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Ill Carry It! Ill Carry Them All!

Chiyu Villa.

In the main hall of the pavilion.

The Lord of Chiyu Villa, Gu Feidao, sat at the head of the table with his hands on the armrests. He looked to be an old man in his sixties, wearing a dark blue robe with a brocade crane cloak. His face was already wrinkled and his hair was white, but the rest of his hair was black. His eyes were indifferent and deep, giving off an imposing aura.

He had a daughter when he was older in age, so he looked more like Gu Siyins grandfather than her father.

Sitting below Gu Feidao were three people dressed in the same moon-colored robe. There were light blue dark patterns on their robes, which seemed to shimmer under the light.

It was the Water Moon Dock disciples robe.

The young man sitting in the first seat was handsome. He fanned himself with a jade and gold folding fan, looking like a young master from an aristocratic family. However, his expression was cold, and his gaze was arrogant, making him seem a little mean. He was a Foundation Establishment disciple sent by the Water Moon Dock, Yue Longzhang.

The second one was a little younger, a teenager called Ma Shu. He had a round face and round eyes, which made him look very likable. His eyes looked left and right, but often felt embarrassed when others looked at him. He was a little shy, and his cultivation was only at the Qi Refinement stage.

The person at the back was wearing a veiled hat and a white veil that covered his face. People could not see this person clearly, and his figure was also blurred for some reason. This person was very mysterious, and could not even be distinguished by gender.

In fact, the people in the villa were also puzzled. The Water Moon Dock said that there were two disciples, but when they arrived, there was one more... However, how could the people in the villa dare to ask about this kind of thing

Gu Siyin, who had been crying in Liu Yuans arms for half the night, was sitting on the armchair to the right of Gu Feidao. She lowered her head and took a small sip of tea. Her eyes were lowered and she did not say anything. Her cheeks were puffed up, and she was very dissatisfied.

Because of her petite figure, when she sat on the wide chair, her two small feet, which were wearing cotton embroidered shoes, hung in the air. Most of them were covered by the skirt, making her look even more exquisite and lovely.

The hall was silent, with only the slight sound of the maidservants placing the teacups.

It was ridiculous. They were clearly discussing Xue Yan and Gu Siyins marriage, but Xue Yan was not in the hall. Instead, he was called to wait outside because he was not qualified.

Gu Feidao and Yue Longzhang, the leader of the group, had been chatting for a while.

Gu Feidao said after the matter was almost settled, “Today is the official day to discuss the wedding date. I was in a hurry the day before yesterday and didnt treat the three envoys well. This old man will first replace wine with tea as a punishment.”

Even though the guest sitting in the hall was an Immortal cultivator, Gu Feidaos expression did not change much. He said indifferently and raised the teacup beside him to drink it in one go.


Yue Longzhang closed his fan, picked up his teacup, and smiled. “Its nothing, its nothing. Villa Master Gu is too polite. Although we are all cultivators, we have long heard of the name of theMarquis of Ding An. The name Chiyu Villa is even more well-known in the territory of the Jiang Kingdom. We are only juniors, how can we let you punish yourself”

His words were clearly praising but actually criticizing. It was eccentric and said to be respectful, but there was no need to be respectful. It made the people in the villa frown.

However, Gu Feidao only said, “Youre too kind.”

Yue Longzhang gently sipped his tea and looked at the floating tea leaves and steam in the water. He could feel the angry gazes around him, but he did not dare to say anything. However, Gu Feidao, who was sitting at the head of the table, did not move at all. He sneered in his heart.

What Jianghu magnate This guy was just a mortal. He seemed to be extremely powerful, but in reality, he was strong on the outside but weak on the inside.

He had thought that this so-calledMarquis of Ding An was rumored to be the most likely to reach the Nascent Soul stage through True Martial Arts and would be different. He did not expect that he would be afraid of the Immortal cultivation sects.

If it was not for the sects mission, why would he, the dignified chief disciple of the Water Moon Docks inner sect, come to this mortal place Even the tea was barren and crude to the extreme, like chewing wax, without any spiritual energy to speak of!

Forget it, as long as Xue Yan successfully enters the inner circle of Chiyu Villa, it would be a victory, and they would be considered to have successfully retreated.

It was such a pity for that little beauty...

Yue Longzhangs gaze fell on Gu Siyin. Even among Immortal cultivators, she was a rare beauty. It would be a waste to let Xue Yan have her.

Gu Siyin noticed his gaze. She raised her head and glared at Yue Longzhang under the cover of her teacup.

Yue Longzhangs eyes flashed with a hint of gloominess, but he still chuckled and said, “Miss Gu, I wonder if the wedding dress fits”

It would have been fine if he did not ask, but the moment he did, Gu Siyin, who had been silent for a long time, suddenly remembered that she had cried the entire night in her wedding dress and that brother Jun Xuan had comforted her. The grievances in her heart suddenly exploded.

She slammed the teacup down and jumped down from the chair, pouting. “It doesnt fit! Its ugly! So ugly! What kind of Immortal cultivation sect are you even the clothes you prepared are so ugly. I dont want to wear this kind of thing to get married! Im not getting married!”

Her sudden outburst left the people in the hall unable to react in time.

Housekeeper He Rens expression changed and he took the lead to stand behind Gu Siyin. He stared at the three Water Moon Dock disciples and was ready to protect her at any time.

Yue Longzhangs face turned stiff, and he stood up as well. With a dark face, he said in a deep voice, “This is the wedding dress that our Water Moon Dock has specially chosen to form a good relationship with you. Its a fine product made from spirit silk and can be considered a generous gift even in the cultivation world. Can the Chiyu Villa not tell good from bad!”

He looked at Gu Feidao and said sternly, “Villa Master Gu, you can choose not to respect our Water Moon Dock, but we can also choose not to respect Chiyu Villa. It seems that you dont want to maintain a good relationship anymore. I advise you to think carefully about the consequences of making an enemy of our Water Moon Dock!”

Yue Longzhangs expression was cold and unfeeling. The fan in his hand opened with a swoosh, and the fan ribs were actually like thin swords, flickering with a cold blue light. The Qi of a Foundation Establishment cultivator was released, causing all the maids who did not know martial arts to be so frightened that they fell to the ground.

Ma Shu was shocked. He stood up and advised carefully, “Senior Brother, please calm down. Maybe Miss Gu doesnt like the style of clothing, thats all…”

As for the man in the curtained hat, he was as calm as a mountain. He sat by himself and took another sip of tea.

The atmosphere in the hall was tense, but everyone knew that even if Gu Siyin lost her temper, this was already a matter of course.

However, the more she lost her temper, the more the three from Water Moon Dock would not be kind.

Why bother...

He Ren smiled bitterly and his eyes became determined. No matter what, he had to protect the Young Miss.

Yue Longzhang flicked his sleeves and broke free from Ma Shu, coldly snorting, “Villa Master Gu, what do you think”

Gu Feidao sighed, stood up, and said, “Emissary, please understand...”

These words undoubtedly showed their weakness. Yue Longzhangs expression softened, and the corners of his mouth curled up into a sneer. On the other hand, the people in the villa had faces full of grievance and hatred.

Tears were about to fall from Gu Siyins eyes, but Gu Feidaos tone suddenly changed. His old eyes seemed to burst out with a terrifying cold light as he shouted, “Its not that Chiyu Villa doesnt know whats good for them, its that Water Moon Dock is going too far!”


Enveloped by this aura, Yue Longzhang subconsciously took a step back. His face stiffened, and he was both shocked and angry.

“Ive endured it again and again, but thats not a reason for you to push your luck!” Gu Feidao looked down from above, like a sleeping lion opening its eyes. “I may be old, but Ive killed a Core Formation stage cultivator a few years ago. Even the elders of the Water Moon Dock have to show some respect to me. Youre just a Foundation Establishment stage junior, but youre acting like a tyrant in front of me. Who gave you the guts to do this!”

“Impudent! Mere mortals, mere mortals!” Yue Longzhang was so angry that his lungs were about to explode. Flustered and exasperated, he gathered his spiritual power and slammed the table. The table exploded with a bang, and the air waves rolled, forcing everyone to take half a step back.

Gu Feidao flicked out a wave of internal energy to protect Gu Siyin, but the remaining spiritual energy shattered the teacup on the table. With a bang, the white porcelain broke into pieces and splattered.

“Ah!” Gu Siyin was very close to him. Although she was protected, she still closed her eyes subconsciously and cried out in fear.

Liu Yuan thought that he was just here to take a look and ran to a place not far from the entrance of the hall.

There were not many guards at the entrance, because the people gathered in the hall were already the most powerful people in the whole villa.

Gu Feidao, theMarquis of Ding An, who once fought against Core Formation stage Immortal cultivators when he was young, was standing in an imposing manner. Housekeeper He Ren, who was the leader of the villas assassination organization, was standing behind Gu Feidao. Two Foundation Establishment stage disciples of the Water Moon Dock were behind facing them.

It would be strange if these people needed mortals to guard them.

Maybe I can take a closer look... Liu Yuan thought to himself and looked around. He then crouched in the grass and carefully pushed the grass aside, trying to imitate the characters inAssassins Creed and perform an exciting stealth operation.

As it turned out... He had really f*cking succeeded!

He did not know if it was because of Liu Yuans 5 movement attribute or because the guards were too weak, but he successfully sneaked out of the window on the side of the hall.

Liu Yuan leaned against the wall and eavesdropped. The plot here was a short interlude animation in the game.

The wedding date was set to be a month later. Generally speaking, apart from sparring with each other, it was very ordinary. There should not be any big issues...


The sound of a cup hitting the table came from the hall, followed by a young girls delicate shout. ” Im not going to get married!”

Liu Yuan was stunned. Before he could react, he heard a few loud questions and a strong rebuttal. Everything happened so fast that it was beyond his expectations.

Bang! The sound of someone slamming the table rang out.

Liu Yuans face changed when he saw the windows and walls shaking.

It was wrong! This was different from the game... What was going on

According to logic, the entire exchange was quite mild and casual!

Why did they look like they were fighting

While Liu Yuan was trying his best to calm himself down, the hall had obviously fallen into chaos and tension. There was a constant sound of banging and people shouting.

At this moment, Liu Yuan could actually recognize Gu Siyins soft kitten-like voice.

“Ah!” She was screaming in panic.

Liu Yuans pupils shrank, and he subconsciously put his hand on the window. “Si Yin!”

The moment he spoke, he knew that something was wrong. In the hall, Yue Longzhangs face was extremely ugly, and the veins on his forehead were bulging. Hearing the sound, he suddenly turned to look at the window on the side, his eyes fierce and cold. He shouted, “Who is it”


At the same time, he suddenly flicked his sleeve and another blast of spirit Qi blasted out. It hit the wall, and the wall and the window were shattered.

The dust and wood scattered, revealing Liu Yuans figure.

Cold sweat dripped down Liu Yuans forehead as he heaved a sigh of relief. If he had not taken a few steps back, he would have been seriously injured by the spiritual power.

F*ck, thank God Im smart...

Then, he raised his head and saw a big hole in the wall. Everyone in the hall was looking at him.

Dozens of pairs of eyes stared at him.

In fact, it was a little quiet.

At this moment, Liu Yuan saw Gu Siyins teary but happy little face, the stern old mans gaze, and the handsome young mans hand seals. A cold light flashed in his eyes, revealing anger and murderous intent.

Yue Longzhang!

Liu Yuan recognized this NPC. He was the chief disciple of Water Moon Dock and was considered to be a mini-boss in the newbie plot of the game.

Yue Longzhangs eyes flickered, and he swept his spiritual sense over. Immediately, he knew that the young man eavesdropping outside the door was just a mortal... A mortal Mortal!

He immediately sneered and said, “Good, good, good! I cant believe theres such a sneaky person in Chiyu Villa! Die!”

Yue Longzhangs hand seals had already been completed, and with a snap of his fingers, a sword light shot out.

Everything happened too quickly. The sharp sword light cut through the air, making an ear-piercing sound as it attacked Liu Yuan with lightning speed!

The sword light in Liu Yuans eyes magnified infinitely, but he could only freeze on the spot. His hands and feet were cold.

With his current attributes, how could he win And to the people in the villa, he was just a stranger who was staying there. It was impossible for them to help him, not to mention that he had been discovered eavesdropping!

It was a dead end...

Liu Yuan even felt a sense of despair. The sword light was piercingly cold, and the aura of death was infinitely approaching. He clenched his fists tightly, full of unwillingness. Was he going to die here

However, at this moment, everyone heard a delicate cry from the chaos!

“You ... Its you!”

Liu Yuan turned his head in the direction of the voice.

At this critical moment, the woman in the curtained hat suddenly stood up, lifted half of the white veil, and exclaimed in an excited tone.

In that instant, everyone saw the stunning beauty under the white veil, like a flower in the mirror or the moon in the water. However, Liu Yuan saw a bright pink progress bar on top of her head!

A progress bar

Liu Yuan was stunned for a moment. Then, he was ecstatic that he had found a way out of deaths door. He could not help but shout in his heart.

Goddmanit! Open the illustrated handbook page for me!

In an instant, the transparent panel opened up in front of him. Among the gray cards, the second character card besides Gu Siyins lit up!

[Character: Ning Xiangrong (4-star)]

[Gender: Female]

[Title: Flower in the Water Moon Mirror, a golden millet dream in the world of mortals]

[Level: Immortal path, Core Formation stage level two]

[Status: Normal]

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[Attribute interface (click to view)]


[Constitution: 128]

[Affinity: 90]

[Strength: 112]

[Movement: 134]

[Spiritual power: 322]

[Card carry bonus: Affinity (5) 45, spiritual power (5) 161, movement (5) 67. Carry or not: (yes/no)]

The sword light was already very close to him, and Liu Yuan shouted in a panic, “Yes! Ill f*cking carry it!”

The card instantly turned into countless golden light spots, dozens of times more than Gu Siyins. It was extremely dazzling and integrated into Liu Yuans body!


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