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“Are they going to kill the sea demon”

“Kill the Siren How many people went to kill the Siren.”

“Hey, if the Siren can really be killed, we can go to the sea to get something to eat, and life will not be so bad.”

Because the place was too crowded, news that Chu Qianxun and others were going to kill the sea demon soon spread in the camp.

The people in the camp quietly looked at the team that was preparing to pack, and began to whisper.

“Hey, Siren is not easy to deal with.

Don’t go to find death!” A middle-aged man living near them couldn’t help but shout.

Chu Qianxun clasped her shoelaces tightly, fastened the pair of blades, and walked in front of the man.

“Brother, have you seen that sea demon Please give me some instructions,” she smiled like a flower, stretched out her white palm, and passed a cigarette.

Cigarettes were hard currency at this time.

Although they didn’t smoke, Chu Qianxun would still keep one or two packs in the bag to give on the road.

For example, it was very useful at this time.

Sure enough, the man who had just used sarcasm immediately changed his attitude.

He smiled and took the cigarette, tucked it behind his ear as he was reluctant to smoke for a while, but his tone became enthusiastic, “I don’t dare to give instructions.

My brothers were all killed in the demon’s hands.

Only I was lucky enough to keep my life.

Sister, I advise you not to take this risk.

After all, being alive is more important than anything else.”

He gave up his seat and asked Chu Qianxun to sit down, and talked about the experience of contact with the sea demon.

It was a demon with a human head and fish body.

It only appeared in the sea, so it was called a Siren by nearby humans.

In Chu Qianxun’s memory, there were very few demons that were active in the sea in the early days of the doomsday.

Large-scale sea demons were only known to people a few years after the apocalypse.

If it weren’t for that, Ludao wouldn’t have been stable for a long time.

Therefore, Chu Qianxun estimated that this so-called sea demon was not an ordinary demon, but a “fallen one”.

That was, a human ability holder that got demonized in the process of advancement.

The fallen were extremely difficult to deal with.

These demons derived from humans were different from ordinary demons.

Not only did they have unique attack ability, what was more troublesome was that they retained all the memories and IQ they had when they were humans, but they didn’t have emotions and fragility.

A big advantage of human beings against demons was that they could use wisdom to fight against the ignorant demons.

Although most demons had thick skins and strong offensive powers, they often ended up defeated by traps and subtle teamwork.

It wasn’t until a large number of fallen people who were wise, familiar with human activity patterns, but indifferent and rational appeared, that the battle for humans against demons truly fell into crisis.

Chu Qianxun humbly inquired about various information about the fallen person called the sea demon.

The team members set off to the seaside of Donggua Island.

“Found it.” Tu Yibai stood on a cliff on the coast, facing the rough sea, “It’s in the direction of three o’clock, about…ah!”

He covered his head, stood unsteadily, half kneeling on the ground.

“What’s wrong, Yibai” Granny Feng helped him in time.

“It… has found me, and is coming toward us!” Tu Yibai said in pain.

That sea demon obviously had the ability to attack from mentally, and its level was higher than that of Tu Yibai, who was only first-order.

It not only keenly discovered Tu Yibai’s exploration, but was able to counterattack from such a distance.

In the distance of the sea level, a white water wave rushed straight in their direction.

“Xiaobai, stay away, I will attack it first!” Chu Qianxun took the lead, leaped off the cliff and rushed toward the white wave.

Ye Peitian followed closely behind her.

His gaze followed the back of the figure in front of him, who was flying forward.

Chu Qianxun was just a girl close to his own age, but she was always so determined and tough, never retreating halfway, but rather rushing to the forefront in every battle.

Ye Peitian secretly made up his mind to work harder so as to always catch up with her.

Chu Qianxun stopped on the beach by the sea.

On the undulating water surface, there was a huge demon.

His upper body looked like a human man, and his cr*tch was covered with green scales, but it was in the form of a long fish tail.

If one ignored the green scales on the cheeks and the long dark purple hair that was as dark as seaweed, the face could be said to be of a very handsome young man.

“Oh, it’s a human.

I haven’t seen so many humans for many days.

It makes me happy,” the demon had a fascinating and moving voice.

He turned his tail on the surface of the sea, and a long ichthyosaur-like tail emerged from the other end of the sea, throwing out a white foam.

“Would you like to listen to singing I can sing to you before you die,” he looked at the people on the shore condescendingly, speaking like a human, even with a gentle smile.


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