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‘Why cant he come here by himself When he thought of the fact that Li Rui should still be lying on the bed recuperating, Lin Xuan sighed.

‘Forget it, forget it, its better to go over and take a look instead of complaining.

Li Rui was half awake on the bed.

Beside him, a beautiful and sexy girl was carefully serving him, feeding him small mouthfuls of hydra soup.

For a moment, Lin Xuan was envious… No, he was angry, what kind of person was this…

“Yo, our hydra-head hero has woken up.

Must be nice to be spoon-fed!”

“Youre here!”

“I shouldnt have come.”

“But you still came.”

“Then should I leave”

“Im not joking.

Lets get down to business.”

Li Rui patted the girls hand and said to Lin Xuan with a smile, “You have magic patterns on your body, and theyre very powerful!”

“Yes, why”

Frowning, Lin Xuan was a little puzzled.

At first, he thought that Li Ruis talent was void of terror, which was the big bug that he transformed into.

The fact proved that it was true, but he didnt expect that Li Ruis talent existed in the form of magic patterns as well.

“Magic patterns have a big problem!” Li Rui sighed, “You saw me perform the Feast of Fear, which was when I completely killed the head of the hydra.

You should know that at that moment, I wasnt me, or rather, my consciousness wasnt me!”

Hearing that, Lin Xuan raised his eyebrows and nodded.

Indeed, at that moment, Li Rui was greedy, and brutal, and gave off an air of fear.

If you said that this was Li Ruis nature, Lin Xuan would not believe it.

“It was also at that time that I clearly knew that magic patterns, especially high-level magic patterns, existed in the soul and consciousness.”

“It fought with you for control of the body”

Lin Xuan was shocked.

He did not know the intensity of the void terror magic pattern, but the three-legged golden crow magic pattern on his body was a heaven-rank high-level magic pattern.

In other words, there must be conscious in the three-legged golden crow magic pattern!

This was very unsettling for Lin Xuan!

“Thats not possible.

It cant do it.

Its just that the level of the hydra was too high back then.

Even if I used the Feast of Fear, I would not be able to complete the whole process.

I could only let it control me.

With its level, it could completely devour it.”

Lin Xuan suddenly understood.

No wonder he was able to complete the cross-level kill.

It turned out that it was a high-level creature that was in charge of his body back then.

“Whats the drawback There must be something about it!”

There was always a direct ratio between gain and loss.

There was no free lunch in this world.

Fate had already set a price for it.

“The drawback is still bearable.

Its just that I can wake up this consciousness ahead of time.

But fortunately, the ability users talent is bestowed by the dungeon space.

Even if it wakes up ahead of time, it will still be firmly suppressed by the dungeon spaces rules.

If it wants to do anything, unless I agree, it wont be able to bypass the dungeon spaces rules.”

“I once obtained some knowledge from the destruction of the previous era.

There were no humans in the previous era.

At that time, the rulers were demonic and ferocious beasts, which were the wild monsters of today.

There was also the shaman tribe… Hmm, Im not sure about the details, but it said that the demonic beasts did not seem to be willing to lose.

They created the magic pattern and left it for this era.

As for what it wants to do, I think you know it well!”

Lin Xuan frowned deeply.

He knew only a limited amount about the use of magic patterns.

On the surface, what everyone knew was that it could increase ones ability in a certain aspect, whether it was physique, speed, or strength.

A slightly stronger magic pattern could also increase ones elemental perception, which was elemental affinity.

Another usage was to instantly transform into a magic pattern beast with powerful abilities.

However, whether or not it would still be you at that time was questionable now.

“Like instantly transforming into a magic pattern wild beast Do you mean that some of those people who lost control of their magic patterns were actually occupied by the consciousness of the magic pattern that was left here in the past”

Lin Xuan was a bit shocked.

‘This doesnt make sense.

How could they do this Does Taixia Country know about this

“We cant rule out this possibility!”

Li Rui watched Lin Xuan seriously, “I could clearly smell the smell of the magic pattern on you.

Fair warning.

Dont compete with the consciousness of the magic pattern.

You wont be prepared for it at all.”

Lin Xuan fell silent.

Could he do something against a heaven-rank high-level runic pattern consciousness

“You dont have to worry.

They used the runic patterns to live until this era.

Its impossible for them to not suffer any losses.

Their souls arent complete.

At the very least, before earth-rank, the strength of their souls wont support the awakening of their consciousness.

Im just an exception.

With the restriction of the dungeons space rules, they cant make any big waves.”



Whether or not his soul-slaughtering talent could destroy the runic patterns consciousness, it was still possible… right!

“Then what do you plan to do”

Lin Xuan asked curiously.

Li Ruis situation was much more serious than he expected.

The runic patterns of consciousness had already awakened.

Although there was a dungeon space limit, it could still be considered a ticking time bomb.

He still had to deal with it as soon as possible.

“What should I do Its not a big problem.

We just need to get rid of it before we advance to earth-rank.

If it really doesnt work, well look for outside help!”

Li Rui said with a smile.

He picked up the hydra soup that was already quite cold and drank it by himself.

“Why do we need to get rid of it before we advance to earth-rank”

Frowning, Lin Xuan asked in puzzlement.

“Because when we break through to earth-rank, we will welcome an all-round transformation.

At that time, the runic consciousness will also have enough soul power to take the initiative to recover.

There will definitely be a great battle between the consciousnesses.

The winner will be determined by life and death!

“If thats the case, then we naturally have to strike first and take advantage of its illness to take its life!

“Im tired.

You can leave now!”

Li Rui waved his hand and lazily hid his body under the blanket.

He chuckled at Lin Xuan.

“F*ck you, you little b*stard.

When you recover, Ill beat you up!”

Lin Xuan cursed and left the room.

However, what Li Rui said was of great help to him.

Initially, he wanted to wait until earth-rank to go to Taiyang Country to cause trouble.

Now it seemed that he had to go as a mystic-rank.

However, he had just offended their country-protecting ferocious beast, the eight-headed hydra.

That was a peak earth-rank wild monster.

It would be hard to even enter!

What a headache!

Lin Xuan touched the flame crow magic pattern on his body.

His eyes narrowed slightly.

“The remnants of the old era”

He greeted the beautiful girl at the door and left directly.

Although the magic pattern consciousness was quite disgusting, a person living in the present had to do what he was doing first.

First, he had to go to the endless sea king world dungeon and take all the things that he needed to take.

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