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Card Carry Bonus

“Im not marrying him. How could they do this...”

Gu Siyin sobbed softly as she hugged Liu Yuan tightly. She randomly talked about things that made her feel aggrieved and sad recently, and she even apologized a few times.

Liu Yuan only patted her back and said some good things like he was coaxing a child. When the girl gradually lost her voice and fell asleep, he could guess the current progress of the plot from her words.

Chiyu Villa was a newbie village in Shangyang, and the first part of the game was an old plot that players jokingly calledChiyu Villa breaking off the engagement.

Gu Siyin was the youngest daughter of the manor master, Gu Feidao, who doted on her the most. Gu Siyin heard that she had a pre-arranged marriage partner when she was still a child. The partner was the former genius of the Xue family, Xue Yan, who had turned into a good-for-nothing.

Originally, because Xue Yans Dantian had been destroyed by the Xue clans enemy, turning from a martial arts genius to a cripple, the engagement was almost void. However, Xue Yan recently became a disciple of the Immortal cultivation sect Water Moon Dock and came to propose marriage again.

To Chiyu Villa, which was only a small power in the pugilistic world, if they refused, it would undoubtedly be a huge pressure. However, Gu Siyin, who had been pampered since young, did not want to marry him and insisted on breaking off the engagement.

With this as an opportunity, a series of events were drawn out, and the secret that had been hidden in the villa for a thousand years was revealed again...

The players initial character setting was a cultivator who had lost his cultivation due to injury, and he had to hide his identity and temporarily live in Chiyu Villa.

While he was recovering his strength (actually, he was just killing some innocent chickens, ducks, and dogs to level up and going through a beginners tutorial), he was also interacting enthusiastically with the people in the villa (NPC interaction and familiarizing himself with the game interface functions). Then, after going through many things, he finally accepted theinformation gathering quest that Gu Siyin had given him.

That was also the beginning of the main questChachi Qiyu in chapter D.

“The quest should have just started not long ago. The Xue family and Water Moon Dock will definitely fight. Theres also the demon sect thats secretly supporting Water Moon Dock... What a headache. In the game, players at least have their own skills, and they can just rush over and complete the quest. Right now, I only have one favorability point...”

After the initial excitement had passed, his brain had also cooled down. In fact, after thinking about it carefully, he might as well have brought the combat system over. At least it was safer. Now that he was poor, what was the use of having so many cards with maximum favorability but not seeing them

The corner of Liu Yuans mouth twitched, and he let out a long sigh. Who had caused this transmigration

He looked down and saw that he was still wearing the t-shirt and pants he wore before he went to bed. He could only raise his middle finger to the sky to show his respect.

Looking at his own clothes, Liu Yuans expression became a little strange. The t-shirt was printed with the cartoon version of You Su. The three-headed body of the Path Master of the Sea Slashing Tower looked extremely cute, without the original demonic and cold feeling.

This was the original Shangyang merchandise. Back then, it was a lucky draw for the beta players. Liu Yuan had a lot of in-game money, so he won a t-shirt and a clay figurine after three tries. He thought that the material of the clothes was quite comfortable, so he used them as pajamas.

Fortunately, this world probably did not have such an art style yet, so the chances of being recognized were still relatively small...

Otherwise, if he dared to imprint such a godly character on his clothes, who knew what kind of storm he would cause

Liu Yuans eyelids kept twitching. He felt that he should quickly find some normal clothes to change into, or at least cover himself up.

He carefully placed the girl in his arms on the bed at the side. When he took the blanket, he saw the thick wedding dress on Gu Siyin, and he was stunned. She would catch a cold if she slept in clothes...

Why dont I take it off

As his thoughts flashed by, Liu Yuans gaze returned to the young girls chubby face. He thought about the bestiary and one of the achievements for this character:Canary. She does look very cute, just like a canary.

Just as he was thinking about this, a semi-transparent virtual screen suddenly appeared in front of Liu Yuans eyes. It was the games illustrated page, and the character card pages and achievement pages were all vivid in his mind.

He was shocked, but then he felt relieved.

“So I can still access the illustrated handbook in the System...”

Liu Yuan mumbled. He should be able to check his characters status through the guide.

Liu Yuan took a look and realized that the other characters were all in gray and could not be checked. Only Gu Siyins was lit up.

Just as he was thinking about this, Gu Siyins character interface opened.

[Character: Gu Siyin (3-star)]

[Gender: Female]

[Title: Bright moon is not afraid, golden beauty]

[Level: Mortal, Meridian opening stage level 7]

[Status: Tired/normal]

[Attribute interface (click to view)]

[Card carry bonus: Movement 5,strength 5 (carry or not: yes/no)]

“Card carry bonus!” Liu Yuan exclaimed as he saw these few words.

As the person most familiar with the strategy and card collection system in the game, he was also very clear about the function of the illustrated card.

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This function existed in the original Shangyang. It was considered a benefit for the collectors, but the added attributes were usually not much. Moreover, they could only carry ten cards at a time, which was quite useless.

“It seems like its controlled by thought.”

Liu Yuan took a glance and opened up Gu Siyins attributes interface. The row expanded instantly. At the top was a five-dimensional map and related derived data, and at the bottom was the equipment and skills column.

[Constitution: 8]

[Affinity: 12]

[Strength: 10]

[Movement: 10]

[Spiritual power: 5]

Among the five basic attributes, Constitution could increase HP, while affinity was related to mana bar or mana limit and recovery speed. Spiritual power could increase magic attack, strength could increase physical attack, while movement could increase dodge and critical hit.

Points added to these attributes would have the following effects:

1 constitution = 10 HP, 1 affinity = 10 mana, 1 strength = 2 physical attack power, 1 movement = 3 critical hit 1 dodge. The success rate of critical hit and dodge depended on the size of the data between the two sides. 1 spiritual power = 4 magic attack 0.08 HP recovery rate 0.1 mana recovery rate.

Basically, Gu Siyins attributes were equivalent to a player of around level 5 or 6. She was as basic as basic could be. It was easy to see why she was an NPC from the novice village.

The equipment was basically green grade novice equipment, and only theFlowing Cloud Hidden Blade was blue grade, which seemed to be barely passable.

However, the wedding dress that Water Moon Dock had sent over was of purple quality. However, it was in the fashion column and was not in the category of equipment, so it did not provide any attribute bonuses.

There was nothing he could do about it. After all, no matter how good a mortals martial arts were in this Xianxia world, it was useless. In this novice village, of course, their equipment could not be very good ...

The skills column was also filled with martial arts moves. Liu Yuan took a look and closed the attribute panel.

His gaze returned to the card carry bonus.

Since he had already transmigrated into the game, what would the bonus attributes be like


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