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At that moment, on the coast of Donggua Island, Yan Xue walked to the sea demon and took off her goggles.

She looked at the demon’s face and said in surprise, “Brother Ren Are you Brother Ren You… aren’t you dead”

The demon turned his head and glanced at Yan Xue, his expression indifferent.

Yan Xue’s eyes reddened, “We all thought that Tang Juan killed you personally.

It turns out that Brother Juan couldn’t bear it in the end.”

The sea demon finally remembered, “Oh, that person, you are from Nanxi.

He injured me badly with flames at that time, but in the end he didn’t take out my crystal core, so I followed and the river drifted me here.”

He turned his head to look at Yan Xue with interest, “Does that person still sing To be honest, I really like listening to his singing.

I was hiding in the river by the Nanxi at that time.

I heard it several times.

After I came to the sea, I never heard it again.”

The sea demon at this time with only half of his body left, and one arm broken, spoke in a clear and pleasant voice.

His handsome face showed a very anthropomorphic expression, with a terrible beauty.

Yan Xue covered her mouth and shed tears, “You… Do you still remember the past”

“I do remember.

Are you Xiaoxue That person was Tang Juan.

When this body was still a human, I remember that you often sang with him.

I like those songs very much,” the Siren spoke plainly about the memories in his mind, which to him were just memories from another creature.

Gao Yan came up, “Ah Xue, what’s the matter Do you know him”

Yan Xue leaned on Gao Yan’s shoulder and cried out, “Brother Ren, he was a very gentle person during his lifetime.

We fought side by side and he took special care of everyone.

One day, he ate the demon’s crystal core and didn’t survive, he just…uuu…changed and became a demon.”

“He and Brother Juan were in the same band.

We used to listen to him and sing together.

The day he was demonized, I was seriously injured.

Brother Juan chased him up.

When he came back, Brother Juan said that he killed him.……”

Yan Xue could only cry.

Chu Qianxun held down the demon’s body, with a stroke of the blade, revealing the green crystal core in his chest.

“Yan Xue, don’t think too much about it.

The man who he used to be is dead long ago, and now alive is just a demon with his face.”

Chu Qianxun had killed countless fallen people, even if they were once her acquaintances and teammates, as long as they had been demonized, they were demons that were indifferent to humans, and she could only eliminate them mercilessly.

“Why are you killing me” The demon under her body suddenly looked at her and said.

Chu Qianxun, with the blade in her hand, was taken aback.

Demons and humans were natural enemies.

Killing demons was a matter of course for her.

She never thought that a demon would ask her why.

“We can eat people because of physical needs.

I only eat people when I’m hungry.

I never waste or kill indiscriminately.” The demon looked at Chu Qianxun with that human-like face, “But after observing you, I figured out that humans often kill each other without a reason, and even kill your comrades, but you haven’t even eaten their precious bodies, and they were all wasted.”

“If that’s the case, why do you hate us so much” The demon asked seriously with an expression of asking for advice.

Chu Qianxun choked, “You don’t need to be rhetorical.

No matter what you say, I won’t let you go.

We are different races and we were born enemies.”

The Siren blinked, “Then before I die, can you sing me a song I don’t know why, I especially like your human songs.

I am only two months old, and I haven’t really heard it often.”

“I…” Chu Qianxun said dryly, “I can’t sing.”

Having lived for so many years and fighting countless desperate fights with demons, it was the first time she heard a demon making a request to her.

Her heart was even shaken for a moment, but after all, she didn’t stop.

She picked the tip of the blade and took out the bright green crystal core.

A low male voice sounded.

Ye Peitian sang the song Tang Juan sang the night before they left them, “Far from home”.

The singing was melodious, and the waves drift away with the wind.

“Yes, it’s this one.” 

The demon slowly closed his eyes, there was no pain on his face, and there was still a faint smile.

Yan Xue buried her head on Gao Yan’s shoulder and sobbed silently.

The members of the team stood around.

Chu Qianxun stood up and looked at her hands.

She didn’t know how many demons she had killed with these hands, and had never hesitated.

At the moment, there was an inexplicable emotion in her heart.

The remains of the demon slowly sank into the beach.

The yellow sand covered his strange face.

Only a slightly arched sand mound was left.

A small white flower bloomed on the sand mound, accompanied by Ye Peitian’s singing, shaking gently in the sea breeze.

“Who can heal those tiny broken hearts……without you I will be so far away from home.”

When the song sang to the end, Ye Peitian raised his head and cast his eyes on the figure standing in front of the flower mound.

Who could comfort my broken heart, I will have nowhere to go without your company.

He repeatedly chanted these two lyrics in his heart.

Some people appeared on the cliff in the distance.


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