Damnit, although she was a 4-star, her popularity was comparable to some 6-star card.

Water Moon Docks incident at Chiyu Villa did not affect her. After the demon sects spy was dealt with, Ning Xiangrong should have become Water Moon Docks Dock Master.

Liu Yuan had no impression of the plot in the middle, so he joined the dungeon and entered the Water Moon Dock map. He then buried his head in the game.

The two of them looked at each other but did not speak.

The atmosphere was not awkward, but it was a silent tacit understanding of reunion after a long separation.

There was no expression on the black-haired young mans face, but his eyes that were staring at Ning Xiangrong contained complicated emotions. There was guilt, nostalgia, and even deep helplessness.

Tears would flow, but a man had no tears, only heartache-filled silence.

His emotions were introverted, but his body language could not be faked. Ning Xiangrong saw his trembling hands, heavy breathing, dry lips, and sluggish steps. These were all signs of his excitement, but he did not come up to hug her.

Perhaps he left just now because he was afraid that he could not control his emotions...

After all, three years had passed and they had all changed a lot, especially Liu Yuan. His cultivation level had actually dropped to the Foundation Establishment stage!

The fall of ones cultivation realm was not a simple matter. It meant that ones Dantian and Sea of Consciousness were injured. Under normal circumstances, such an injury could not be healed.

Ning Xiangrong could feel his timidity, so her heart also trembled.

All these years... What had he experienced to be in such a sorry state

Ning Xiangrong thought of how the once unbridled Liu Junxuan had now become so restrained. For a moment, her nose felt sour, and tears filled her eyes, almost falling.

Back then, you made me realize that there are all kinds of beautiful things in the world. Thats why I was able to take a step into the outside world. However, I obtained my freedom, while you lost your pride. So this time, its my turn to save you!

Ning Xiangrong looked at the black-haired young mans helpless appearance and slowly walked over with teary eyes.

The above was Ning Xiangrongs one-sided imagination.

In fact, Liu Yuan was so nervous that his lips were dry. His entire body was stiff and he didn ot know what to say.

It was even more exaggerated than the first time he met Gu Siyin. At that time, he was flustered, but in the end, he managed to coax her.

However, he could still treat Gu Siyin like a cousin. After all, it was fine in the game, but Liu Yuan really did not think it was normal to have improper thoughts about a 14-year-old girl.

...He had to wait at least two years.

Ning Xiangrongs extremely charming appearance, coupled with the fact that he already conquered her, gave Liu Yuan a very different feeling from Gu Siyin.

There was a huge difference between the game and reality.

So when he did not say a word, and Ning Xiangrong walked up to him and hugged him, Liu Yuan was dumbfounded.

He was in a daze as Ning Xiangrong tightly hugged him, their bodies pressed against each other, and the faint fragrance of the womans body instantly assaulted his face.

Liu Yuan, who was usually full of confidence, sank.

This was the first time in his life that he had such close contact with a girl, and she was hugging him!

Liu Yuan, who was squeaking in his heart, had completely forgotten that the little loli Gu Siyin had thrown herself into his arms.


Liu Yuans first thought was that it smelled good.

Ning Xiangrongs fragrance, mixed with the secretion of hormones, made his heart waver.

The second feeling was that it was soft.

He had already felt the softness of Gu Siyins small hands before, but now, Liu Yuan could feel the beauty of a girls body, especially the fullness of her chest and the intimacy of breathing from the side of her neck.

Liu Yuan did not even dare to breathe hard, for fear that he would touch something he should not be touching.

He carefully adjusted his breathing and stiffened his body. He heard Ning Xiangrongs voice close by. “Liu Junxuan, come back with me to the Water Moon Dock. Well be Dao Companions. Ill try to recover your cultivation. No matter how much youve suffered outside, Ill be by your side through time to make up for it. Well be together forever... Everything I have is yours. ”

She turned her head, her warm breath blowing into Liu Yuans ear. Her voice was soft but warm, “Whether its the heart... Or the body.”

Calm down, calm down ... Damn it, I cant calm down!

Liu Yuan roared in his heart expressionlessly. He was only a 19-year-old teenager!

How detestable!

However, this level of temptation, he was completely unable... Unable to refuse!

“I cant...” he said bitterly.

Ning Xiangrong hugged him even tighter and said, “I know. I know everything. Ill share your burden!”

No! You dont know!

... Wait, what do you know

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Liu Yuan struggled to push her away temporarily and put his hands on her waist. “No, listen to me...”

At this moment, a chirpy and happy voice was heard.

“Brother Junxuan! Im here to find you...”

Gu Siyins smile froze, and she also stopped jumping.

Liu Yuans movements also stopped. He looked at himself holding Ning Xiangrong, then at Gu Siyins pale face and empty eyes.

Liu Yuan, who was full of confidence, was completely crushed.


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