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Eat Sh*t!

Spiritual power!

Although Yue Longzhangs mind was filled with anger, when he saw the sword covered in spiritual power, his pupils shrank and he was shocked.

The other party was an Immortal cultivator, but he had not sensed any spiritual energy fluctuations at the beginning.

What did this mean

The other partys cultivation must be much higher than his, or he must have an extremely brilliant concealment technique!

This was the only way he could hide his cultivation to the point where he would think that the other party was a completely ordinary person. But now, he had revealed the aura of the Foundation Establishment stage!

And the way he had dodged his attack so easily...

Since when did Chiyu Villa house a cultivator at the peak of the Foundation Establishment stage

Could it be that other than Water Moon Dock, there were other sects that had discovered the secret of this place and wanted to take a share

Yue Longzhangs thoughts were spinning quickly, and his eyes were fixed on Liu Yuan. From the corner of his eye, he saw that Ning Xiangrong was only looking at Liu Yuan, and nothing else.

The Water Moon Docks chief disciple, who had just calmed down a little, was immediately filled with anger.

No matter what... He had to kill this guy today!

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The folding fan in Yue Longzhangs hand flickered with a dark light, just like his eyes.

He closed in on Liu Yuan in an instant, and the fan blade slashed down, leaving a blue ray of light. In an instant, it was like a cloud or mist, and it surrounded Liu Yuan. Within it, there was a cold light.

“Broken Soul on Waters Cloud!”

Liu Yuan immediately recognized the sound and light effects. It was the first skill of the NPC Yue Longzhang in the game.

He had already recalled the other partys information from his memory.

This miniboss-level NPC was best at using poison and hidden weapons.

There were three skills in total.

Broken Soul on Waters Cloud was a close combat skill.

Divine Sword of Clear Water was a long-range weapon.

Azure Cloud Strike was an AoE attack.

Broken Soul on Waters Cloud had the strongest attack power, the Divine Sword of Clear Water was the hardest to dodge, and Azure Cloud Strike had a poison debuff, causing him to continuously lose HP and be in a weakened state.

All in all, Yue Longzhang could be considered a relatively difficult boss to deal with during the novice stage.

However, that was only relative to the time when he was a newbie.

Although Liu Yuan was a casual player, he had cleared the novice villages dungeons countless times to complete some material-gathering quests. He was extremely familiar with Yue Longzhangs routine.

Broken Soul on Waters Cloud was mainly a blue mist as a shield, blocking the players vision. The countless needles within it instantly attacked, giving players no time to react at all.

The physical damage of the Cold Shadow Fan could not be underestimated. Under the attack, even a level 9 Foundation Establishment cultivator was in a difficult position.

However, the most difficult part was that once he used Broken Soul, he would immediately follow up with the Divine Sword of Clear Water. His attack speed was extremely fast, and most novices would die here before they could even see the AoE attack.

It was tragic.

Liu Yuan chuckled in his heart. But today, the one who wrote the wordtragic could only be Yue Longzhang!


Liu Yuan raised his sword and strode forward without dodging. His eyes fell on the sword. The sword in his hand was the most ordinary standard long sword made of fine iron, the same model that the guards in the villa often used.

However, with the support of spiritual power, its material was comparable to the hardest steel in the mortal world.

Although it could not be compared with Immortal weapons, magic weapons, or spirit weapons, at least it would not be easily broken. Otherwise, when those Immortal cultivators fought, they would use up a basket of scrap iron each time.

It could be said to be a product of a true blacksmith.

“Ill see how you can dodge this!” Yue Longzhang flipped his fan and sneered as he suddenly blew the mist in front of Liu Yuan.

The blue mist was close at hand, and the poisonous needle was ready to strike. It flickered under the cover of the mist, making people feel fear.

Liu Yuan seemed to be smiling and said sarcastically, “Dodge Why would I dodge Is there a need to hide from your soft embroidery needles”

Usually, he was not a mean person, and could even be said to have a very good temper. However, once he got angry, he would definitely turn the tables, not to mention that Yue Longzhang wanted to kill him.

How the f*ck could he endure this Killing this guy was the right thing to do!

You still dare to call me a mere mortal Who do you think you are Wasnt he just a mere NPC Are you even human Youre not even a human!

Ning Xiangrong was watching from the side, and when she heard these words, she could not help but sneer, and a faint blush appeared on her face. This guy, after not seeing him for so many years, he still had such a rascal attitude.

Yue Longzhangs face twisted again as he said angrily, “You!”

“Eat sh*t!” Liu Yuan started his trash talk. Not only did he not dodge, but he also raised his sword to meet the attack!

After Broken Soul on Waters Cloud, there were still follow-up attacks to complete the combo. It was actually very simple. There was only one key, and that was just to be reckless!

The fastest clearance guide in the novice village in the forum mentioned that the needle wrapped in the poisonous cloud was as hard to guard against, but it was light!

That was why Yue Longzhang had to control the wind with his fan.

At this time, all he needed to do was to randomly release his skills and create enough wind to disperse the clouds and fog. He could even advance and kill Yue Longzhang!

In other words, a chaotic fist could kill an old master!

Although there were other more elegant and refined ways to defeat the enemy, Liu Yuan only wanted to use this method now!

“Storm Armor Break!”

“Astral Wind Overlord Blade!”

“Ten Direction Movement!”

“Wind Blade Sword!”

“Cloud Wave, Wind Wave!”

Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh!

Liu Yuan used all the wind-type or large-scale beginner general attack skills that he had selected in the game. Simply put, he threw out a bunch of basic attack skills one by one.

Of course, he had calculated which skills he could use with his innate ability, and his body would naturally know which skills he could use in his current state.

Fortunately, the consumption of normal skills was low, mainly used to dispel the poisonous fog.

“What is this How did he know Yun Lianshans Storm Armor Break skill Could he be Yun Lianshans disciple... No, Tyrant Blade Schools Astral Wind Overlord Blade He actually used a sword W-what kind of move is this Which sect is he from Even the Cloud Wave, Wind Wave of the Water Moon Dock!”

Yue Longzhangs eyes were wide open as he roared in his heart in disbelief.

He could also learn Cloud Wave, Wind Wave, but he was not good at this kind of big move. He also believed that quality was more important than quantity, so he gave up on it.

However, the elder he had seen at the Water Moon Dock was not as skilled as Liu Yuan!

Everyone saw a black-haired young man in a scholars robe stride forward calmly. The sword light in his hand was endless, and he looked majestic.


In an instant, the tables and chairs in the hall were overturned, and the poisonous mist spread in all directions.

“Argh! My eyes! My skin!”

Those guards were all injured by Broken Soul on Waters Cloud. One by one, they fell to the ground, bleeding all over. The rest of the people were frightened, but they were all protected by Ning Xiangrongs skill.

Liu Yuans momentum was like a hot knife through butter. He walked out of the fog like the wind and slashed down again!


Yue Longzhang, whose face was filled with horror, blocked the sword with his fan, but it was only for a moment. The abundant power made him clench his teeth and his arms tremble.

“This time, its your turn to dodge.”

Liu Yuans pitch-black eyes flashed with a cold light, and the smile on his face was like a demon in Yue Longzhangs eyes.

Yue Longzhang unconsciously swallowed a mouthful of saliva. His arms could no longer support him, and he hurriedly made a feint to ward off the attack, rolling to the side.

He turned the mechanism on the fan handle, and the fan ribs popped out like a short arrow.


Using his sleeve as a cover, he instantly turned around and pressed the mechanism. Three short arrows shot out in succession, with a green light, at an astonishing speed.

They shot out, three by three.

Swish! Swish! Swish!

However, the long sword spun in a circle and blocked all the arrows.

Yue Longzhangs eyes almost popped out of their sockets. He could not understand why this man was acting like a prophet. His Divine Sword of Clear Water had no effect on him, and he retreated step by step with fear and confusion.

Liu Yuan chuckled. Do you think I dont know how to deal with your moves How naive!


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