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A few days after the tea party, Mintz-san decided to take a complete break from guild work because he was about to give birth.


Apparently, when the due date is approaching, most of the magic power in the body is given away to the child in the belly, making it difficult for him to handle the magic power on his own.


This is also said to be one of the indicators of when the baby is due to be born.


A few days later, I heard that Mintz was about to give birth, and I decided to be there.


I wanted to see the birth in this world with my own eyes in preparation for my own delivery, which was just around the corner.


Mintz-san readily agreed to my request.


In the room, Mintz-san was lying on the bed.

Beside the bed, Glenn-san was sitting and looking at Mintz-san anxiously, and Paris-san, who had been able to return from Cattleton just in time, was looking somewhat uncomfortable.


I looked around to see if there was anything I could do to be of assistance near Mintz-san’s head, but I had no idea what to do, so I decided to sit quietly and watch.


Basically, in this world, it is not common for midwives, doctors, or, in this world, third parties such as healers and apothecaries to be present during childbirth.


If a person with extremely low magical power becomes pregnant and gives birth, a person with healing ability may assist in case of emergency, but this is not necessary if the [pair] is present.


I can understand how much birth in this world depends on magical power.


By the way, my stomach is getting bigger, but I don’t feel my magical power weakening at all.


Mintz-san said that it is quite normal for the magic to weaken considerably at this time during this period, but it is hard to say because there is no precedent for the highest SSS value.


“Chika-kun, it is about time.

Please come closer.”


In contrast to the two companions’ panicked state, Mintz-san was extremely calm.


His hand was gently cupped around his stomach.


As I approached his side, he gave me a brief explanation of what was going to happen.


“I am now overflowing with magical power centered here inside me.

You won’t understand this until you experience it, but imagine that it’s like a mass of heat that is gathering in a vortex.”


Mintz-san moved his hand slowly up and down on his stomach.


“Even though I say so, this is my first experience.

I don’t understand it perfectly too.”


“No, it is very helpful.

Is there any pain or discomfort”


“No pain, but it feels like a mass of heat is running through my body, so it’s hard for me to move.”


I looked closely and saw that Mintz-san had been sweating slightly on his forehead.


I wiped the sweat with a handkerchief I had with me.


“Thank you very much.

As expected, Chika-kun, you are very attentive.

Those two can’t do this.”


Mintz-san looked at his two companions, who were standing there looking absent-mindedly with a smile on their faces.


I had imagined Glenn-san’s appearance, but I didn’t expect even Paris-san to become so restless.


I was told not to expect anything from an anima during the delivery, and truly, it would be hard to demand much from them.


“Um, both of you need to calm down a little.

It’s Mintz-san who’s in trouble, so you might as well hold his hand…”


“Oh, oh, yes, Chika-kun, you’re right.

Hey, Mintz, are you okay Are you in pain Tell me right away if you’re in pain.

I’ll do anything to help.”


“A-aah, right.

I’ll do that.

Though I’m not sure what can I do… I never thought that a [pair]’s labor would be so distressing.

I can’t stay calm.”


Even Paris-san can be like this.


I am a little worried now about what will happen to my two partners at the time of my labor.


At that moment, Mintz-san’s expression changed.


His handsome face was slightly distorted in pain.


“Nnnh… I think it’s about time.

Both of you, please channel your magic power to me.”


Glenn-san and Paris-san hurriedly grabbed each of Mintz-san’s hands, closed their eyes, and apparently began to pour out their magic power.


“Glenn, you don’t have to pour it out all at once.

It’s okay to do it more slowly.”




Glenn-san was pouring out his magic power with nervousness while re-clasping Mintz-san’s hand tightly.

Meanwhile, Paris-san was not moving in the slightest, with a serious expression on his face.


“Huuff…, Chika-kun, it should be born by now.

The magic inside me is gathering in one point.

Isn’t my belly getting a little smaller”


It was indeed that slowly but surely, Mintz-san’s belly was getting smaller and smaller.


“All the magical power that used to surround the child in my belly is now being absorbed by the child.

The remaining magic inside me should also be gradually creating a passage connecting the outside and the child inside.

If I can receive a supply of magic from my [pair] at this time, I can reduce the consumption of my magic power and physical strength.”


Even so, I could see that sweat was slowly forming on Mintz-san’s forehead compared to a moment ago.


Although he certainly does not seem to be suffering as much as people do when giving birth on Earth, it must still be a burden, at least to a certain extent.


I slowly wiped the sweat from Mintz-san’s forehead.


“Mintz-san, it’s all right now.

So please concentrate on the labor.

I learned a lot from you.

Thank you very much.

No matter whether there are two [pairs] in the room, the burden is on you, isn’t it, Mintz-san You seem to be in a bit of pain…”


“Fufu… I can’t deceive your observational eyes, huh, Chika-kun It’s not something so grandiose like you’ve said but, yeah, it’s true that my body is a little… Nnngh!”


After saying that, Mintz-san closed both his eyes.


Looking at him closely, I saw that his stomach was completely flat.


“It’s about time….

right Okay, Glenn When the baby comes out, you have to take him.

And then, show him to Chika-kun.”



I understand!”


While saying that, Glenn-san didn’t seem to know what to do, whether to let go of the hand he was holding, stretch his hand toward Mintz-san’s behind, or move Mintz-san’s body.


“Glenn, I know how you feel, but you need to calm down.

Just keep giving the baby magic power until he comes out.

And when he does, pick him up and take him in your arms.”


“I-I-I-I know! It’s okay, it’s okay!”


It doesn’t look like it’s going to be all right.


But I shouldn’t interrupt him here.


“Huu…haahh… Glenn, he’ll come out.

I’m counting on you!”


Mintz-san breathed deeply and put a lot of pressure on his lower abdomen.


The light was gradually showing from between Mintz’s legs as he lightly raised both knees.


As someone involved in medicine, I really wanted to see the place where the baby was born, but I couldn’t bear to ask him to go that far.

So, I just watched the scene from the side of his head.


For some reason, I felt a pleasant sense of nostalgia as I gazed at the light that was gradually growing larger and larger.


“Glenn, please take care of the child.

Come on, Chika-kun, you go over there.”



Mintz exhaled loudly, as if he had just completed his task.


I hurried over to Glenn-san, who was holding the lump of light in his arms with a look of fear in his eyes.


He brought the lump of light in his arms right in front of me.


The small blob of light gradually diminished and changed its shape.


What remained after the light faded away was a small, very small puppy.


No, if that figure was Glenn-san and Mintz-san’s child, then it must be a wolf beastman.


I was gawking at the adorable figure for a while, but then I realized something important.


Even beastmen are supposed to be humans in this world, but the child that has been born has no umbilical cord.

Also, as far as Mintz-san is concerned, there are no signs of the placenta.


The umbilical cord and placenta themselves probably do not exist.


However, Douglas-san and Gail-san do have umbilical cords.


I was a little curious as to why there was an organ that should not be needed, but I realized that it was not something I needed to think about right now and returned my attention to the situation in front of me.


“Chika-kun, what do you think Have I been of a little help to you”


“Oh no, it’s not “a little” at all! You’ve worked hard, Mintz-san.

You have a very cute little wolf cub.”


“I had a feeling from the moment he was in my belly that he’s going to be a bit like Glenn.

It’s gonna be tough from here on.”


While saying these things, Mintz-san’s expression showed that he was truly happy from the bottom of his heart.


[Paris] “Good job, Mintz.

Thank you for giving us a cute little boy.

The three of us will watch over him and raise him together.

So next time, my baby will too… right”


Paris-san also had a big smile on his face and kissed Mintz-san lightly on the forehead.


The sight of this made me blush a little.

I was embarrassed to think that I was like that when I was being cared for by Douglas-san and Gail-san.


Then I noticed that Glenn-san was not moving or speaking at all.


I glanced over at him and saw him staring at the newborn with a serious expression on his face that I had never seen before.


[Glenn] “He is mine and Mintz’s child, isn’t he”


[Mintz] “Yes, he is.”


[Glenn] “Are you sure he’s really and truly my child”


[Mintz] “I’m going to get angry.”


[Glenn] “I see… So he’s our child, right…”


Suddenly, when I thought that Glenn-san let out a sound like a wail, he began to cry.


He was streaming with tears and crying like a howling wolf.


Although his tears were messing up his handsome face, it was very funny to see him like that.


“Haha… I guess he won’t function for a while.

You can sit there until Glenn calms down.

More importantly, can you show that child to me and Mintz too”


Paris-san took the little boy from Glenn-san, who kept crying and brought him to Mintz-san and me.


The baby, which could fit in Paris-san’s hand, was covered with gray fur and seemed to be sleeping soundly with its eyes closed, occasionally twitching its little nose with a pipsqueak.


Its ears, hands, and feet were all so small that it looked like a stuffed animal, but it moved once in a while to let us know that it was really alive.


I almost fell down on the spot because of its cuteness, but I managed to hold my ground, knowing that I couldn’t let something like this bother me.


“S-so cute… He’s kind of like a doll… Is it okay if I touch him a little”


“Yes, of course, I won’t mind!”


Mintz-san, who received the child from Paris, held him with both hands and placed him in front of my eyes.


I fearfully reached out my hand and slowly stroked his head.


It was completely different from the texture of an adult dog’s skin.

Its slightly damp fur and skin seemed to stick to my skin.


I moved my hand a little to the tip of his nose, and I could feel he was sniffing at my fingertips.


Aah, I can’t.


I want to take him home with me.


He was so adorable that such an evil thought came to my mind.


[Paris] “But he’s a wolf and has the same hair color as Glenn, but I don’t know about his eye color yet.

I think he’s going to be a naughty boy.”


[Mintz] “I’m sure he’ll be fine.

I’ll raise him to be a good child, but… my child is cute, isn’t it Glenn, you’re a father now, so please straighten yourself up.”


[Glenn] “Yeah!”


I heard Glen’s muffled cheerful reply while crying.


The look and expression of Mintz-san looking at the child in his arms was overflowing with love, and his figure was like a holy mother.


Speaking of which, I’ve been allowed to stay here quite brazenly, but as expected, it’s time to give them some family time together.


“I’m sorry I stayed a little too long.

Thank you very much for your time today, Mintz-san.

And thank you for your hard work.

I hope you and everyone have a good rest today.

Also, if you can, please let me meet the boy again.”


“Chika-kun, you are always welcome here.

Right, Glenn”


Glenn-san was nodding his head vigorously as he sat on his chair.


“Glenn…, I’m sorry Chika-kun.

Please come visit me anytime.

I’m sure this child is waiting for you too.”


“No, I’m the one who’s sorry for interrupting.

Congratulations to you too, Glenn-san.

I hope you will be a good father.”


“Ah, Chika-kun, do you need a ride home”


“No, I’m sure the escort that Hector-sama gave you will be there, so I’m fine.

Once again, congratulations to all of you.”


I bowed my head and left the room.


This is the house where the Mintz-san’s family lives, and it is less than a ten-minute walk from our house.


Still, my two companions wouldn’t allow me to walk alone.

Today, too, I was being brought here in Douglas-san’s arms.


I decided to walk home alone, thinking that my body would get tired if I did not walk on my own feet once in a while.


Although I was alone, I was sure that Yohan-san would be watching over me somewhere without me noticing…


When I opened the front door of Mintz-san’s house, I found Gail-san there.


“Ga-Gail-san, what are you doing here”


“Hmm Doug started ranting about how Chika would be home soon, and I thought, since it’s you, you’d surely be walking home alone, so I came to get you.”


It seems they know everything I do.


No, is this an instinct of the wild


In the end, I was carried home by Gail-san.


Goodbye my walking time.


That night, in bed, sandwiched between Douglas-san and Gail-san in their beast forms, I reflected on the events of the day.


No matter how many times I’ve been hugged, the softness of Douglas-san’s fur and skin from his chest to his belly is the best.


And I could feel Gail-san’s warmth on my back.


“Chika, how was Mintz’s baby”


Douglas-san asked as he licked up my ears and cheeks with his long tongue.


I answered with a thrill of pleasure.


“He really resembles Glenn-san… Well, I’m not sure if resemble is the right word to put it.

Anyway, he was a very pretty wolf cub with gray fur.”


“I see.

He was a wolf, wasn’t he Well, either way, it’s a big deal for them.

We need to celebrate.”



We should do something to celebrate.


But to be honest, it’s hard for me to cook with my stomach, but I’ll think of something.


“I wonder if your and Douglas’s child will be a human or a lion.

No, I’m looking forward to it either way.”


Gail-san gently patted my belly with his large pawed hand.


“You’re right.

I’d be happy either way too.

But that little wolf cub today was just so adorable! Everything was so small, it was like a stuffed animal.

Seeing that one makes me wish my child will look like Douglas-san and Gail-san.”


“We’re the same way, you know I wish they’ll look like Chika.”


Douglas-san sniffed me with his big nose and nuzzled his face into my head.


“I’m relieved that Mintz gave birth safely, but it’s almost time for you too, right Absolutely don’t overdo it, okay”


“If I hadn’t gone today, you would have tried to walk home by yourself, wouldn’t you You can’t do that.”


“No, you see, it’s not that far of a walk.”


“You can’t!” “You can’t!”


They really hold a great deal of it.


“If you don’t do what we say, we won’t let you out of this room.”


“I’m sure Mintz and mother would scold me, but I agree with Douglas.

Chika, please bear with it for a while longer.”


“I-I’m sorry.

I understand.”


“No need to apologize.

I know it’s our own selfish reasons, but it’s only for this time, okay.”


“Right, we’re just trying to put our minds at ease, so please forgive us.”


“No, it’s not like that… I’m very happy that you’re worried about me.”


I get up and drop kisses on their noses, mouths, and foreheads.


People may say they’re being too overprotective.

But that’s how they show their affection.


I’m sure that this love will be generously poured into this unborn child too, and that makes me very happy.


I laid down, put my hand on my swollen belly, and closed my eyes as I felt the slight pulse.


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