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Dong Xi crossed her arms and snorted coldly without saying anything.

Su Cheng was not a good-tempered person to begin with.

He had already gathered the spiritual Qi in his palm, but he hesitated, and then the spiritual Qi dissipated.

Su Cheng lowered his head and whispered, “I didnt mean to do that just now.”

Dong Xi was stunned.

She looked at Su Cheng.

Was this guy apologizing

“Ill throw you out too, and then say I didnt do it on purpose, okay” She bit her lip.

Su Cheng thought about it and nodded.


Dong Xi was a little surprised.

She turned her head and saw the snakes tail from his exposed chest, as well as the tip of the tail that was wagging back and forth.

Dong Xi was very certain that even if she was ten times stronger, she would not be able to defeat the big snake!

“Just you wait,” Dong Xi muttered in a low voice, “its never too late for revenge! When Im successful in my cultivation, Ill definitely take revenge!”

Su Cheng leaned weakly against the wall and looked into Dong Xis eyes with a smile on his face, making her a little dazed.

However, his vicious tongue never disappointed Dong Xi.

He said indifferently, “A mantis trying to stop a chariot.”

Dong Xi, “!!”

Su Cheng casually took out something and threw it to Dong Xi.

He said calmly, “Treat my injuries and this is yours.”

Dong Xi held it in her hand and saw that it was a turtle shell-like object.

Su Cheng explained, “This is a protective spirit tool.

It can withstand three heavy blows from anyone below the advanced level of the Nascent Soul stage.

Take it to save your life.”

Dong Xi was overjoyed when she heard this.

Wasnt this three more lives

Alright, since he was so sincere, she would forgive him this once.

Su Cheng did not have any other intentions when he gave her this.

He was just afraid that she might accidentally kill this little girl one day…

Dong Xi had taken his money, so she will treat his injuries.

She obediently placed her hand on his tail.

She did not know that when other people transmigrated, the demon beasts they got were powerful companions or pets.

She was the only one who picked up an ancestor for herself and had to serve him carefully!

The spiritual Qi in Dong Xis Dantian was about to be exhausted, so she stopped healing and let him have a good rest.

Then, she turned around and went to the practice room.

First, she took out her communication jade slip and saw her friends message.

Ke Xin had asked her to go to the market with her.

Dong Xi thought about how she had not seen her sister in a long time and agreed.

She immediately arranged to meet the next day and collected all the message jade slips.

Dong Xi took out two cultivation techniques.

One was the Eight-nine Cultivation Technique and the other was Grand Sun Flames.

From the names, one could tell that they were very powerful cultivation techniques.

Dong Xis fire spirit root was the best, and she felt that she should cultivate the Grand Sun Flames.

Chi Yan had said that this cultivation method had no attribute, so she could only see if the cultivation technique would choose her.

With an attitude of giving it a try, she opened the Grand Sun Flames and followed the instructions on the cultivation method to integrate the spiritual energy into her blood.

However, she did not expect that she could not hold on even at the first step.

The cultivation method was too overbearing, and intense pain instantly came from her meridians.

The blood in her body churned, and her face turned pale.

She immediately spat out a mouthful of blood.

Dong Xi could not even maintain her meditating posture.

She supported herself with both hands to prevent herself from lying down.

Su Cheng also noticed the sound from the cultivation technique, and his expression changed instantly.

In the next second, Dong Xi fell into a cold embrace, forming a sharp contrast with the hot spiritual Qi in her body.

She shivered, and her mind became clearer.

Before she could see what the snake was doing, she felt everything flash past her eyes.

In an instant, she fell into the water.

The icy cold pond water instantly submerged Dong Xis entire body.

The pain in her meridians was greatly alleviated, and Dong Xi heaved a sigh of relief.

However, when she saw where he was, he instantly started to struggle.

Why was it all water She did not know how to swim!

When she had just transmigrated, the feeling of imminent death struck her again.

Dong Xi felt difficulty breathing and struggled with all her might, but she could only watch as he slowly sank to the depths of the pond…

Dong Xi tried to mobilize her spiritual Qi to stop herself from sinking, but it was of no use.

Tears flowed out of her eyes and instantly melted into the cold pond.

This huge snake! How did she offend him! He actually wanted to kill her!

Su Cheng threw Dong Xi into the pond and waited for a long time, but she did not come back up.

He thought she still had not recovered, so he did not care.

After a while, he suddenly noticed that the aura in the lake had become very weak, and he knew that something was wrong.

Dong Xi felt her hand touch something very hard and cold.

The next moment, her slender waist was hugged by someone.

Dong Xi tried her best to open his eyes, only to see a snake tongue sticking out.

Her willpower could no longer hold on, and she fainted.

Su Cheng did not expect this person to be drowned.

The Su Chengs clan loved water and humidity.

They were born to swim and grew up in the water.

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