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Aidens Secret Chapter 14 [Claire][Side Story]

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Claires childhood revolved around tutors, she was always the proud together in the family, she was blessed with both loving parents and hard working brother who was never appreciated mostly because he followed his heart and did what he liked the most, boxing.

Claires mom was a lawyer and her father was a one of the best doctors in the town. everyone always expected the best from Claire since her brother was never home, did street fighting and hang out with everyone he would ever meet.

When Claire was 14 her brother shared a secret with her, there was a guy in school, Nick, blonde, harsh brown eyes and a dream smiley, Georgy liked him, but was still very confused about how gay relationships worked and if it was natural.

Still at this young age Claire stood by Georgys side and told him that he could love anyone as long as he was happy.

Unfortunately her parents did not think the same, when they found out about Georgys and Nicks relationship they threatened to send Georgy to a conversion therapy outside the country or if he didn want to commit he would be disowned.

Claire tried her best to tell her parents that this wasn his choice and it was something his heart wanted and he could never change who he really was. unfortunately she couldn change much and she got grounded as well.

Before Georgy left to house, to forget his family and loved ones, to run away from this harsh place and enjoy life as he was meant to be, he left Claire a note, which contained his new phone number and a future address.

as she was reading the notes tears wouldn stop coming and splashing across her legs, she wanted to go with him, forget about education and parents approvals. As she was reading the note she heard a huge bang on the door.

"Open the door Claire we know you have the note, give it to us and we won punish you" she heard.

as the door was about to break she burned the note down, even if it meant never seeing her brother again she would keep him safe for the rest of his life and that was the most important part.

After the incident she changed a lot, she wasn as close with anyone anymore, she tried to find her brothers details but there was no trace of him anywhere, but she knew deep down he was happy.

she kept studying hard to make enough money to leave this town once and for all, but there would be this one person who would change her perspective all-together, Crystal.

they helped each other study, well, to be more realistic Claire was helping Crystal study to get her grades up, but she would make her feel as if she was helping her as well, it was true in a way, Claire didn have friends and after Crystals huge change she had no one to talk or hangout with either.

Claires strict personality and Crystals ongoing and funny aura really blended well with each other, making them the duo, two souls who just wanted to be loved.

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