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The narrow alley was filled with thick white fog, and the small human figure was hidden by the thick fog billowing on all sides.

“Human…human beings No…see…” The demon’s doubtful voice echoed in the white mist.

It stretched out dozens of flesh-colored arms and climbed on the walls on both sides of the alley, trying to push out the huge head stuck in the alley.

But it was surprising to find that a huge high wall had risen behind it somehow.

The wall was tall and strong, and a thick layer of frost had formed on the surface, confining it firmly to a small space.

Gunshots sounded in the air, and three bullets spun toward the center of the demon’s brow.


The demon’s countless arms stretched out, layer upon layer covering its vital place.

Chu Qianxun’s figure appeared in mid-air, the blade shadow split through the thick fog, the light of the blade flashed, and the pale limbs fell to the ground.

The demon roared angrily, the remaining arms let go of the vital point and furiously grabbed Chu Qianxun.

A figure appeared in time in front of her.

Ye Peitian raised his hands flat, and formed a sand shield in front of the two.

While the demon’s arms smashed the sand shield, three bullets took advantage of the gap and shot into the center of the demon’s eyebrows accurately.

The demon uttered a loud roar, and the huge head suddenly scattered and turned into countless small heads, rolling away quickly in all directions.

“Brother Yongchun, there is only one that is real,” a voice of a young immature boy sounded.

Several green vines were drilled on the ground in the distance.

Those vines were intertwined layer by layer, entwining the fist-sized head of a fist that was escaping, and a bright red flower bloomed on top, the conspicuous flower greeted the wind and shook anxiously.

Chu Qianxun rushed forward and pierced the brow of the little head.

The little head swelled up with a bang, returning to a huge appearance.

Chu Qianxun stood on the demon’s face, with the blade in her hand aimed at the demon’s split eyebrows, and its eyes rolled around as it screamed, “Don’t kill me, don’t kill me, don’t kill me…”

Standing on the huge head, Chu Qianxun didn’t hesitate, and with the sharp tip of the blade, she took out the crystal core.

The demon’s muffled voice stopped abruptly, and the huge head stopped moving.

Ye Peitian stood at the entrance of the alley.

He raised his head and looked at Chu Qianxun who was standing on a high place.

The young girl stood on the huge head with the light on her back, happily looking at the gem-like crystal core in her hand, the afterglow of the setting sun, a circle of soft brilliance spread over her.

There was blood flowing on her face and her body was filthy, but her face was filled with a happy smile.

Almost shining in the sun!

Ye Peitian couldn’t look away.

He heard a clear heartbeat in his chest, which rose faster than before.

In Qianxun’s eyes, there was only the crystal core, and there was no room for excess.

But it was precisely this kind of toughness and courage, strong self-confidence from the inside to the outside, which deeply attracted him.

As long as he could stay with her like this and fight alongside her, it was good.

Chu Qianxun turned her head and saw Ye Peitian.

She jumped off the demon’s head at once,

“How are you, are you injured” She checked Ye Peitian’s injury, and showed the wound on her arm to him, “Me too, look, I almost couldn’t hold it, thank you for blocking it for me.”

“Let’s go, go back to see Sister Yan.

Have dinner and rest, then I will bring another demon out,” Chu Qianxun said while walking.

“What do you want to eat at night” Ye Peitian walked side by side with her in the sunset light.

“Chestnut chicken Yongchun caught a pheasant.

Do we still have chestnuts The last time you cooked it, it was really delicious, but I didn’t get two pieces.”

“Okay, I’ll cook it for you.”

At the moment, on the top of a tall building in the town, two men were sitting.

One of the men with three scars on his face looked at the situation from a distance.

“What kind of messy team, old, weak, sick and disabled.

The main force is a woman, and it’s incredible that they can get that ghost,” he raised his head in disbelief.

The man next to him had half-length and not-short shawl hair, high cheekbones, and a thin face.

“Don’t underestimate them, that woman is not simple.

She should be of the same speed type as me.

Although the level is a bit lower than mine, she is too cruel, and it is not easy to deal with.

In addition, the ice boy who was with the woman with the gun is at least the second order.

The most troublesome is probably the man who uses sand.

I can hardly see his strength.”

“What about them, no matter how powerful they are, won’t they still be ruined in your hands, Old Liao Haha, you will have to search for them later, they must have a lot of crystal cores with them.”

There was originally a bridge at the entrance of Gourd Town.

At the moment, the bridge surface was cracked in two, and the river was rolling under the breach.

If it weren’t for chasing humans, the demon would normally not step into the water.

Chu Qianxun and her party gathered on the small half of the bridge, eating dinner while observing the situation in the town.

There, they had a wide view, relatively safe, and they could rest assured to eat.

Tu Yibai suddenly raised his head and looked at the town, “There seems to be other people in the town.”

“Someone came over, he is fast, too fast! Faster than Sister Qianxun.

He also attracted demons!”

The setting sun had already faded down the mountain, and a dark shadow appeared in the dim town.

The speed of the man was so fast that only a few flickering afterimages were visible.

After a few breaths, he appeared on the broken bridge.

“Hello, beauties, let me give you a big gift!”

The person was talking, and suddenly appeared in front of Gao Yan the next moment, reaching out and touching her face.

Ablade slashed toward his arm almost simultaneously.

The man snorted, and a hostile expression flashed across his thin face.

His figure shook, disappeared from the bridge, and appeared far under the bridge pier in the next moment.

Yan Xue looked indifferent, crouched and shot, three shots popped out, and followed the man.

The man flickered left and right, and quickly left toward the distance.

The bullets kept chasing behind him, but they couldn’t catch up with him for a while.

At that moment, rumbling footsteps sounded in the town.

Countless demons rushed out from the entrance of the town.

They lost their tracking target, but saw Chu Qianxun and others on the bridge.

The demons uttered chaotic and piercing calls, then rushed to the people on the broken bridge frantically.

The speed ability holder, with his own super speed, led out a large number of demons from the town, intending to use the demons to kill Chu Qianxun and her party.

“Run!” Ye Peitian shouted.

Everyone turned around and ran, and a new bridge made of yellow sand was connected to the broken bridge behind them.

The bridge surface quickly became deserted after everyone passed.

Numerous demons rushed to the bridge head, unable to stop for a while, several huge demons fell off the broken bridge one after another during the push and pull, and were submerged in the rolling river.

The weird speed ability holder had returned to the top of the building.

He looked at the scene on the bridge with a cold expression, “They actually ran away.”


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