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Aidens Secret Chapter 17 [Long Goodbyes]

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Ethan was trying to hurry, to Claire and Crystal, he knew they were together in the same room, they always did this even in the normal world, always in each others houses no matter what, talking, gossiping or even watching sitcoms together.

His hands were stiff, barely functioning, the disbelief was strong, it even left him with a taste in his mouth, dull.

Ethan quickly rolled the knob and barged into Claire and Crystals room, full of news, full of hope and excitement.

"I have to tell you guys something" Said Ethan, as he grabbed the nearest chair and set right in front of their beds.

"It better be important, Matilda and Zelda were about to kiss" Crystal replied with sarcastic done.

"Turn off that show and pay attention guys, its very important" replied Ethan with a strong yet excited tone.

Crystal did as she was told, Claires eyes met Ethans, they were ready to listen.

"We can actually go today, the Head Mister didn even tell me anything bad, and we are not in captivity at all, turns out we could leave after the mourning." Ethans tone was still calm and exciting but he was yet to get to the bad part.

"Thats amazing, are we ready? My backpack is packed and so is Claires" Crystals reply was instant as if she was waiting for this moment for her entire life.

"But, there is a thing, Zena is not one person, inside of his body there are two souls, his and his wifes Lyandreys soul. when I walked in they were so sweet so I got confused, his wife is very nice person I can tell" Ethan was gasping for air, he was speaking like it was his last day before he could give out this ancient secret.

"That is so great, love that for them, but what does it have to do with us exactly?" replied Claire, her question was justified but yet to be answered.

"As you both know every person has a gem of their own which Im assuming holds their soul, when they die it stays there as an artifact, Zena had two gems on their neck, which means-" as Ethan was about to finish Crystal rose up from the dead and starred directly to Ethans eyes.

"That means Aiden can still be there" Crystals reply stroke lightning in the entire room, this was something none of them wouldve expected.

"Yes, we just need to steal it back or ask them nicely first" Ethan finished.

"Even if we get the gem, whos gonna give their body to Aidens soul to split it even, is that something he would want at all?" Claire replied, he tone was bit worried and sad.

"Im willing to do it, I don care. as long as hes with me" Ethans reply was sharp, there was no stuttering just something he believed in.

"Even if Aiden doesn want it I will get return him to his resting place, but if we don try I won be able to say my last goodbyes" Ethans voice cracked, his eyes got dreamy and all teared up.

"We are with you, Ethan, But if we are leaving today, how are we gonna do all of that?" Crystal replied.

"Theres a thing, if we are willing to stay here tomorrow we will sign a letter, which will make us stay here for 365 days, which is 365 hours in our normal time" Ethans confident voice suddenly went blank as he remembered that none of them knew about the hours conversion just yet.

"Wait, so we have been here for 5 or 6 days but in real time it was just 5 or 6 hours? thats insane" Claire replied, her voice was finally bringing some energy in the room, so was Crystals.

"If you guys wanna go that is completely okey, I will join you in 365 hours basically, after I do what I have to do" Ethan knew the burden of keeping his friends here for his own needs wasn the greatest idea so he tried his best to comfort them and give them a choice.

"Even if it meant staying here for the eternity just so we can see Aiden again, we would do it, isn that so Claire?" Crystal replied, he hand was resting on Claires lap.

"Yes, also theres not much to do in our world anyways, so hey, why not?"

Sudden excitement filled the room, with bright colors, finally after everything theyve been through, they had a meaning in life, to do something right.

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