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Aidens Secret Chapter 3 [Dungeon of Secrets]

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After the stressful principals meeting Ethan went home, He didn want to bother anyone but himself, Even tho Crystal told him couple of times if he wanted to do a sleepover with her and Claire. Ethans house was not too far away from the school, couple of miles give and take. One thing about Ethan that made everyone instantly like him was his mom, Sharron. She was always neat, well dressed and you could never see single drop of worry or sadness in her eyes, Even tho I myself considered that as a weakness. "Mom, I am home" murmured Ethan while he put his bag in the living room and rushed upstairs.

"Ethan, how was school?" Sharron asked from behind the door which explicitly said " Enter at your own risk" "It was disastrous, mom. Everyone knows about Aiden and since we were a thing everyone thinks i had to do something with it and its not fair" Ethan wanted to say this since he put his foot on high school ground, his eyes were teary and his face swelled up from crying, But you could still see his unique and defined eyes.

"Life isn always fair my darling" said Sharron while she stepped into his room and sat on his bad "Sometimes bad things happen and funny thing is we are not in charge of that most of the times, Lets just hope we learn something from this" While Sharron was giving Ethan her heartfelt sentiments Ethan just wanted to go to her arms and sleep for the next month or even a year, So he would wake up when this was over. "Also, this was left for you, in the mail, Now you know how i feel about random junk mails but it specifically mentions your name so its yours to read"

Said Sharron while quietly moving away from her sons bed, she spread her hands around the mattress just to make sure she didn mess it up, she sighed and closed the door behind her.

"A mail for me? And its not even from my Health insurance" Usually Ethan got his messages online but this solid envelope was definitely not from likely known source. As he starting opening the envelope red paper fell down, Ethan slowly picked it up and kept starring at it for good five minutes.

"You have been invited for one of our dearly loved members funeral at dark tower dungeon, It is directly restricted to share this information to anyone who is not involved into our Dark Tower clan or member alliance , In any case of information leaking you will be dealt with high measures of punishments, Ethan Winters, please join us to honor Aidens wishes one last time at **********************" From - Dark Tower Clan."

Ethan was not understanding this letter at all, its like chemistry class if u skipped few years and sat on final exam, he analyzed the note one last time and the address of the place was hidden. He grabbed his phone and dialed only people he trusted, Claire and Crystal.

"Crystal, is Claire with you right now" Ethan said worryingly.

"Yes why? Is everything okey? Ethan?" Crystal was next to Claire they were watching a video about disappearances.

"I need you both to come to my house as soon as possible, i cannot say much but know its important" replied Ethan while overlooking the red envelope right beside him.

"Okey, we will be there in ten-fifteen minutes"

Said Crystal, she quickly told everything she heard to Claire and they starting packing their bags.

-is this an invitation or a threat?.

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