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Live, make friends and create a new family.

David want you to live, go on without me.

Live, live, live, now wake up now.

Wake up! David wake up!

David opened his eyes and sat up quickly but then he laid back down, his body still hurting, he noticed all his wounds were patched up.

He looked around unfamiliar with the place he was in.

David panicked, had he been kidnapped? no thats stupid why would he be patched up with bandages and a blanket on his body to keep him warm.

Ahh I see your wake little one, a man said approaching David.

David moved back his body still hurting, hey hey hey, Im not going to hurt you that man said with a smile.

Davids nerves eased up, the man seeing this went to fox David a bowl of food.

So kid way I ask why I found you in the middle of a snowstorm? The man said from the kitchen.

David recalled all that has happened and tears came to his eyes, this time they didn freeze.

The man came from the kitchen with Davids food to see him crying, hey hey hey you don have to tell me if you don want to the man said gently, David looked up and wiped his tears.

No its fine Ill tell you David said.

Alright first eat up, I swear the chilly isn spicy the man said with a big smile.

(20 minutes later)

After David told to man his story the man felt sympathy for the young boy.

The man got up with a smile on his face and said, Ill do whatever it take ms to make you happy again.

David looked at him dumbly and said your a little weird mister.

The mans cheery attitude deflated which made David laugh, the man smiled again than began laughing with David.

Mister can I ask you something? Yea go ahead kid, where are we David asked, the man looked at David and said, well if I had to describe, we

e in an ice waste land, no people, no animals, I had to dig deep to grow my food.

David looked at him and asked, how long would it take to get back to world land?

The man answered and said 6 months.

Davids eyes visibly widened then he spoke, h-how?

All the snowstorms, the constant ice collapsing and all the avalanches make it hard to even leave this place, the man said looking at David still.

David asked him, you said youd do anything to make me happy right?

The man answered, yes I indeed said that looking at David curiously.

I want you to take me back to world land so I could kill the person who killed my brother and save my mom, David said with anger in his tone.

No the man said simply.

David glared at him and replied, why not?

Because youll only get yourself killed, wha-

Think David, if that man killed your brother he could easily do it to you.

You can seek revenge but its not the time yet, you must have patience. David scoffed and laid down facing the opposite way of the man.

I never said I wouldn take you, I just said no to taking you right now.

David turned around quickly as he asked what do you mean?

The man held out his hand and said Ill train you to be the strongest.

The strongest, how so David asked.

By magic, huh what do you mean? When I found you in the snowstorm I realized all your injuries were from a battle and not the snowstorm. So which leads me to believe you little David have ice magic same as me the man said enthusiastically.

Ice magic huh, well I never felt could before and I did use an ice spell to kill does guys so it makes sense David said grasping his chin.

Alright first thing tomorrow well start training in the cold so be ready.

David smiled and asked, hey mister you know my name but I never got your….so what is it?

Oh my name? The man smiled and said my name is Boreas but you can call me teacher.

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