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“Stop shouting.

It has already left.

Its real body… cant enter the territory of Taixia Country.

It wouldnt dare.”

Li Ruiyou woke up and said weakly behind Lin Xuan.

“F*ck! Its all because of you.

If you didnt come here to kill the hydra head, would we be targeted by that eight-headed hydra A peak earth-rank wild monster is now targeting me.

So, of course, Im going to shout! Thats terrifying!”

Lin Xuan lifted Li Rui on his back and said in a bad mood.

“What are you afraid of After having its head chopped off, not only was it damaged, but its soul was also severely wounded.

Im sure that it will take some time to recover.

Additionally, it didnt dare enter Taixia Country at all.

Whats there to be afraid of”

“Youre not the one being targeted.

Its easy to say that.

If I didnt carry you on my back, that st*pid thing would have recognized you instead.

I didnt even get anything from it.

Its a waste to take the blame for you.”

While he spoke, he walked to his enemies and searched them.

“Theyre all poor.

Theres nothing at all.”

“Alright, alright.

Lets go.

That hydra head is yours.”

“Haha, youre using a hydra head to bribe me.

That its not enough.

After a few years, when Im strong enough, Ill definitely go and kill that big hydra.

You have to help.”

“Fine, fine, fine, no problem.

In the end, you took the blame for me.

Its my duty to help you when that time comes.”

“Its a deal then.

D*mn it, how dare it threaten me in Taixia Country and say that it will remember me Hoho, Ill also remember it.

Everybodys a vengeful person!”

Li Rui passed out in a daze.

He had gained a lot from killing the head of the hydra.

Especially after the toughest beginning, his physique started to improve gradually.

However, the rate of improvement was slower than Lin Xuan had expected.

However, with a little analysis, he knew where the problem lay.

Li Rui cultivated both tribulations at the same time.

Just like Lin Xuan, the growth of one side would also bring about the growth of the other side.

Moreover, he was a mage, and his main cultivation method was meditation.

In other words, the myriad difficulties of Yin spirit ascending holy tribulation was Li Ruis main cultivation method.

It could be said that the growth of Li Ruis energy and blood had exceeded his expectations!

As for fainting, it was nothing more than the rapid increase in his soul power and the opening of the human bodys protective mechanism!

“D*mn it, I dont know what I owed you in my past life!”

Cursing inwardly, he carried Li Rui on his back and quickly ran towards the coast of Guangzhou.

After more than half an hour, Lin Xuan returned to the location of the third circle defense.

However, there were many strangers here.

After asking around, he found out that they had come from other regions to provide support.

Moreover, the most difficult period of the rainy season had already passed, and although there would be many more sea beasts appearing in the future, it would not become a tsunami.

In other words, their group of students emergency support mission had been completed!

Alright then.

After circling around the third circle, he realized that the school team members here had already left.

They had probably gone back to rest.

Lin Xuan thought for a moment and could only carry Li Rui back to the manor.

After all, he didnt know where the Demon Twos manor was at.

A few low-level sea beasts would appear from time to time on the road.

There were too many to kill so he ignored all of them.

They walked all the way back to the manor, and sure enough, there were already people in the manor.

“Hey, why are all of you here”

Almost all the team members were in Emperor Ones manor.

They formed a circle, and within the circle were Qin Fen, Wu Fan, and the others, who had suffered heavy injuries.

Zhang Ningtian was the only one alive and kicking in the two large squads that had surrounded and killed the earth-rank sea king, he looked like he was fine… perhaps he saw that his injuries were too severe, so he committed suicide in a wave to refresh his status.

“Youre back.

How is Li Rui… Okay, another injured one.”

The two captains of Demon Two quickly came up to welcome him.

They placed Li Rui, Qin Fen, and the others side by side, and the support healer healed them.

“The two of you went to kill that hydra head.

How did it go Did you succeed”

Someone asked curiously.

In this war, Zhang Ningtian and Qin Fen led a team to drag the earth-rank sea kings time.

They successfully dragged it out for nearly half an hour.

It could be said that it shook peoples hearts, and they were slaughtered wantonly on the battlefield.

Lin Xuan and Li Rui, who displayed their unrivaled elegance, even went out to sea to fight against the peak earth-rank hydra head at the end of the war.

They were only at the mystic-rank, but they already had the courage and strength to face a powerful earth-rank enemy.

Perhaps some people would feel that the two of them overestimated themselves, but they had no choice but to admire the courage of the two of them!

“Tonight, Ill treat everyone to hydra soup!”

Lin Xuan glanced at the crowd and pulled the hydra-head out of his personal space without saying anything.

He casually threw it on the ground.

“Holy f*ck!”

“You really killed it!”

“Thats awesome.

I heard that its a fierce beast that protects Taiyang Country.

Its at the peak of the earth-rank!”

“How powerful can a hydra head be… fine, Ill go, I cant do it!”

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