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    The sky darkened a little while everyone was on guard.

They didn’t know whether the demon was just lurking around or it already left as it never appeared again.

    From behind, an orange light from a vehicle’s headlamps illuminated the road.

    Several painted military off-road vehicles arrived.

    As soon as the doors opened, a group of heavily armed soldiers leaped from the vehicle with their armaments around their waists.

    All of them are tall and have long legs with oil paint on their faces, wearing camouflage uniforms, stab-resistant vests, tactical gloves, and bullet-proof helmets on their heads with night vision goggles.

    As soon as they got off the car, they quickly prevented and controlled all directions separately with their tacit cooperation.

    The leader was a first lieutenant*, and he showed his ID to Platoon Commander Lin.

    “Special Operations Detachment, Wu Hao.

What’s the situation here” Lieutenant Wu Hao briefly introduced himself and asked about the situation.

    “Reporting to the Chief, there has been a demon that moves very fast, and our soldiers have suffered a lot of casualties.”

    Wu Hao frowned.

Their large army just encountered a demon in front that was clearly different from ordinary demons.

That demon’s skin and flesh were hard and powerful, and ordinary soldiers couldn’t it at all, and paid a great price to kill it.

    “A very powerful demon also appeared in the battlefield ahead, and we have already killed it.

Now that the road is unblocked, the Captain has ordered to speed up the march and you need to cover the masses here to evacuate quickly.

We will assist you afterwards.” 

    “It is great that the comrades from the special forces can come to support.” Platoon Commander Lin shook hands with Wu Hao, feeling greatly relieved.

He began to send soldiers to organize the disintegrated crowd, calling on the masses to start evacuating forward.

    The demon was so fast just now that he and his soldiers couldn’t capture the demon’s actions at all, let alone kill it.

It was the female college student’s assistance that they were able to repel it.

    Platoon Commander Lin’s eyes searched the crowd for a moment, and saw that the female student who had a good marksmanship was cautiously guarding with the gun while slowly moving closer to them.

    Chu Qianxun came to the newly arrived commander of the special forces team and stated the characteristics of the demon in a straightforward manner.

“The demon is fast with its adsorption power on its limbs and can walk quickly on vertical walls.

Its defense is not high, and ordinary bullets can penetrate its skin.

It’s injured right now however it hasn’t made any movements yet.

In visual inspection, it is estimated that its weak point is in the neck.”

    She heard what the lieutenant had just said, and suspected that they encountered a Level 1 demon “Blunt Walker*“.

    The “Blunt Walker” has a thick skin, a powerful strength, and its weakness is the abdomen.

It was completely different from the “Wanderer*” that appeared here.

    If the tactics used to deal with the Blunt Walkers are used to deal with the Wanderers, she’s afraid that these soldiers will have to pay a great price.

    An expert will know it as soon as he handles it himself.

When this team got off the car, with a few simple actions, Chu Qianxun knew that someone who could help was finally here.

    Chu Qianxun shared the demon’s information with them, and at the same time wanted to find out where the body of the Blunt Walker was killed by them.

She wants the crystal inside.

    Wu Hao looked at the female college student in front of him.

The girl came with a gun, her footsteps were faint and its speed is slow, obviously a person with weak limbs.

She couldn’t even stand the recoil of the gun, and had to put a towel on her shoulder.

    So, Wu Hao identified her in his heart: weak chicken.

    Regardless of gender, at this time he doesn’t need the weak, so he frowned and said, “Student, don’t make trouble.”

    Chu Qianxun stopped talking, and quickly labeled the soldier in her heart: stupid.

    Before Platoon Commander Lin had time to speak, Wu Hao turned his head and said: “Are there many H University students here We were ordered to find Fu Guoxu, a junior student in the Department of Economics and Trade.

Organize a team to search.”

    Chu Qianxun passed him and shouted to the crowd: “Fu Guoxu!”

    Fu Guoxu, who was squatting behind a flower bed, stood up.

    “Junior sister, are you calling me What’s the matter” He was a little happy that Chu Qianxun called him.

    Unexpectedly, Chu Qianxun’s face suddenly became cold and swiftly raised her gun at him, shooting without hesitation.

    Three bangs in a row.

    Fu Guoxu felt something slimy splashed on his face, he reached out and touched it, and saw a pale-yellow liquid on his hand.

    A naked demon fell at his feet, its curled cyan body rolled on the ground, leaving behind a pale-yellow liquid.

    The novice wanderer was completely enraged.

It opened its mouth and let out a horrible cry similar to the cry of a baby and rushed towards Chu Qianxun, who had injured it many times, at an extremely fast speed.

    Chu Qianxun began to retreat quickly while calmy firing at it.

Even while running, every shot she fired could still hit the demon’s neck accurately.

    The weaknesses of different types of demons are not the same.

The speed-type demon crystals of the wanderer are hidden in the neck, and their weakness is also in the neck.

This is the common sense that everyone in the last days knew, but at this moment, there is no one except Chu Qianxun who knows this truth.

    The members of the special forces reacted immediately.

    Their dynamic vision and predictive ability are very superior, keeping up with the speed of the demon, and the powerful firepower is concentrated on the fast-moving demon.

    Under the powerful attack, the demon on the contrary, aroused its fierceness and at an incredible speed, charged towards Chu Qianxun.

After a few ups and downs, it aimed Chu Qianxun’s eyes.

    The hideous and terrifying demon pounced on the weak female student, and in the next moment it might tear the weak girl into pieces.

    The hearts of everyone present were strained with discomfort.

    The female student herself did not show a trace of fear.

    Without blinking her eyes, she stared at the oncoming demon, and calmly fired the gun.

It wasn’t until the demon was in front of her that she dropped the gun, swiped and pulled out the dagger from her leg, and put on a defensive posture across her chest.

    Wu Hao, who was closest to Chu Qianxun, also drew out his portable knife with a roar, and rushed forward to prepare for rescue.

    Fortunately, the defensive ability of this demon was indeed much lower than the one they had encountered earlier.

    When rushing to Chu Qianxun, the demon was already at the end of the crossbow *, and finally fell softly against Chu Qianxun’s face.

    *Pa-da!* With a sound, it pressed Chu Qianxun under its body and stopped moving.

    Wu Hao led the members of the special force to surround the motionless demon.

They held up their guns and did not dare to shoot, for fear of accidentally injuring the student under the demon.

    “Are you okay Classmate, classmate!”

    “Please answer if you hear us, classmate!”

    The demon’s soft body moved, and the “weak” female student pushed away the demon’s blue-grey arms, crawling out from under it.

    She seemed to want to confirm whether the demon is really dead, and touched the demon’s neck that was almost smashed.

She did not shy away from being contaminated by the yellow liquid from the wound of the one-handed demon.

    She then jumped happily, and put her hands in her pockets: “It’s dead.

Good luck.”

    Wu Hao looked at the female student who was labeled as “weak chicken”, and felt embarrassed by being slapped on the face.

    Facing a terrifying demon that suddenly appeared, even the best soldier under his hand doesn’t have such strong psychological quality who can make a calm reponse.

    Only at this moment did Fu Guoxu realize what had happened, and he hurried forward.

    “Are you okay, junior sister”

    Wu Hao looked at him: “Are you Fu Guoxu”

    “Right, yes.” Fu Guoxu’s chubby face was blank.

    Wu Hao took out his mobile phone, compared the photos, and nodded: “Captain Fu Zhenxiong asked us to pick you up and go with us.

You will get in the car with us.”

    Fu Guoxu paused for a while, and then became happy.

The Captain in Wu Hao’s mouth is his grandfather.

    “Great, can I take my classmates”

    Wu Hao glanced at Chu Qianxun and nodded.

    “Junior sister, my grandfather sent someone to pick me up.

Are you going with me” Fu Guoxu asked Chu Qianxun for advice.

For the first time in his life, he was really happy because of his special identity.

After being saved by his junior sister several times along the way, he can finally return some of his favors.

    The fingers in Chu Qianxun’s pockets rubbed the small crystal, which she had just gotten out of the wanderer’s neck.

    The crystal of a level one demon is only as big as the jujube* core, it is hidden and not easy to find.

If it wasn’t because she had touched these things countless times, it would really be impossible to quietly put it inside her pocket under everyone’s eyes.

    This is exactly the crystal she most urgently needs at this time.

    She wanted to go her own way but, in her heart, she was thinking about the corpse of the blunt walker that Wu Hao mentioned, hoping to get the position of the corpse out of their mouths.

    After thinking for a moment, she nodded: “Okay, I’ll walk with you for a while.

But I’m going to Lu Island, and we’ll be parting on the way.”

    “Where are Han Xuan and Gan Xiaodan Where did they go”

    Fu Guoxu looked for someone in the crowd, it was too chaotic just now, and it was already dark.

He doesn’t know if those two girls were pushed and taken by the traffic.

    *Boom! Boom! Boom!* Loud noises rang from the corner of the street in the distance.

    Every time that sound rang, the ground slightly vibrated.

    Wu Hao’s face turned ugly.

    He knew what it was.

They had just fought against this type of demon.

They had thick skin, almost invulnerable, and they were so powerful that they were very difficult to deal with.

    There was excitement in Chu Qianxun’s eyes. Well, what do you know!

    What came was a Level one Blunt Walker, this kind of demon moves slowly, low in intelligence, and with an obvious weakness.

At this moment, she has a gun in her hand and a group of free soldiers from special forces around her.

Is there any better time and place than this

    Chu Qianxun almost couldn’t control the laugh she wanted to let out.

    In the horrified eyes of everyone, a huge figure came out from the corner of the street.

That figure looks like a normal human being with obesity-if it weren’t for its three-story building height.

    The tall giant moved slowly, shaking the fat all over its body, moving towards where they are step by step.

Its two eyes were peculiarly opened, almost to the side of its forehead.

Its lips were plump with saliva dripping all the way like rain.

    “The first team, take Fu Guoxu and this girl away first.

Platoon Commander Lin, arrange for the masses to retreat, and the second and third teams will follow me.” Wu Hao quickly issued instructions.

    Chu Qianxun rubbed her shoulders: “I will stay.

With you.”

    “Junior sister!” Fu Guoxu eagerly wanted to persuade her.

    Chu Qianxun had already picked up the gun and followed the members of the special forces team.

She waved her hand with her back facing him: “You go first.”

    Fu Guoxu bit his lips and was speechless.

He knew that even if he stayed, he would only be a burden.

    Once, those cousins ​​in his family made fun of him for his weakness and powerlessness.

    He didn’t care, and felt that those brothers were stupid.

Thinking they were brainwashed by the old people at home.

They didn’t want to enjoy the wonderful world of colorful flowers, and went to the barracks to suffer.

    At this moment, he fled into the vehicle in a hurry, protected and sent away from the battlefield.

    From the mottled car window, he can only look up at those upright figures, facing the demons with their back against the crowd.

    Only then did a strong regret rise in Fu Guoxu’s heart rise.

Translator’s Thoughts:

first lieutenant* – If Wu Hao is a First Lieutenant, then Lin Tou should be a Second Lieutenant as only a second or first lieutenant or an equivalent rank can be an officer in charge of a platoon.

1st Lieutenant Insignia

2nd Lieutenant Insignia


Blunt Walker* or 鈍行者 Dùn xíngzhě

Wanderer* – or 遊蕩者 yóudàng zhě

I really like how the author named the demons, they are very eye-catching when translated.


At the end of the crossbow* – or Qiángnǔzhīmòan (強弩之末).

It is an idiom with a literal meaning of ‘arrow at the end of its flight or spent force’.

It figuratively means that a formerly powerful force is declining and coming to an end.

jujube* – Red or Chinese date.

It is sweet and round with a diameter of 1.5 – 2 inches, so you can guess how big its core is.


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