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Aidens Secret Chapter 11 [Dream Walking]

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Claires memories were breaking the light in the universe, her first football play, her first book, first kiss, first abuse, first yelling, shouting, it was quickly turning into nightmares, her tears were invisible, no voice, no space for emotions just her and the universe.

she felt like vomiting, everything was spinning in front of her, but everything quickly returned to peaceful silence, no more moving and running, just slow steps guiding her through the tunnel.

as she was guiding herself through the tunnel she wanted to feel the cosmos, every aspect of the universe, her hands where magnetized pulling her in the gravity, to the infinity.

as she put her hands back she noticed dim light coming from the end, as she was walking the light came closer and closer, when suddenly everything went blank.

Crystals mind was occupied with her thoughts, she felt home, as if the universe was the place where she belonged, she did not wanna change just for a bit, as the memories started to approach her eyes she closed her eyes, gripped her hands as hard as she could and avoided the nightmares and dreams all together.

"Go back to the cosmos, you don belong here" she shouted. she was amazed by her own voice, seconds ago she could not speak or see and now shes controlling her way out of this.

the surge of power quickly filled her body, her body became like feather, weightless as she started floating around the endless tunnel, waiting to find the way, patiently and effortlessly.

Ethans eyes opened like ocean, crashing the waves, fighting the urge to see what was after that tunnel. his first sight was a library, filled with books and few hundred reads, chairs were all messed up as if people were here minutes ago. two statues faced exactly his face, the Ravens statue and Woman who had a blindfold on her eyes, her hands were gesturing as if she was trying to find the way.

The distinct smell of old furniture, books and dust quickly filled his nose, it was little too old for his taste.

"Claire?. Crys?." he said quietly, as if he was trying not to wake the beast up from his deep sleep.

"Im here" Claire replied, her tone was surprisingly calm and motivated, as if she became a totally different person in that tunnel.

"Oh, Thank god. Also, please stop approaching me from behind, this is already giving me creeps" Ethan replied, relieved.

"Alright, we get it, you are scared from getting approached from behind" Claire chuckled as she got a quick light punch in her right arm.

"Stop that" Ethan followed.

"Okey, but where is Crystal?" Claire now sounding bitter turned around, she could see exactly the same three doors, two of them unlocked, one of them still sealed shut.

As Claire was approaching the door it quickly burst open, as if someone pushed it using sheer force, the door was not just open it was halfway broken.

" My Lord, that was an entrance" Ethan gasped.

"Being extra in a place where we will never be found probably, thats our crystal" replied Claire with a smiley face.

"It was so cool, you guys, I was just shouting and floating around, thats why it took me a while probably" Crystal said mesmerized.

"Wait Talking AND flying? I could not speak and I cried halfway through" Claire bit her tongue as she slipped her darkest secret, she had emotions.

"Huh. yea I couldn speak neither nor fly" Thats weird. Ethan replied, confused.

as they group was once again together distinct shadow approached from the library, it was becoming more and more clear as he was approaching.

"Oh, These three. But the invitation was just for Ethan Winters, Surely you know that your actions have consequence, Mr. Winters"

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