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When Su Cheng was still a small demon, he had to rely on water to escape many times when his life was in danger.

He transformed back into human form, picked up Dong Xi with his tail, and turned her upside down to control the water.

Seeing that Dong Xi still did not move, Su Cheng frowned.

Su Cheng was a venomous snake and did not have the ability to save people.

This girls body was not good either.

What if she really…

Su Chengs face instantly darkened.

He did not know if he should save this little girl.

Was there a need to

He had killed countless people, so why would he care about such a small cause and effect

However, when he saw the little girl still lying on his tail, he immediately changed his mind.

Su Cheng first gave Dong Xi some spiritual Qi to protect her heart and brought her back to the cave.

He placed her on the bed and spat out an inner core.

If one were to look closely, one would discover that there were some cracks on the surface of the inner core.

He raised his hand and suspended the inner core above Dong Xi.

The light enveloped Dong Xis body, making her look like a dream.

In a daze, Dong Xi felt as if he had been wrapped in something warm.

There was also a strange power that entered her body, making her turn over comfortably.

Su Cheng caught the inner core and helped Dong Xi regulate the spiritual Qi in her body.

However, the next second, he opened his eyes and looked at the bed.

All he saw was his inner core being suddenly pulled to Dong Xis mouth by a suction force.

Dong Xi opened her mouth and ate it.

Su Chengs face darkened, and he grabbed Dong Xis neck.

He had tried so hard to save this person, but this person actually dared to swallow his inner core! Humans, no matter big or small, were all extremely cunning.

Even a little girl like her could be so scheming!

In Dong Xis dream, it was as if something was wrapped around his neck.

It was extremely uncomfortable, and she instinctively raised her hand to pull it away.

With a struggle, the inner core was immediately swallowed.

Su Cheng panicked when he saw this.

Although his inner core was damaged, it was not something this girl could handle.

The violent Qi in the inner core would soon rush out of her Dantian and her meridians…

He immediately picked Dong Xi up and pressed his finger on the place three inches above her belly button, wanting to make Dong Xi spit out the inner elixir.

However, he did not expect that no matter how many times he tried, it would be useless.

Dong Xi coughed a few times and slowly opened his eyes.

She discovered that he had been wrapped by the huge snakes tail and was being lifted in the air.

She looked at Su Chengs eyes and saw a bit of resentment.

Then, she looked at his face and saw that black patterns had appeared.

Dong Xi wanted to go down, but Su Cheng let her go and she fell to the ground.

Dong Xi pushed herself up with both hands and could not help but shout, “Are you crazy You threw me into the pond, I cant swim! You almost killed me!”

Su Cheng saw that she was full of energy.

What he was worried about did not happen at all.

He could even feel his inner core floating in her Dantian.

Su Cheng forcefully stopped the thought of opening her stomach and taking back his inner core.

He coldly said, “You ate my inner core.”

Dong Xi was just about to say something when she heard the black snakes sudden words.

She was stunned.

“You, what did you say” Dong Xi asked in surprise.

Su Cheng looked at her and repeated with a serious expression, “You ate my inner core!”

Dong Xi suddenly understood why he had been so resentful when he woke up.

But why had he eaten his inner core The difference in strength between the two of them was not just a little bit.

Even if there were a hundred of him, he might not be able to touch him.

Su Cheng saw her frowning and said, I noticed that you were suffering from Qi deviation, so I kindly helped you to get rid of the fire poison in your body.

I even saved you from the water and used my inner core to help you heal.

I didnt expect that you would bite the hand that fed you.

You actually ate my inner core.

Humans are all cunning.

In order to get back my inner core, I cant let you live!”

Su Cheng put one hand behind his back and raised the other in the air.

A ball of green mist appeared in his hand.

The air around the mist seemed to have a fault.

Dong Xi was shocked.

She did not doubt that this mist could make her disappear without a trace.

her forehead was full of cold sweat.

She quickly went into havoc and immediately said, “big snake! Its fine to kill me, but I cant hurt your inner core!”

Su Cheng smiled coldly.

Dong Xi looked at his white teeth and was even more panicked.

“Dont worry, I know how to control my strength,” Su Cheng said lightly.

Dong Xis face turned even paler.

How could she have eaten the snakes inner core for no reason Why did she not know anything about it

Didnt he say before that eating a demonic beasts inner core would cause ones body to explode and die But now…

When Dong Xi thought of this, she instantly felt even worse.

No one would be able to remain calm if they had a bomb in their stomach and were facing the possibility of being killed at any time!

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