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Alliance God level Summoner Chapter 631: Diamond - deep sea squid

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The huge black shadow gradually revealed its shape. It was a giant squid more than 30 meters high. The whole body was pitch black, and its dozen or so tentacles were thick and long.

【Monster name】Deep sea squid

【Monster Level】Diamond Level 2

[Monster Skills] Corrosive Ink, Giant Power, Strangulation, Deep Sea Vortex, Covered Water Film, Deep Sea Prison, Water Prison Thousand Kills

"What a powerful magic~"

Xiao Yao frowned slightly, this deep-sea squid contains extremely abundant magic power, even the Crazy Thunder Winged Tiger, which used to be Diamond 5, is nowhere near as good as it.

Magic is like a magazine of ammunition. Whether it is a summoner, a beast or a monster, it all needs to rely on magic to activate skills. The stronger the magic, the more powerful the skills will be.

Therefore, judging from the magic power contained in this deep-sea squid, once it fully activates its skills, its lethality can even be compared to a diamond level 5 monster.

"It's a little troublesome to encounter such a strong enemy as soon as you come up~" Xiao Yao muttered to himself.

But it's just a little trouble~

The deep-sea squid's skills are powerful, but it does not mean that his physical strength and mental strength can reach the level of diamond level 5. With Lao Niu's super defense, Twitch's thousand poisonous power, and the tacit cooperation of the beasts, he is confident slay it under the horse.

"Xiao Ke!" Xiao Yao looked at Warwick.


Warwick let out a low growl, turning into a stream of light and burrowing into his body.

In an instant, thick wolf hair appeared on his skin, sharp claws grew on his fingers, his fleshy palms were opened, his body rose to nearly three meters high, and his pupils turned purple-gold.


The purple holy flame was burning on the surface of his body. Facing such a powerful enemy, he was ready to go all out!

Soon, the deep-sea squid approached his side, his soft tentacles swayed gently, and his black and white eyes were full of curiosity and hostility.

"It turned out to be a guardian beast" Xiao Yao's eyes lit up.

From the few battles just now, he summed up some experience. The vicious beast's momentum is crazy and violent. Almost as soon as it sees people, it will immediately rush to it like a mad dog, and this deep-sea squid is obviously still sensible, which shows that it is extremely Most likely a guardian beast.

If it is a guardian beast, it means that there must be a treasure more precious than the stamina orb nearby.

"I'm sorry then~"

With a flash of purple light in his eyes, Xiao Yao raised his hand and directly hit the deep-sea squid with a [lightning strike].


The violent lightning struck the deep-sea squid, but it was blocked by the flowing water film on its skin.

In an instant, the deep-sea squid was angry, and the curiosity in his eyes quickly faded, replaced by a strong anger and killing intent.


At the same time as Xiao Yao launched the attack, Lao Niu quickly entered the state of the King Kong giant spirit body, and activated the hellfire demon soul. The giant beast with a height of more than ten meters and the phantom of flames with a height of dozens of meters blocked the deep sea squid like a mountain. before.

The majestic hellfire condensed his right fist, Lao Niu swung a heavy fist, synchronized with the hellfire demon soul, and swung one big and one small two hellfire fists.


The blue flame fist dragged the long column of fire, and hit the deep-sea squid's body almost in the breath.


There was a violent wave on the water film, the deep-sea squid screamed in pain, and its body retreated more than ten meters.

Although the [Covering Water Film] helped it resist the impact and scorching of the Fire Fist, the additional 10% maximum HP damage attached to the Hellfire Fist still caused its HP to plummet by 20%.


The deep-sea squid let out a scream, and in an instant, violent magic surged, and thousands of water arrows condensed on top of its head.

At the same time, the four huge water walls completely blocked Lao Niu, Xiao Yao and Mo Teng's all escape routes, and they could only face the [Water Prison Thousand Kills].

As for Tucci...

The moment the battle started, he used stealth to hide in a safe corner.

In the face of Qianjian's attack, Xiao Yao and Mo Teng didn't even think about it, they hid directly behind Lao Niu. Lao Niu's large body was like a giant shield, giving people an infinite sense of security.

"Nothing can knock me back!" The old cow made a deep, deep voice in his throat.

I saw his body tremble slightly, and [Resolute Will] activated.

puff puff~

The water arrow that was enough to pierce the stone and smash the steel hit the old cow, but it was always difficult for him to take a half step back, and it only caused a dull sound.

Originally, it far exceeds the defense power of the same rank, and with the blessing of the three skills of [Furious Bull Demonization], [King Kong Giant Spirit Body] and [Solid Will], even if the deep-sea squid has a skill lethality comparable to that of diamond level 5, But it's not enough to cause any damage to the old cow in a short period of time.

Seeing that the giant cow was motionless, and there was not even a single wound on his body, the deep-sea squid couldn't help but panic a little, with a slight retreat in his eyes.

"It's started~" A purple light flashed in Xiao Yao's eyes, all the deep-sea squid skills were used, and then it was time for him to counterattack.


Two sturdy water jets suddenly burst out from under Lao Niu's feet, pushing him towards the deep-sea squid at an extremely fast speed.

【Savage Clash】

The deep-sea squid couldn't react in time, and was directly hit by the old cow, and its huge body flew out.

At this moment, a figure suddenly appeared behind it, the right fist was swung out, and the purple flames condensed into a huge wolf head. The wolf's teeth were sharp, and it bit the back of the deep-sea squid. , sharp, attacked the same position with the wolf head, penetrated the water film smoothly, and blasted a huge wound on the back of the deep-sea squid.

【Mouth of Charged Beast】 【Holy Flame Aurora Cut】

At the same time, the arrogant wolf howl penetrated into the deep-sea squid's mind, causing fear in its eyes.


Mo Teng flew out from the back of the old cow, and in an instant, his body turned into an illusion. Under the advancement of a powerful force, it drilled into the deep sea squid like a sharp arrow. , causing heavy damage to the soul of the deep-sea squid.

[Nightmare Piercing Soul Kill]——The magic power turns into a mental shock wave, causing high mental damage to the enemy. During this process, the magic power cannot be selected, and if the enemy is mentally damaged (fear, shock, confusion... ), will take double damage.

Under the terrifying effect of [Howl of the Ancient Ancestor], [Nightmare Piercing Soul Kill] caused double damage, tearing the soul of the deep-sea squid, and could not help but let out a shrill scream.


At this moment, a pitch-black poisonous arrow shot out of the shadows and shot into the eyes of the deep-sea squid~www.novelhall.com~ The huge eyes were like a watermelon hit by a heavy hammer, and exploded instantly. It made the deep-sea squid let out a sharper scream.

Xiao Yao, Lao Niu, and Mo Teng quickly retreated, and Xiao Ke also flew out of his body, quietly watching the deep sea squid struggling violently.

It didn't take long for the toxin of the thousand poisonous fruit to completely destroy the body of the deep-sea squid, and the health value quickly dropped to zero.

"It's done!"

Xiao Yao snapped his fingers silently, and the corners of his mouth rose slightly.

The deep-sea squid at Diamond 2 was easily dealt with by him. It can be seen that now he can gain a firm foothold at the Diamond level after his full firepower.

As for the limit, it can only be verified by battle.

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