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Aidens Secret Chapter 4 [Confusion, Despair, Dread]

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Ethan was sitting in his bed starring at his red envelope, The design itself was flawlessly done, half of the note was red other half white, in the middle of the text there was a visible logo with a crow as its logo, But there was something off, the crow itself didn have eyes, Instead there was two daisy flowers blooming out of his sockets, The logo was horrifying but also beautiful at its own sense.

Ethans confusion broke when there was a knock on his door, His mother had already left for work so he was alone, Alone to his fears and confusions but most importantly sadness.

He quickly grabbed the envelope and went to the first floor where he peaked through the door and saw Claire and Crystal standing right next to each other.

" Please, come in guys, and don forget to lock the door"

as he was walking upstairs with his friends he still looked at the door slightly paranoid, it was indeed locked and steady, But some things cannot be locked out, they just bloom inside you while you feel the dread inside you.

"Okey, now that u looked two doors behind you, Can we please get some information as of whats going on?" Said Claire as she shook snow out of her shoulders onto Crystal.

"have you guys gotten any kind of email today? or perhaps yesterday? its in red and has a crow as a logo in the middle?"

" Ethan, if we are here to talk about Hogwarts, now its not the best time" said Crystal with a vividly smiley face while she took off her coat

"Guys, Im not joking and this is no time for jokes either, heres the envelope, go on take a look at it" Ethan quickly handed the note to his friends, Crystal was trying to understand the context while Claire starting shaking a little.

"what even is this? how do they know your full name and delivery address" said Claire visibly shaken.

"Exactly, and I have no idea what dungeon they are talking about but the address is blurred I can barely make a sight out of it"

"Yeah, Also genius it says not to share it with anyone unless you wanna magically evaporate from the face of earth?!!" replied Crystal, her face was getting red and she was starting to get confused.

"Right, I will totally keep secrets from two of my closest friends and just let this be in my room for the rest of my life, Anyways, the point is we have to get this to the police or to someone who knows what to do with it" said Ethan.

Claire and Crystal looked at each other while Ethan finished talking, Gasping as if someone stole their memory and ran away

"What do you mean? oh wait, yeah. lets show this to the police and tell them, add this to the cases you will never EVER consider doing and also its gonna mess up the report and ALSO no one is gonna believe this, This can be done by anyone " said Crystal and started looking around as if someone else was there with them.

"Mrs. Sarcasm, then how about you help me figure this out" Ethan calmly took the envelope from Crystal.

"Okey, Lets analyze it again"

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