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Master Lingxu explained, “The Innate Moon Spirit Body can absorb the moons essence to cultivate under the moonlight.

The high-level cultivation can be said to be advancing at a tremendous pace.

Its a gift from the heavens!”

As he spoke, Master Lingxu started to feel envious.

At this time, some people were born with Innate Spirit Bodies and even Innate Dao Bodies.

It was heaven-defying for ordinary people to cultivate, but these innate people followed the will of heaven.

Once they started cultivating, it was as if the heavens were helping them.

Dong Xis eyes lit up after hearing this.

She immediately approached her master and asked, “Master, then Im also a genius”

Master Lingxu looked at the little girl and noticed that her eyes had widened a lot.

Her face was slightly red, and she was obviously overly excited.

He raised his hand and gently stroked Dong Xis head, sighing.

Dong Xi instantly became nervous when she saw her Master sigh.

As the old saying goes, one is not afraid of Masters laughter, but afraid of Masters sigh.

Then, she heard Master Lingxu say, “Little Xi, Master has never seen the Innate Moon Spirit Body before.

However, according to the popular saying about the Innate Moon Spirit Body, the Innate Moon Spirit Body is related to the water spirit root.

Moreover, its only a water spirit root.

The root value is basically above 90.

However, your…”

There was no need to say more, Dong Xi already understood.

She had three spirit roots, and none of them were water spirit roots.

Master Lingxus expression was a little awkward, and Dong Xi was also able to get over it.

She smiled and said, “Master, its fine.

No matter what kind of spirit body it is, my cultivation speed is not slow.

Its pretty good.”

Hearing Dong Xis words, Daoist Lingxu was stunned for a moment before he laughed and said, “Although Little Xi is young, her heart is clear.

On the contrary, it was I who fell into the chaos of overthinking.

Little Xi, cultivate well.

If you have any problems, come and find me.”

Dong Xi hurriedly cupped her fists and left her Masters cave.

Dong Xi returned to her cave abode.

As soon as she opened the door, a foul smell swept out from the room.

She frowned and subconsciously looked at the snake on the bed.

It would have been fine if she had not looked, but the moment she did, she felt as if her heart had been struck by a heavy blow.

She was stunned on the spot.

Su Cheng was lying on the bed.

There were still traces of blood on the side of the bed.

His head was lowered, his eyes were closed, and there was still blood on the corner of his mouth.

His long black hair was scattered on the side of the bed.

No matter how she looked at it, it felt like this place was a murder scene.

Dong Xi did not have time to think.

She dragged her trembling body and carefully ran to the bed.

She reached out and touched the artery on Su Chengs neck.

However, the moment her fingertips touched Su Cheng, she did not even feel his pulse.

In an instant, a force threw her out again.

Dong Xi was thrown against the wall, and pain shot through her body.

“Bastard! In the future, even if you really die, I wont care!” Dong Xi said painfully.

She wanted to rush up and eat Su Cheng right now.

Su Cheng slowly sat up from the bed.

His face was pale, and he had one hand on the bed, looking weak and fragile.

Who could associate him with the ruthless person just now

Su Cheng lowered his head so that no one could see his expression.

A trace of guilt flashed through his vertical pupils, but it was instantly hidden.

Dong Xi did not notice it at all.

He had heard Dong Xis words and knew that she was concerned about him.

However, to him, defense was an instinct, and not intentional.

Not to mention, the place she had touched just now was the snakes weak point.

Seeing that he did not apologize, Dong Xi became even angrier.

She walked angrily to the training room and was just about to sit down to cultivate when he heard a deep and magnetic voice say, “If youre not in a good mood, you might have Qi deviation.”

Dong Xi told herself in her heart to ignore this big snake.

However, when she heard the snakes words, she could not help but stand up from the ground.

Dong Xi really could not hold back her anger!

“So what if I get Qi deviation!” Dong Xi resentfully replied.

“Its better than being killed by you, right You demons, are you all so ungrateful”

Su Cheng looked at the angry little girl and retorted, “No.”

Dong Xi wanted to say something, but she saw a smile on Su Chengs face.

Su Cheng just looked at the angry little girl and continued in a good mood, “The other demon beasts arent, but I am.”

Dong Xi, “…”

She had seen shameless people before, but she had never seen someone as shameless as this.

It was indeed true.

Dont try to wake up a person who is pretending to be asleep.

That person will not wake up, and you should never expect a shameless person to abide by any morals.

As Dong Xi was organizing her words, Su Cheng used a cleaning spell to clean up the cave.

“Little girl, come over and treat me,” Su Cheng ordered.

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