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Aidens Secret Chapter 7 [Candle in the Dark]

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As petrified as Ethan was he had to quickly get up, Claire and Crystal were noticing something had happened, before they could say anything the lights came on. scariest room in the entire universe, driven to darkness and sorrow suddenly transformed into a safe place.

" What happened to you? I was screaming your name from behind and you kept calling my name as if I was in front of you Ethan. tell me." Claire wasn confused she was scared, theres a huge difference between these two factors, Confused is someone who doesn understand something, they keep searching for answers but can really find them, but being scared, that is not a feeling as everyone calls it, its a trait that everyone has, it comes from the depths of our hearts to choke and swallow us whole, it is something you know is there but can explain it.

"there was a figure right in front of me, it had the same exact hair even the dot black spot you have in the middle, I thought it was you but suddenly it turned around and started screaming at me, telling me that I would be punished by the Dark Tower" as Ethan was speaking he was walking around searching for Candles he was too afraid to let it happen again, no more darkness, no more fear.

"Punished? hmm why would you be punished?" Crystal glared at Ethan, trying to decode the hidden mystery behind this punishment.

"So you believe in Ghosts and only thing that worries you is what it said?" Claire gave a cold look to Crystal as she felt little uneasy, she knew Crystal was right, but she had to keep that horror out of her memory for a little bit longer.

"Yes, Claire I do, why would he make it up? he never lies, like EVER, thats one of his best traits and stop foreshadowing it, like a red envelope talking about dungeons and dark towers wasn unrealistic to you" replied Crystal with a little bit of bite, a venom, as she moved to Ethan and took the candle from his hand.

"Listen, what we are gonna do now is going to most likely get us in trouble but it is worth taking the chance, How about you come over at my house, and stay there for the rest of the week while we figure this out?" Said Crystal with a soft and a calm voice manner, as she was speaking the candle quickly went from her hand to Claires

"Claire what are you doing? said Crystal with a little worried tone

"Im going to burn this envelope and we are gonna forget everything we saw and witnessed" as Claire kept talking her hands started to shake as if she knew the consequences of her own actions but still wanted to do it, to satisfy her "Heroine" status and be a savior of that day.

"YOU are being selfish!!" Ethan yelled.

"if you are going to burn that envelope we will never know what purpose was it serving, maybe we would get more information about Aiden and this horror, BUT NO you want to save the day as you always do and hide your insecurities behind you!" Ethan was unhinged, he did not know if what he said was right, but he was being reasonable.

"you will thank me later for this" as Claire was putting the envelope to the pits of fire Crystal quickly snatched it out of her hand but the middle part of the text was burned.

"IF Ethan is finding answers via this TEXT we are going to help him and this is the last time you are making decisions without us!" Crystal yelled at Claire, one thing they didn realize is that Claire was about to cry, she was grabbing her cheeks, trying to not show anyone that she was indeed vulnerable.

"Im sorry, but please stop yelling at me, I want to do whats best for us not just for me" Claire mumbled.

"I know, I know you do." Ethan followed up.

The text was saved but the middle part that was showing the covered address was finally revealed. 136 Middle Town Road, underground disbanded structure, last floor, Tomorrow.

"I think we just solved our first mystery" Ethan glared at Claire and Crystal.

"Well count us in" Crystal followed.

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