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“Brother Juan went by himself” Yan Xue stood up in a swift motion.

“Yes.” Chu Qianxun patted her on the shoulder, “You should be able to understand his intentions.

He didn’t want to embarrass you.

I think he will not let go of those who killed his brother.”

Yan Xue lowered her head and rubbed the gun in her hand.

It was a gun dedicated to shooting athletes.

The worn marks on the gun were very old, as it had obviously been used for many years.

“Were you an athlete before” Chu Qianxun asked.

There were not many ability holders who could use firearms.

Most of these people were the ones who had been exposed to the use of firearms very frequently before the apocalypse, and were crazy about them.

They were mostly soldiers, special police or shooting athletes.

“Yes, I practiced the 50-meter rifle prone.” Yan Xue skillfully picked up the gun and aimed at the distance, “I have been practicing this since I was six years old.

There was no entertainment in my childhood and few friends.

Almost all the free time was spent in the training hall, and my only partner was this.”

“I like to practice shooting.

Although it’s a bit boring, I don’t feel lonely.

I enjoy being alone in the training hall and listening to the gunshot.

Unfortunately, my talent is not enough.

No matter how hard I try, I couldn’t be one of the top few.

My family and coaches persuaded me to give up when I was an adult.

I also started to try the life of an ordinary person, but I found that I probably could no longer adapt to the life of an ordinary person.

I can’t even have a good relationship.”

The cold-faced woman clung to her gun and shook the trigger.

A phantom bullet was shot out of thin air in the barrel without ammunition.

The bullet in the air turned three.

Three bullets whizzed toward the distant sky.

Yan Xue did not return to Nanxi Base, but joined Chu Qianxun’s team.

The crowd followed the severely damaged road, over the mountains and ridges, overnight in a lonely village, and walked toward the southeast.

The night was low, and the pitch-black road was illuminated by the flashlight, occasionally lit up with one or two reflective paints.

The place was too quiet on both sides, and the thick dark night seemed to have swallowed the only calls of insects and birds.

“It’s too quiet here.

How long does it take to reach Donghua Town” Jiang Chengzhu condensed a stick of ice and squeaked it in his mouth.

Chu Qianxun looked at the map on the phone, “It should not be far away, we will reach the edge of the town and settle down.”

There was a wild apple tree by the roadside with a few small immature green fruits.

Qi Yongchun ran over happily.

He used his ability to ripen two apples, picked them off, and handed them to the two teenagers, Tu Yibai and Jiang Chengzhu.

“There is nothing I can do.

I can only get two, let’s give you two first,” Qi Yongchun said.

Tu Yibai divided the apple into two and gave the half to Granny Feng.

Then he broke his own half into two pieces and handed it back to Qi Yongchun.

Jiang Chengzhu also broke his apple in half and gave it to Chu Qianxun.

He shared the remaining half with Gao Yan.

Chu Qianxun broke the apple and threw a piece to Ye Peitian.

Granny Feng’s half of the apple was also shared with Yan Xue.

So the two wild apples, which were already small, were divided into eight.

Everyone had a taste.

The section of the road was mostly wasteland with low slopes and too little food.

Chu Qianxun thought to herself that she would collect something to eat as soon as they reached the village and let Ye Peitian cook.

She glanced at Ye Peitian and found that her appetite had been accustomed to his food.

She used to have no special needs even if she did not eat or drink for two or three days.

But it was just a day she hadn’t eaten anything good, and she was thinking about what she could eat for the next meal.

“I can feel something,” Tu Yibai stopped and activated his ability.

He stepped back a few steps, his voice trembling, “There is a demon just over the mountain.

It’s coming.”

Tu Yibai was a particularly calm child, and ordinary demons would not scare him.

Everyone drew out their weapons, concentrating on holding a guard.

The low bushes on the hill by the roadside shook sparsely, and a scalp-numbing body turned out on the other side of the mountain wall.

The head of the demon resembled the head of a huge human baby, with large and round black eyes, but its body was disproportionately short, with three pairs of white tender and short arms on both sides.

It turned out from the mountain top, obviously unexpectedly it met so many people head-on, and its six hands were gathered in front of its chest and made a startled movement.

The big round eyes bend immediately, and it spit out a half-chewed human palm from its mouth and giggled.

Chu Qianxun took the lead, and the two amber lights flashed in the air, splitting the tall demon from top to bottom.

The demon’s huge body split vertically into three petals, and as Chu Qianxun fell to the ground, it crashed to the ground.

“H*ck, is it so useless” Jiang Chengzhu kicked the demon that fell in front of him.

“Don’t get close to it, it’s not over yet!” Chu Qianxun called.

The demon that was split into three parts suddenly changed into three demons that looked the same, but were only one-third of the original size.

Three demons bounced up from the ground.

The demons clenched their fists and opened their big mouths.

When they screamed, countless sharp short thorns ejected from their mouths.

Chu Qianxun dreadfully stood in front of Jiang Chengzhu, her double-edged blades staggered, barely covering the vitals, but her limbs were pierced by several short piercings.

The scorching blood splashed Jiang Chengzhu’s face.

Chu Qianxun never stopped, wielding a blade to fight again.

The light of the blade swayed continuously, and instantly split the demon in front of her into pieces that could not be restored again.

She was covered in blood and was about to rush toward the remaining two demons when a hand stretched out from behind, grabbed her collar and pushed her into Gao Yan’s arms.

Ye Peitian stood in front of her.

The sky was filled with yellow sand, and the earth cracked huge holes, swallowing the two demons’ bodies in one go.

There was a muffled roar from the ground, and the two mounds kept bulging on the ground.

It was two demons desperately trying to rush out of the ground.

Ye Peitian let out a low groan, gritted his teeth, and pressed his hands on the ground in front of him, not to let the demons out of control.

The earth shook violently.

The mounds suddenly jut from the ground constantly, crazily trying to escape from Ye Peitian’s restraint, but they didn’t succeed.

He tried his best to suppress the demons.

At the last moment, the ground suddenly bulged seven or eight mounds at the same time, but after all, they could not escape their fate of being trapped in yellow sand.

Then it was completely quiet.


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