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Archer in Ancient Times


Liu Yuan closed the door and turned around to look at his guest room.

“Phew...” He leaned against the door and touched his face in a daze. After a while, he let out a long breath.

Liu Yuan walked over and took off his sword. He sat down on a stool and laid his head on the table, looking exhausted.

“Damn it, on the first night of my transmigration, I had to coax others before I could figure out the situation. I was discovered in the middle of the night when I was sneaking around. On the second day, I was almost killed because of a moment of carelessness. I had to put on an act three times within a day. I also had to witness an Asura Arena.”

Liu Yuan rolled his eyes and poured himself a cup of tea. He took a few sips and finally recovered a little. He smacked his lips and said, “This is just the beginning. Im too busy as a transmigrator. Cant I just date and start a harem”

The corner of his mouth twitched. It was obvious... That was impossible.

Perhaps those characters he had conquered were looking for him like Ning Xiangrong. If he did not prepare first, he would be greeted by the most tragic Asura Arena in history. (Asura Arena is when love rivals fight each other over the love interest)

More than half of the forces in the entire central continent, be it Righteous path or Demonic path, had joined forces to hunt him down.

“This is so troublesome. Its more important to improve my strength as soon as possible. ”

Liu Yuan rolled onto the bed and did not forget to place his sword by his side to prevent any accidents.

He sat down cross-legged and began to check the items in the storage bag since it was still early.

As Water Moon Docks chief inner disciple, Yue Longzhang was naturally very rich. Liu Yuan had only taken a casual glance at him before and felt that he had made a fortune by accident.

There were three types of pills, a total of five bottles. There were two bottles for healing, two bottles for replenishing Qi, and ten pills in each bottle. There was also one Spiritual Altar Pill for breaking through to the Foundation Establishment stage, which was in a separate bottle. There were also some scattered spiritual medicines and materials.

“Well... I have all the red and blue potions. I can replenish my health and spiritual energy. We can start now.”

Liu Yuan looked over with his spiritual sense and was suddenly stunned. He took out a piece of warm jade. It was pure white and seemed to emit moonlight.

“Moon Mirror Jade!”

Liu Yuan would have laughed out loud if he was not afraid of alerting the people next door.

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This was one of the four materials needed to hatch the Golden Crow True Yang.

“I didnt expect to get it without any effort.” Liu Yuan put the jade back happily and flipped through it again, but he did not find anything else.

Because they were going on a long journey, Yue Longzhang definitely could not bring a lot of random things to occupy space, so there were not many resources in his storage bag.

Other than the pill ingredients, there was also a Water Moon Dock cultivation technique, a sword technique calledCrossing Karma Sword, and a long sword.

These were all the rewards that Yue Longzhang, this mini-boss, would give.

In comparison, the Mirror Moon Jade should be a random reward.

Liu Yuan took out the long sword and examined it for a while. He flicked it with his fingers, and the sonorous sound of the sword was particularly moving. “My luck is pretty good, the drop rate is amazing.”

It was a purple Flying Star Sword. It was definitely at the level of a European King.

“This way, we dont have to worry about the weapons for the time being.”

Satisfied, Liu Yuan put the Flying Star Sword back into his storage bag temporarily. This sword was more than enough for him to use from the Foundation Establishment stage to the Core Formation stage.

However, he still used the blank sword to avoid suspicion.

However, he would not be able to use this sword for long, because Liu Yuans main weapon in the game was not a sword, but a bow.

Yes, he was an archer.

Wow, I just suddenly realized that Im an archer. Im so good with the sword that I almost forgot.

Liu Yuan sighed with a blank expression.

Although Liu Yuan claimed to be a casual player, but ... To be able to conquer a 6-star NPC, he had to have the corresponding strength to win over a big shot of that level.

It was useless to rely on support.

Without strength, players could not even enter the map, let alone conquer any NPCs on it.

Liu Yuans personal level was at the top of the leaderboard, and his combat power was quite impressive.

Meanwhile, the reason he knew how to use a sword and had learned many sword skills was due to one of his epic weapons.

Sword in the box – Evil Heart.

This thing was very evil. It was clearly a sword, but it was classified as a bow. When Liu Yuan first got it, he was also dumbfounded.

Then, when he knew how to use it, he was even more dumbfounded. This sword was really a sword, but its attack method wassonic deathblow. Flicking the sword with his fingers, he used the sword as a bow, and he used thesword cry as an arrow.

The sound of iron and blood pierced through the enemys ears like a sharp arrow and went through the entire brain. The enemy was first disturbed and went crazy to kill each other. Then, their brains were shattered and they died.

Yes, this is a bow. Theres nothing wrong with it (thumbs-up).

This was one of the rumoredTen Great Evil Weapons, and it was one of Liu Yuans main weapons in his late-stage.

“Its quite nostalgic to think about it. This is a real divine weapon with high damage and a group attack. It comes with a long-range continuous debuff and also gave me a second combat profession, so I can be a swordsman. ”

Liu Yuan felt that it was a pity. This divine weapon was probably still in the Sky Treasure Pavilion and was treated as an ordinary sword of higher quality.

“Ill wait until Im a little stronger, at least at the Core Formation stage. Theres still some time before the instance dungeon plot starts. I can pick up some scraps.”

After recollecting his thoughts, Liu Yuan felt that he really needed to find a weapon that he could use.

He put down the storage bag. Other than the items he had mentioned earlier, there were also nearly 300 spirit stones. It was enough to make Liu Yuan rich overnight.

Here, we have to mention the currency settings in Shangyang.

There were four types of currency in the game: copper, silver, gold, and spirit stones.

Copper and silver could be obtained through quests, while gold could be obtained through in-game purchases or exchanged with the first two items.

The exchange rate was: 10000 copper = 100 silver = 1 gold. Just this point was enough to make the majority of poor players feel gratified.

As long as he could work hard, nothing was a problem!

High-grade spirit stones, on the other hand, had to be produced through specific mines and were not exchanged with ordinary currency. Therefore, in the later stages, they basically needed to develop their own territory and power.

300 spiritual stones was almost the monthly output of a first-class force.

Intuitively speaking, Yue Longzhang had probably taken out more than half of his savings, and no one knew what he was going to do.

Anyway, it all belonged to Liu Yuan now.

That was why... Killing and robbing were so tempting.

“Im feeling good now. Im going to cultivate. ”

Liu Yuan sighed. He took out one of the paintings that he had dug out from Xie Qian and hung it on his bed. He started to visualize according to theFive Elements Spell, First Act.

This was the advantage of a beginners cultivation technique... It would tell you everything.

The majestic mountains and rivers in the painting suddenly appeared in his mind, and the laws of Heaven and Earth contained in it came to mind. Liu Yuan seemed to understand it, but he was immersed in it for a while.

As he focused his mind and calmed his Qi, the flow of spiritual power in his body became more and more active.

The next day.

Liu Yuan woke up in his room. He had already broken through to the third level of the Qi Refinement stage.

“Ermm... I managed to draw in my Qi in one night, and now Ive broken through two levels in one night. The double exp scroll is quite nifty. ”

Liu Yuan put away the scroll. The effect of the experience scroll was not bad, but he realized that it was different from the game.

The scroll was not a one-use item.

Although the effect should decrease, it was much better than the one-time items in the game.

Liu Yuan stood up and stretched. The sound of his muscles and bones stretching made him feel that he might need to go for a blind massage.

Knock, knock.

Suddenly, someone knocked on the door and the voice of the villa guard came.

“Mr. Liu, the Villa Master would like to invite you to the front hall for a chat.”


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