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Thank You, Goodbye!

Whoosh! Whoosh!

As the water continued to rush at him, Liu Yuan had no choice but to raise his long sword to block in front of him. He used his spiritual energy and the sharpness of the sword to split the water waves into two.

This was probably just the aftermath...

As Liu Yuan resisted the turbulent undercurrent, he gradually developed a clear understanding of this.

Now, he only wanted to cry. He could not laugh at all.

If the thing suppressed below was really thousands of meters long, a slight movement would indeed be able to turn the entire cold pool upside down.

Damn, what kind of concept was a level 50 dungeon

He was a level 20 newbie. What did it mean for him to go into an instance dungeon and fight a boss alone

It was like lighting a lantern in the toilet... Looking for sh*t.

Liu Yuan swallowed his saliva and looked warily at the depths of the darkness. He subconsciously retreated slowly.

He was still in the initial stage. As long as he was not discovered, he could escape no matter what. This place was not far from the exit of the cold pool above. As long as he had some spare time, he could...

Suddenly, he felt a chill behind him.

It was hard ... As if he had hit something.

Liu Yuans expression froze.

The chains...

Im f*cked! Im f*cked! Im super f*cked!

In an instant, just as Liu Yuans face was extremely distorted as he turned around, the faint golden-red runes on the chain he touched all lit up!

It was like a burning flame that lit up in the darkness!

It also lit up Liu Yuans face, which looked like he had seen a ghost.

He watched in despair as the light on the chain seemed to have a chain reaction, extending downward at an extremely fast speed, and then the other chains also lit up.

It was burning.

One by one, the chains were all ignited, gradually lighting up the entire secret realm at the bottom of the cold pool.

The wild water flow calmed down.

The sound of the tide in the darkness gradually became clearer, like the breathing of something, heavy and grand.

Liu Yuan froze on the spot, not daring to move at all.

He felt... That something was staring at him.

As if in response to this premonition, the chains around him creaked, and the sound of metal breaking rang out.

In the darkness, a pair of yellow vertical pupils that were as large as gas lamps suddenly opened.

It raised its head and looked at Liu Yuan.

Under the rapid beating of the water, the head and body were slowly revealed. The giant creature that twisted and occupied the entire bottom of the cold pool was covered in reef-like scales. The deep and dark shadows spread out and flowed like tentacles, constantly wriggling like shapeless chaos, swallowing all the light, making the bottom of the pool like a different world.

Some of the chains went through its body, firmly nailing it in the pool, while others tied up its joints in a mess, making it unable to move.

Liu Yuan also saw that beneath it was a complicated and huge ancient formation carved on the stone wall.

However, some of the chains had already been broken, and the metal parts were slowly drifting down in the water. A part of the formation had been corroded after an unknown amount of time.

And a portion of its strength had recovered because of the Blood Qi that Liu Yuan had brought in.

A portion, followed by another, followed by another.

They formed an Immemorial Demon Dragon that was about to break free.


Liu Yuan cursed in his heart.

He finally recalled that this instance dungeon was calledSnake in a Cup, and the allusion to it was naturally the shadow of a snake in a cup.

The cold pool was the cup, the Demon Dragon was the snake... And it is related to the entire Demon Realm.

According to the official spoilers, the main factions of the players in the later stages would no longer be sects, but three major factions, corresponding to the Three Realms of Shangyang.

Unfortunately, the maps of the other two worlds were not open until Liu Yuan transmigrated. There were only some clues.

And this instance was a miniature version of the Demon Realms invasion into the Human Realm.

The only information he knew was that this Demon Dragon had been sealed here in ancient times. After a long time, the seal had loosened, and with the stimulation of Blood Qi, the Demon Dragon had reappeared in the world.

Liu Yuans tears were about to fall.

Im so stupid, really. I only knew that there was a fortuitous encounter in the Jiuyuan mountain range, but I didnt know that there was such a big pit in the fortuitous encounter.

He raised his sword and was determined to fight to the death. He stared at the Demon Dragon.

After a long while.

The man and the Dragon did not move.


Does this boss also need to be loaded to enter the dungeon Brother, your loading time is a little long.

Liu Yuans expression went from ferocious to expressionless, and he even started to complain... Five minutes had passed.

The Demon Dragon maintained his scrutinizing and invasive gaze. It opened its mouth and said in an old and hoarse voice, “Mortal, you are very strange.”

Umm... Somethings wrong. Its not fighting

Liu Yuan tidied up his flustered emotions, calmed his heart, and looked at the Demon Dragon. The shackles on the Demon Dragons body were still there. They had not been completely released. In fact, they were still very firm. He immediately heaved a sigh of relief.

“Damn, it was a false alarm!”

Liu Yuans hands and feet were weak. He thought that it was probably because he did not have enough Blood Qi to let it out completely, so it wanted to urge him to let it out.

“I know Im very strange, and strangely handsome. Thank you. Goodbye!

Liu Yuan was so nervous that he even blurted out obscenities as he sneered at the Demon Dragon.

He did not want to listen to it anymore, so he immediately turned around and ran. With a bunch of running skills, he could not run so fast.

He really wanted to kill those monkeys now!

The Demon Dragons old voice sounded behind him again, ” “Youre from another world, arent you”

Liu Yuan stopped in his tracks and restrained himself from turning around. He denied, “No! Im a native of Shangyang!”

“Do you want power”

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Liu Yuan, “F*ck power! I just want to get out. Im telling you, Ive already known your trick. A dialog box will pop up and youll die immediately after you clickconfirm! Do you think Im an idiot!”

This was the interesting part about Shangyang. Even their battles did not follow common sense.

Dialog boxes that kill people, have you seen that before

This fellow was very good at confusing peoples hearts. As long as you ignored it, you would be fine.

“Have you seen the desires in your heart Money, power, fame, these are not what you want. What you like is to control peoples hearts, love, hate... You want to master the seven emotions and six desires. You enjoy love, like a blind man longing for light, because... You dont have any.”

Liu Yuan kept his mouth shut and continued swimming upwards.

The sky was getting closer and closer.

“Its fine.” The Demon Dragons voice behind him had a mysterious and deep smile. “Youll come back ...”


Liu Yuan broke out of the water, wiped his face, and cursed a few times. He slowly picked up his clothes and walked to the shore. The surroundings were quiet.

The last words of the Demon Dragon seemed to still echo in his ears.

“Dont tell me this is fat!”

“I dont f*cking believe you!”

Liu Yuan pulled out the Flying Star sword and slashed behind him fiercely.


As the Sword Qi swept past, a series of waves splashed on the surface of the water, and then it returned to calm.

Liu Yuans chest heaved up and down. His eyes were red, and the hand that was holding the sword kept trembling. Because he had used too much force, even the web between his thumb and forefinger was torn, and blood was dripping.

“Phew... No, somethings not right. I shouldnt be so violent. Its trying to influence me... As expected of a level 50 boss, huh” Liu Yuan calmed down and muttered.


He sheathed his sword, took a deep breath, and turned to leave.

In the deep cold pond, a trace of blood spread out and gradually sank.


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