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In the doomsday, is it the monster that descended from the sky that would eventually destroy mankind, or the demon buried in the heart of humans


“How is the situation of the chassis” Chu Qianxun asked.

“No problem.” A man’s voice came from under the car.

Chu Qianxun made a tick on the record card in her hand: “Motor oil Brake fluid”

After the front cover of the car was opened, a hand covered with oil was stretched out, and made ‘OK’ sign.

“Brake pads”

A voice came from the chaotically modified off-road vehicle: “It works.”

Chu Qianxun made a record, bent down and measured the tire pressure by herself, carefully checking the condition of each tire.

It has been ten years since the end of the world, and it’s already good that they can still rent a car at the camp.

The inspection before departure can’t be overstated.

When chased by those monsters, a car with superior performance is likely to save the lives of a group of people.

Chu Qianxun stood up and closed the notebook.

She looked tired, her hands were greasy, and she was skinny.

Long-term hunger and fatigue made her look more than ten years older than her actual age.

Like most people who lived in this doomsday, she was numb, sluggish, and her whole person looked grey and lifeless.

Most of the survivors in the past ten years have worked hard, but they are eager to live more than ever before.

In order to live as long as possible in this world where demons are rampant, everyone is trying their best to survive.

“We’ll rent this one, Ji Bo.” Chu Qianxun respectfully held a bag of grain, and said to the old man sitting on the sidelines and flipping through the newspaper.

Yes, the newspaper.

In this era when various modern communication facilities have lost their functions, newspapers have once again become one of the important means for mankind to obtain information.

Ji Bo, who was sitting at the parking lot, didn’t look up.

He flipped a page of the newspaper, and signaled that he knew.

There was an eye-catching line on the front page of the newspaper, which is…

‘Tragic! City A fell, and the city of 10,000 people turned into a cemetery of yellow sand overnight!’

The existence of Shura, the death knell of mankind!

A man more terrifying than a demon – Ye Feitian!

Chu Qianxun sighed in her heart.

‘It was the devil again, how many people did he kill Fortunately, City A is far away from here.’

“Okay, come out, get in the car and we’ll set off.” She knocked on the car, indicating the companion under the car to come out.

There was only silence.

“A Wu Xiao Chen” Chu Qianxun felt a bad feeling in her heart.

A pool of bright red blood quietly flowed on the ground under the car, and a pair of gloomy red eyes appeared in the shadow behind the wheel.


Chu Qianxun’s pupils contracted, and she backed several meters away.

Her fists suddenly clenched, and the air on her hand began to compress rapidly, forming two crescent-shaped wind blades.

A sigh-like voice sounded in the night.

The voice seemed to be the most tender and sweet of a woman, with a very strange trembling, as if speaking next to Chu Qianxun’s ear.

“Aya~ It’s been a long time since I’ve eaten a young woman’s flesh.”

The blood-red eyes moved from the bottom of the car to her side in an instant.

Chu Qianxun’s hair stood up all over her body.

A strong sense of fear seized her.

‘I’m done.

‘ she thought, ‘it’s too strong.’

‘Even though it is so difficult to live, I really want to live longer.’

This was the last thought that flashed in Chu Qianxun’s mind before she died.


Because the human civilization has been destroyed for a decade, their camp at night are generally primitive and silent.

Chu Qianxun hadn’t heard such a noise for many years.

The car noise in the distance, the sound of typing on the keyboard, the girls giggling, the background music in the TV series, the English words that are recited repeatedly…

The fragmented, vague, and distant or near sounds are mixed together which made her restless in her sleep.

Chu Qianxun opened her eyes at once.

She abruptly got up, held her palms on the edge of the bed, turned over from the top bunk in a beautiful somersault, and landed firmly on the ground.

With one hand propped on the ground and toes ready to go, Chu Qianxun watched the surroundings vigilantly.

She was both surprised and suspicious.

The little movement just now made her realize the dullness and weakness of this body.

Just turning over from a two-story bed, her soles and palms felt a faint pain.

Chu Qianxun realized that she was not dead, but she had lost her strength and was in an unfamiliar environment.

This place seems to be a female dormitory with four bunk beds.

The lower level is a desk and the upper level is a sleeping berth with curtains.

To Chu Qianxun, this room was vaguely familiar.

A disheveled head came out of a cartoon bed curtain on the upper bunk, and Chu Qianxun’s gaze was directly facing her.

The two stared at each other for a moment.

In a very familiar voice, that head talked to Chu Qianxun’s.  “Chu Qianxun, are you okay Why did you suddenly jump down from that height Do you want to scare me to death”

Chu Qianxun remembered.

This was from her college days, their dorm head, Han Xuan.

However, Han Xuan died ten years ago.

She died in front of Chu Qianxun’s eyes.

Chu Qianxun turned her head blankly and looked out of the window.

The windows of the dormitory are facing the gate of the school.

There was a lot of traffic on the street outside the gate, and from time to time a few horns sounded in.

Several boys on bicycles drive past under the willow trees inside the school gate.

Under the tree, there is a couple holding hands and talking to each other with sticky words of love.

Next to the window is a desktop that was turned on.

It’s computer screen flashing blue light, clearly displaying the time on the screen saver, March 17, 20XX

Chu Qianxun found herself back before the end of the world.

There are still five days before the demon descended.


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