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A low voice sounded in all directions.

That voice was not something humans could have, it was ethereal and elegant, full of temptation, as if it could cure all their suffering.

The Siren  staying on the water sang on the sea leisurely.

He was naked, and his long, wet hair like seaweed hung down against his perfectly-lined body, falling into the water with white foam.

He looked at Chu Qianxun with an affectionate look, as if a tender lover was looking at his sweetheart.

That face suddenly became Ye Peitian’s face.

The alarm bell in Chu Qianxun’s heart rang.

She knew that the sea demon’s attack had already begun.

The attacks of the mental power usually only happened in a very short moment, but people who were in that moment may feel that what they had experienced was extremely long.

If one couldn’t break free from it, they may fall into an illusion.

In the battle, if one fell into a real illusion and couldn’t wake up without a companion to help, it basically meant death.

The beach and sea disappeared in an instant.

In front of her was the wilderness with lush vegetation, a business car was parked beside her, and not far in front of her was a sparkling pond.

The sound of splashing water sounded, and a young man slowly walked ashore from the water.

He stroked his wet forehead and looked at Chu Qianxun with a cold look.

Chu Qianxun’s whole body was tense.

The demon Ye Peitian!

Wrong, Ye Peitian was no longer that.

That was an illusion, Chu Qianxun reminded herself.

Ye Peitian’s gloomy and indifferent appearance changed.

He stood in front of Chu Qianxun, lowered his head slightly, showing a sad expression on his face, “Qianxun, why are you leaving me”

“I…” Chu Qianxun opened her mouth, wanting to explain something.

Ye Peitian’s face was flushed, shy and awkward, “I… like you, Qianxun.”

The picture in front of Chu Qianxun burst at this moment.

The bright sky, the sea with white waves, the huge sea demon staying on the water.

The singing continued, Chu Qianxun, who broke free from the illusion, thumped her chest.

She glanced back, Ye Peitian also got rid of the illusion, looking at her with a flushed face.

She didn’t know what this sea demon showed Ye Peitian.

Chu Qianxun cursed secretly in her heart.

With her pair of blades, she spread the amber light around her, stepped on the water and rushed toward the sea demon.

The gentle facial expression of the Siren  instantly became cold, and the long hair that was as soft as seaweed rose from behind, and the strands were condensed into hard steel guns, and they attacked Chu Qianxun.

Her figure flipped in the air, and the bright double blades left a dazzling light and shadow on her side.

Countless purple-red “spears” pierced back and forth in the air, colliding with the crescent-shaped shadow of a blade to produce a dense clanging sound.

There was a loud noise,

The demon and Chu Qianxun’s figure separated.

Several tall rammed earth pillars rose on the sea, and Chu Qianxun staggered her two blades, knelt on one knee on the high platform, and wiped the blood from her face.

One arm of the demon was cut off from his body and fell into the sea.

The pale yellow liquid flowed out along his broken arm, covering half of his body.

The sea faintly shook, rolling up small whirlpools, and the soil platform on which Chu Qianxun was standing began to collapse, and a low and strange singing sounded in all directions.

The sound was like a thorn, directly piercing people’s minds, closer to the demon.

Several people had headaches, nausea, and pain.

Except for Chu Qianxun and Ye Peitian, the others had to stay away from the battlefield.

“Yan Xue, find his weaknesses,” Chu Qianxun called.

Three bullets were shot from a distance.

No matter how the demon dodged, the bullets closely tracked the demon’s movement and penetrated his body several times back and forth.

When a bullet passed through the demon’s heart, the Siren  let out an extremely angry scream.

He flicked his tail and raised a large wave, turned and dived into the bottom of the ocean, swimming toward the depths of the ocean.

“The crystal core is in the heart.”

Chu Qianxun jumped into the sea.

The sea calmed for a while, then suddenly stirred.

Numerous pieces of soil surfaced, and Ye Peitian on the bank knelt to the ground, twisted his eyebrows, and reached out to cover his forehead.

But he still stretched out a hand reluctantly, and a small earthen platform slowly rose on the surface of the sea, and a soggy Chu Qianxun jumped out of the water and stopped on the earthen platform to catch her breath.

The sea demon’s huge tail floated up from the bottom of the sea, and the transparent aquamarine scales turned over and shone in the sunlight.

The upper half of the demon’s body had been cut off, and a large amount of pale yellow liquid flowed out of the huge fracture, which dyed the sea water yellow.

On the sea near the shore, the upper body of the Siren  with his broken arm appeared.

His human-like body was still very flexible.

He exposed his head on the water and drilled down to the bottom of the sea, and was about to escape in a blink of an eye.

Jiang Chengzhu, who was on the shore, froze the sea in that instant, freezing the sea demon’s body that wanted to escape in the process.

The Siren ‘s eyes were red, and he looked viciously at the person who had frozen him.

He opened his mouth and made a sharp and piercing sound, and his purple hair hardened, breaking the ice.

Jiang Chengzhu spat out a mouthful of blood and immediately passed out.

The Siren who was about to break free suddenly fell into the water with a snap.

He seemed to be under a heavy load and barely supported his arm.

He wanted to get up from the sand at the bottom, but was pressed into the sea again.

On a cliff not far from the shore, a pair of twin sisters appeared there hand in hand.

Among them, the older sister raised her arms and adjusted the gravity to help suppress the demon with only half of its body left.

Chu Qianxun grabbed the sea demon by the hair, dragged him to the beach, and then pointed the blade to his chest.

“Are you… Brother Ren” Yan Xue’s voice came over.


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