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Beginners Cultivation Technique and Transmigration Benefits

Liu Yuan spread out his hands. This lady boss was really as proud as the one in the game.

“Whats with that expression” Fu Huan crossed her arms in front of her chest and took two steps forward. She gritted her teeth and her face turned red. She was very dissatisfied with Liu YuansIve seen through you look. If she had not picked him up, he might already be in the beasts stomach. Now that he had just recovered from his serious injuries, he ran out again.

“Why dont you tell me where youre planning to sneakily run off to”

“I cant sleep, so Ill go out for a walk...” Liu Yuan replied casually. His gaze and mind were not on what she said, but on her chest, which was lifted up by her elbow. Because the dress was waist-tight and the waist was really thin, the curve could even be said to be a little exaggerated.

In addition, he had caught a glimpse of her slender and beautiful legs. He did not feel anything in the game, but her figure was actually not bad... No, it was already very good.

Liu Yuan even regretted not maxing out her favorability.

At 60 percent favorability, it wasGrowing old together, and 100 percent favorability, it wasUndying love. There was a huge difference between these two. Moreover, they did not use the traditional method of starting a conquering quest line, but a battle. In this way, no matter how high the favorability increased, it was only afriendship line, not alove line.

Liu Yuan put away the regret in his heart. After all, he still had a few pages full of characters with high favorability points, and he did not need to have this lady boss. Its fine if they just stay friends.

He said, “Its not a big deal anyway... Its late at night, so its understandable if youre in a bad mood and go out for a walk. Anyway, Im back safe and sound now, so you dont have to guard at the courtyard door like this.”

“W-whos guarding the door You make it sound like Ive been waiting for you,” Fu Huan snorted softly.

Although she said that, she was indeed relieved.

Liu Yuan almost laughed out loud at the lady bosss affable and tsundere reaction. On the surface, he sighed, ” “Yes, yes, yes, youre just carrying out your duty.”

“This is more like it.” Fu Huan was finally satisfied. Liu Yuan planned to go back to his room, but just as he walked out of the shadows and into the light of the lantern, Fu Huan frowned and said, ” “Your clothes... Why havent you changed into the one I prepared for you”

Liu Yuan thought to himself,Did she prepare a newbie outfit for me

However, it was fine. He was just about to cover up his eye-catching clothes anyway.

“Um... These are pajamas.” He looked at theChibi version of You Su he was wearing and explained, ” Ill change it tomorrow.”

After fooling Fu Huan, Liu Yuan asked her why things had not been peaceful recently. He found out that it was indeed because of the Xue familys marriage proposal and pressure from Water Moon Dock. Her reaction was the same as Gu Siyins, so Liu Yuan had an idea.

After the short conversation ended, Fu Huans back gradually disappeared into the darkness.

Liu Yuan came back to his senses and found the guest room where the player was born based on his memory.

It was a simple but clean one-person room. The moonlight was dim and illuminated the room through the paper window. There was a bed, a set of tables and chairs, a few shelves for miscellaneous items, and on the table were teapots and teacups. There was also an oil lamp and a used fire starter beside it.

Liu Yuan could still vaguely remember the interactive plot here, so he knew that it was a fire starter. However, it was not easy to use it. He tried a few times but failed. He had no choice but to give up and choose to explore in the dark.

In addition to towels, washbasins, and other toiletries, there was also a set of black mens clothes on the shelf. It was indeed the novice suit he remembered.

Liu Yuan took it off and tried to put it on. It looked like a scholars robe, but it was still in the category of casual clothes, so it was not difficult to wear.

Liu Yuan rolled up his wide sleeves curiously. It was his first time wearing clothes from ancient times. He had only seen them in the performances of the Chinese Clothing Club in high school.

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He rolled up his sleeves and looked around. Other than the sword hanging on the bedside, his biggest gain was a book under the blanket. It was titledFive Elements Spell, First Act.

“Hehe, its a good thing that the beginners cultivation technique is still here. Otherwise, Id have to be thick-skinned and ask Siyin or Fu Huan for one.”

Liu Yuan heaved a sigh of relief and sat down on the bed. He smiled as if a heavy burden had been lifted off his shoulders. He shook the book, and the sound of the pages rustling sounded really pleasant.

He touched the cover of the book. Fortunately, the beginner-level cultivation technique that came with his identity as a player was still there. Otherwise, he was afraid that other cultivation techniques would not be as practical as this one, and the content would not be as broad and detailed.

Not only was it a basic cultivation technique, but it was also the most detailed guide for beginners, containing all kinds of useful miscellaneous knowledge.

Apart from that, there was a period of time when players held this newbie cultivation method up to the altar for some reason. It was said that there was a huge secret hidden in it.

However, Liu Yuan did not pay much attention to it at that time.

However, no matter what, to the poor Liu Yuan, this cultivation technique was better than all the powerful cultivation techniques in the world.

Because he could not get those things now.

No matter what cultivation technique it was, it was a good cultivation technique if it could be cultivated!

He could not wait to flip open the book. With a nervous heart, he saw the prologue on the title page and the qualification assessment method written on the first page. He thought to himself that it was exactly the same as the one in the game.

It was very strange. When Liu Yuan saw these words, he instinctively knew what to do without even thinking.

“Its probably... A transmigration benefit”

Liu Yuan scratched his head. After all, he had transmigrated. What was impossible

He tried to test his cultivation aptitude, and unsurprisingly, it was balanced among the five elements... The playersinitial talent was balanced among the five elements.

The player would play an Immortal cultivator character recovering from his injuries in Chiyu Villa with heavy injuries. Only after the newbie event ended would the playerreturn to the mountain gate and activate the skill tree.

In fact, it was time for players to choose their sects and later develop their base.

In the game world of Shangyang, the whole world was calledShangyang. It was divided into three realms: the Human Realm, the Heavenly Realm, and the Demon Realm. The Human Realm alone was divided into five continents and eight seas. The other maps were naturally quite large, and he had not explored all of them before he transmigrated.

Of course, these would only be exposed in the later stages of the plot.

The current Liu Yuan still had to take a trip to the novice village with peace of mind. Chiyu Villa was still only a small southeast corner of the Central Continent, where there was a battle of wits and courage between a group of mortals and low-level Immortal cultivators.

“Theres no use thinking so much... The most important thing now is to try to cultivate! I need to quickly have the ability to protect myself.”

Therefore, Liu Yuan spent the rest of the night in high spirits to carry out the first stage of cultivation, which wasGuiding Qi through meditation. He also quickly entered that mysterious state, waiting for the invisible spiritual Qi to flow quietly and fill his meridians that were like tree branches under his inner vision.


Fu Huan was sitting on a branch of a tree outside the window, holding her chin in boredom. She saw that the light in the room had not been turned on for a long time. She felt the fluctuations of breathing gradually stabilize, and she withdrew her gaze from the door.

“Hmph, this kid came out of the Gu clans Young Misss room. Did he think I didnt know” Fu Huan muttered in a low voice. She crossed her long legs, put her hands behind her head, and leaned against the tree trunk.

She then recalled the scene of Liu Yuan asking about the recent situation in the villa.

He said it like he did not care, but he actually heard about Xue Yans marriage proposal from Gu Siyin and was anxious to confirm it, right

“Alas, so what if hes skilled in martial arts How can he defeat those Immortal cultivators I only hope that he wont do anything stupid...” Fu Huan mumbled as she looked down at her legs. She could not help but curl up, pulling her skirt and hugging her knees.

She did all this subconsciously. By the time she reacted, her face was red.

Liu Yuan has seen her legs, which were such a private part of a womans body! He should be responsible for her innocence. However, she was Liu Yuans friend, and even if Gu Siyin really married someone else, Liu Yuan would never marry her...

“No, why should I be worried about this”

The guest elder of the villa shook her head, a trace of confusion appearing on her face.

If Liu Yuan was here, he would see that the progress bar had risen from 60% to 69%. It was just a little bit away fromUndying love.


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