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Be Good and Address Me asMasters Wife

Liu Yuan almost cried... He felt as if his life flashed before his eyes.

Liu Yuan had never expected that he would fail here.

In fact, he was already prepared to fail, but he did not expect it to happen so suddenly.

He did not put up any defenses, nor did he hesitate.

Just like that, he and Ning Xiangrong barged into Gu Siyins line of sight.

The young girl was holding a plate of desserts.


It fell to the ground.

The snacks rolled to the side and were covered in dust.

Ning Xiangrong let go of her hand. When she turned around and saw Gu Siyin, a trace of surprise flashed in her eyes, followed by doubt and a vague sense of foreboding.

They said that they were master and student... But this little girls behavior was not like a student to a teacher.

Ning Xiangrongs womans intuition was sharp enough to detect that something was wrong.

The corner of Liu Yuans mouth twitched. He walked over and picked up the snack. He looked up and said, “Siyin, that was...”

He suddenly choked. How was he going to explain this

Saying that it was an accident, I accidentally put my hand on the waist of another woman who suddenly pounced on me

Ning Xiangrong would explode.

Or should he say:I only see you as a little sister and have no intention of marrying you

Gu Siyin would explode.

Or... Should he tell the truth

Both of them would explode at the same time, right

Liu Yuan froze on the spot, thinking about his next move.

Gu Siyins eyes were already filled with tears, and they immediately turned red. She pursed her lips and held it in. She stood in place and nodded. “Sob... Ill listen to Brother Junxuans explanation. I, I will listen... Sob...”

Before she could finish her words, big drops of tears rolled down her white and tender cheeks.

Liu Yuan did not know what to do. What he liked most about Gu Siyin was that she was obedient.

Of course, in the beginning, Gu Siyins character was the arrogant and domineering type. However, as his favorability increased, he realized that if Gu Siyin truly acknowledged and relied on someone, she would be particularly attached to the other party and obey them.

She was like a wild canary that had turned into a pet.

This child was too well-behaved, so well-behaved that one could not help but pity and even feel heartache for her.

Liu Yuan tried his best to calm himself down. He did not want to hurt Gu Siyin, so he knelt down and wiped the tears off her face. “Si Yin, listen well. No matter what, I will not change my promise to you. ”

Gu Siyin nodded. She sobbed. “Yes, I know... Brother Junxuan would never lie to me.”

“Im just a little sad, just a little,” she said softly.

The young girl stretched out two fingers to show the space between them. Then, it shrank again until it was almost gone. After a pause, it became a little bigger.

It was to show that she could accept Liu Yuan having multiple wives, but not too many.

Seeing her like this, Liu Yuan could not help but heave a sigh of relief. He put the dessert back on the plate and finally came to his senses. He patted her head. “The relationship between Rongrong and me, you should have known about it in the hall, right”

She did not act up on the spot in the hall, probably because the two did not have contact, so she comforted herself in his heart. Now that she saw it, she felt very sad.

Gu Siyin puffed up her cheeks and said in a muffled voice, “I know... Im just here to give you some desserts. I made them myself, but theyre all on the floor now.”

Liu Yuan thought to himself that it was good that he had transmigrated to ancient times.

He looked down at the desserts on the plate. They were just a few glutinous rice balls. They did not look very good and were covered in dust, but they were still a token of the girls sincerity.

Liu Yuan cast a dust-clearing spell to clear the dust off his body.

“Its fine. Have you heard of the five-second rule If you drop something on the ground, you can still pick it up and eat it within five seconds. We cant waste it. ”

Liu Yuan stuffed a white and sticky one into his mouth.

Gu Siyin was stunned and quickly snatched the plate over. She looked anxiously at Liu Yuans mouth as he chewed. “This is so dirty, dont eat it!”

Liu Yuan swallowed it. “Hmm... The taste is not bad.”

The young girls eyes immediately lit up. “Really” Its my first time making it, so its good that Brother Junxuan likes it.”

“Even so, you cant just pick it up off the ground and eat it.”

Even though she said that, her eyes still looked very happy.

Ning Xiangrong looked at Gu Siyin for a while, then said, “Little Girl, you like him”

Liu Yuans heart skipped a beat.

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He solved the problem with Gu Siyin, but Ning Xiangrong suddenly attacked.

Based on the fact that she saw Liu Yuan as the only light in her life that was different from the rest, it was very likely that she would develop a desire to possess him, so...

This was a dangerous situation!

Liu Yuan nervously paid attention to the changes in their expressions, but he still had to maintain a calm smile.

He was smiling on the surface, but he was cursing in his heart.

Gu Siyin knew that she had a master and student relationship with Liu Yuan, so she could not let anyone get a hold of her. She glared at Ning Xiangrong and said, “Hmph, I dont like him!”

She loved him! It was love! I dont just like him!

The girl was proud of her explanation, but she was afraid that Liu Yuan would misunderstand, so she turned to look at the young man pitifully, hoping to convey her feelings.

Liu Yuan replied with a relieved look.

Nonsense, the favorability did not decrease at all, so this sentence was naturally fake.

Having said that, the favorability bar could be used as a lie detector at some point.

However, if he really used it as a lie detector, he was afraid that it would not be a favorable impression, but a reversal.

“What a coincidence, I happen to like your master.”

Gu Siyins cheeks were puffed up. “So what! What does it have to do with me”

“Good girl, you can address me asMasters Wife.” Ning Xiangrong smiled.

A fatal blow.

Gu Siyins expression instantly froze, and she looked at Ning Xiangrong in disbelief. “You and Brother Junxuan arent even married yet, so why should I call you Masters Wife!”

The young girl gritted her teeth and looked at her as if she was looking at a vixen.

Detestable! Why did this woman look like she had already won

“Hmm ... Thats true.” Ning Xiangrong actually nodded her head in a tolerant manner, but then she curled her lips and said, “The way you address me is wrong.”

Gu Siyin glared at her, not knowing what she was up to.

Ning Xiangrong looked at Liu Yuan and said with a faint smile, “Since hes your master, how can you call him Brother Junxuan You should be calling him teacher.”

She said this very slowly, and the true meaning could be seen in the details.

Gu Siyins HP -9999!

Liu Yuan seemed to see the girl receiving critical damage, and the string of damage output was as fierce as a tiger.

As expected, mortals could not defeat cultivators, and Core Formation powerhouses were terrifying...

Looking at the young girls expression, she became a crybaby again “Teacher... Junxuan...”

Her voice became lower and lower. It was unknown what sad thing she was thinking about, but she suddenly cried out, wiped her tears, and ran away.

The afternoon sun was bright and the leaves were rustling, making the place green.

Liu Yuan wanted to give chase, but he forced himself to stop.

Relationships were complex, and they came and went quickly. It was calmer than Liu Yuan had imagined, but it seemed like the prologue of a war had already begun between Ning Xiangrong, who had the absolute advantage, and Gu Siyin, who had run away.

Only Liu Yuan and Ning Xiangrong were left.

The long-lost reunion hug was interrupted by Gu Siyin, and the charming atmosphere also disappeared.

Liu Yuan sighed and looked straight ahead, “Its getting late, Im going to rest.”

Ning Xiangrong suddenly snorted, walked closer, and pointed at Liu Yuans forehead with her delicate finger. “How many girls hearts have you captured in the past three years Tell me clearly.”


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