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The main road, which used to be bustling in the past, had lost its lights and looked gloomy and dim.

The buildings on both sides of the road stood silent and unmoving.

The black windows looked like an open mouth of  a monster with broken pieces of glass hanging there and shaking.

Occasionally, a small piece will fall amidst the heavy footsteps and hit the street where several dead bodies had fallen.

The crowd behind them withdrew in panic and was guided by the soldiers.

However, the Special Ops team members went against the flow of people and headed righteously toward the pale, terrifying monster at the end of the street.

Under Wu Hao’s command, the team members quickly lurked into the buildings and alleys on both sides.

At the entrance of a dark alley, Wu Hao aimed his gun at the demonic creature that was slowly moving forward.

“The monster’s skin is so hard that ammunition can’t do much damage to it.

It has tremendous strength and its fists can shatter the surface of concrete buildings.

According to the experience summed up before, its abdomen, especially the belly button, is probably its only weak point.

Be especially careful.

Do not be careless just because he moves slowly.

After his weak point is hit, it will instantly explode into an extremely rapid sprint that is very powerful.”

He explained the monster’s characteristics to Chu Qianxun.

In their Special Ops Unit, Mu Qiang’s heart feels very heavy.

As long as they have the strength, whether it is a teenager or a woman, all are quickly recognized by the team and given the respect they deserve.

Although Chu Qianxun had just shown strong combat qualities and volunteered to stay and assist, but after all, she is not a regular soldier.

Wu Hao brought her around, but he also thought of taking care of a couple of things in the meantime.

Admiration rose in Chu Qianxun’s heart.

With her own experience of the apocalypse in her previous life, it isn’t surprising that she can grasp the characteristics of the monster.

But the Special Ops Captain, who had only fought one Blunt Walker, was able to summarize the monster’s weaknesses in every possible way.

He is indeed a keen soldier.

A dozen guns in the darkness were aimed with bated breath at the huge, bloated creature.

Under the moonlit night, the ghastly white creature continues to move forward step by step, its mouth emitting a single word in long trailing sounds.

“Hungry, hungry ……”

The low sound echoed through the dark, deserted streets, making one suspect as if it was all just an unreal dream.

Its thumping footsteps sounded against the earth one after another, and struck into the hearts of the soldiers.

Wu Hao’s tactical gloved hand reached out from the mouth of the alley and gestured in three, two, one.

As the remaining finger made a slashing down motion in the air, a dozen trajectories flashed through the night and shot the demon’s abdomen in unison.

The huge monster raised its head and hissed in pain.

Suddenly, it squatted and burst out with a speed that was completely incompatible with its huge size, raising dust all the way towards Wu Hao and Chu Qianxun’s position.

The moment it crouched down, Chu Qianxun shouted “Retreat!” and the two of them quickly backed away.

Wu Hao is half a step slower than her, but he moved much faster than Chu Qianxun.

The two retreated into the depths of the alley.

There was a loud bang at the entrance.

Countless hard blocks of steel and concrete mixed with dust smashed down and piled up in the location where they had just been stationed.

A huge body blocked the entrance of the alley and couldn’t get in.

The creature let out a low, loud roar and thumped several times to tear down one big hole after another and demolished the buildings as an attempt to squeeze its huge body into the tiny alley.

Gunshots rang out from the roof of a three-story building across the street where members of the Special Ops fired to divert the monster’s attention.

The demon was shot numerous times in the back, but it didn’t seem to feel anything.

Only freezing for a moment while emitting a low human-like sound.

Slowly, it turned around to face the rain of bullets.

In a sudden burst of speed, its bloated body crashed into the building across the street.

The whole building shook.

The two soldiers on the roof were shaken from the upper floors and one fell on the street, spitting out blood and was seriously injured.

The other man grabbed the iron bars of the roof in time, barely hanging on to lift his body and avoid falling off the building

The Blunt Walker lifted a huge fat hand and slapped it on the bloody body hanging on the wall.

A young life was tragically painted on the external wall of the building.

“Fuck!”, a cry left Wu Hao’s mouth as he held his gun and rushed outside.

“I’ll draw him away, you save the others,” a clear female voice rang out beside him as the young woman went past him, flipped over the falling rocks, and took the lead in rushing towards the street.

The Blunt Walker slowly turned towards the Special Ops soldier who had fallen to the ground.

Chu Qianxun rushed out of the street.

She ran vertically against the building on one side and shot bullets into the monster’s weak point on the navel with unerring accuracy.

The Blunt Walker suffered from pain.

Sure enough, it abandoned the injured soldier on the ground and rushed towards Chu Qianxun.

The moment it crouched down and gathered strength, Chu Qianxun dropped to the ground and rolled down into a storefront on the street.

The monster sprinted very fast.

But its bulky size made it impossible to stop and slammed all the way straight into the building in front of them.

Chu Qianxun slipped out of the side door of the store and disappeared back into the depths of the alley.

Wu Hao took advantage of this opportunity to carry his seriously injured comrade on the ground and retreated back inside the alley.

The other warriors quickly learned from Chu Qianxun’s actions and began to use the environment, as well as the monsters’ traits to lure the Blunt Walkers back and forth.

Chu Qianxun leaned against the entrance of the alley, observing the battle outside while she rubbed her shoulder slowly with one hand.

Her shoulder was already red and swollen, the recoil of the gun was still too much for her current body.

“How are you doing” Wu Hao asked.

“There are two magazines left.” Chu Qianxun answered.

After saying this, both of them froze at the same time.

Wu Hao asked about her physical condition, and Chu Qianxun reported back her ammunition reserves.

In Chu Qianxun’s habit, unless seriously injured in a near-death state, companions will not care about your physical condition.

Most people only use this question to ask about the ammunition reserves, the ability status and other things related to the battle.

Wu Hao threw two magazines at her.

He saw Chu Qianxun hold up three fingers together and cut to the right front, and pointed to herself.

What she meant was that she will guard the three o’clock direction and cooperate with Wu Hao.

Wu Hao looked at her figure running out in a cat-like manner, feeling in his heart the same strong sense when he is looking at Platoon Leader Lin.

The young woman was physically poor, slow to run, soft in the arms, and obviously lacking in exercise for a long time.

But her marksmanship, combat abilities, and keen foresight were all surprisingly powerful.

Her kind of familiarity and calmness on the battlefield made even Wu Hao ashamed of himself.

This is impossible to disguise, and only through years of hard work on the real battlefield can such soldiers be trained.

She is like…

It’s like a veteran who had quit the battlefield for ten years and picked up the gun again.

Wu Hao gave his conclusion.

But how could this be This is just a female student under twenty years old.

He dismissed his absurd idea and threw himself into the tense battle.

The huge body of the Blunt Walker finally collapsed with a roar, smashing up smoke and dust into the street and alley.

All those present, however, failed to raise the joy of victory.

The soldiers slowly emerged from their hiding places and converged in silence.

The battlefield was a mess.

Flesh and blood, and unrecognizable corpses were smeared all over.

In order to deal with this one demon, they lost a full eight of their brothers whom they spent all their time with together.

The deaths were tragic.

Either buried under the falling steel and concrete, or slapped to death by the demon, making it almost impossible to collect the bones.

Wu Hao’s face was strained.

After silently standing in the center of the street for a long time, he finally waved his hand and ordered the team to close.

“You’re coming with us.” He said to Chu Qianxun.

To Wu Hao’s surprise, Chu Qianxun refused him.

“It’s better to forget it.

We aren’t going the same way either.”

Chu Qianxun was thinking about the crystals on the Blunt Walker.

The creature was too large for her to quietly take out the crystals in front of the crowd.

“You want to go alone” Wu Hao frowned.

“Yeah, if I’m right, you guys are going north, right My home is on Lu Island, and I’ll go east.”

Wu Hao stopped talking.

He could see that Chu Qianxun was a person with her own ideas.

Several of his brothers were wounded, and he had to follow the army immediately, so he didn’t continue persuading.

Chu Qianxun handed the Type 95 semi-automatic rifle in his hand back to Wu Hao.

“Keep it for self-defense,” Wu Hao said.

This girl has many secrets, but in this moment of chaos, he did not have the energy to ask superfluous things.

He only remembered that this person was a companion with whom he had fought side by side.

Chu Qianxun laughed helplessly, “This is too heavy, I can’t carry it.”

Wu Hao found a pistol, several magazines, two hand grenades and handed them all to Chu Qianxun.

“Take care of yourself.” He shook hands with Chu Qianxun and turned around to get into the car.

Watching the convoy go far away, Chu Qianxun quickly turned over the huge body of the Blunt Walker.


The pale moonlight shone on the dimly lit street.

On the wide road lay the corpse of a huge demon.

A young woman sat on the high bulging belly of the demon, playing with two small glowing crystals on her fingertips in the moonlight, and revealing a delighted smile.

So far, the body hasn’t had an obvious reaction.

But in any case, with these two crystals, she can still advance to the first rank.

I wonder what the ability I get this time will be

Chu Qianxun thought happily.


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