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Feng Chengyu had practiced martial arts since he was a child and was a national martial arts athlete before the apocalypse.

After the doomsday, he also quickly evolved an armor ability suitable for melee combat.

Every time he hunted the demon, he rushed forward without fear, and gathered some like-minded companions around him, becoming the most powerful team in their base.

At that moment, with a cloth strap tied to his eyes, he was in the air, with a longsword in his hand piercing through the air.

Although he couldn’t see things, he could keenly capture the enemy’s position by relying on the sound of the surrounding airflow.

“Chengyu! Go back!”

As Feng Chengyu heard Xin Ziming’s yell, he was shocked, and the sword in his hand had been caught by a huge force.

He only heard a clicking sound, and his hand lightened in vain.

The sword broke

With the sword in his hand, Feng Chengyu couldn’t hold back his momentum.

He received a heavy blow in his abdomen and his body was blown away.

The cloth band on his eyes fell off as he was struggling to get up, the scales on his abdomen peeled off one after another, and there was a huge burning pain.

A lot of blood dripped from his head, blocking his vision.

Through the viscous blood, Feng Chengyu vaguely saw a centaur standing not far away with blue flames burning all over it.

The demon raised its four hooves lightly, and the dots of blue flames fell one after another.

Its hair was a flame, its eyes were a flame, and its face was a flame.

It no longer had its previous solid appearance, and its whole body was transformed into a blue flame shape.

“Many demons will explode with particularly powerful combat ability after being seriously injured.” Chu Qianxun, who was hiding in the dark, whispered to Ye Peitian, “You see, this one has turned into flames, and not only its power changed instantly, the broken leg had recovered.

At this time, we must pay special attention.

Many teams get accidentally pitted at this stage.”

“If I were this demon, I would first get rid of the man with mental ability.

Without his pupil skill, it would be much easier for it to kill others,” Ye Peitian’s observation point was very strange.

But as soon as his words fell, the demon spattered its four flaming hooves and rushed toward Xin Ziming who was standing in the distance.

Its speed was extremely fast.

Before everyone could react, a streamlined blue light flashed, and the burning fire horse appeared in front of the pupil ability holder Xin Ziming.

The flames’ arms slid in the air, and Xin Ziming was shot down from a height, hit the ground heavily, and immediately vomited blood, with his life and death unknown.

“Sure enough, it went to attack him.

The spiritual ability holders are weak and vulnerable.

They should send someone to protect this talent,” Chu Qianxun, who was watching the battle in the dark, clapped and exclaimed.

Ye Peitian turned to look at her, “Aren’t you also a mental ability holder”

“So I must hurry up and practice.” Chu Qianxun stared at the battlefield intently, “Otherwise, what will I do in the future I can’t rely on your protection.”

The two street lights on the roadside were pulled up out of thin air, and the steel light poles wrapped around the demon’s body, preventing it from chasing Xin Ziming.

Numerous abandoned cars flew into the air, and hit the demon.

A red flame rushed through the blue flames around the demon, exposing its body, and several sharp metal rushed toward it.

That was the metal and flame ability holders who saw their team members injured and hurried to rescue them.

At that moment, the two felt that their cheeks were slightly hot, and the cloth band covering their faces was broken by the flames and fell.

Unprepared, the two saw a demon not far away.

It was a fascinating and beautiful creature.

It was burning with bright blue flames.

A pair of eyes in the flame were staring at them.

Those eyes were spinning with circles of blue halo, which seemed to be human at first glance.

The soul would be sucked into the blue abyss.

The eyes of the two were dull, as if caught in the happiest and sweetest memories, a psychedelic smile slowly appeared on their faces.

The flying hoof of the demon kicked the two of them, stamping them to the ground.

The two were of second-order and, without the support of their companions, they couldn’t resist the mental power attack of the fourth-order demon.

They fell into the illusion and were seriously injured by the demon.

The street lights and cars entangled on the demon’s body crackled and scattered.

It shook the flames on its body, jumped to the ground, and walked toward the unconscious Xin Ziming.

Suddenly, it turned around, reached out and grabbed Feng Chengyu who had stabbed a long metal rod in the air behind him.

“Humans are fragile.”

The demon’s flame-like face turned around, and its arm slammed Feng Chengyu to the ground.

It raised its front hoof and stepped heavily on Feng Chengyu’s chest.

He screamed, spouting a mouthful of blood, and the black scaly armor all over his body fell off, completely losing the ability to resist.

The blue flame all over the demon gradually extinguished.

The tall and strong body was gone, only a very pocket-shaped small horse body was exposed.

The upper body was no longer in the form of a mature and beautiful woman, but in the appearance of a young girl.

“Big brother, it’s all your fault that made me so small,” the demon spoke in a childish voice, but the front hoof relentlessly stamped on Feng Chengyu’s burned chest back and forth. 

“It’s okay, I caught you.

If I burn a little longer, I might be finished.”

The demon stretched out its pinkish little tongue and licked the blood stains on its hands, “Well, it tastes good.

Your level is not low.

By eating you, I will be able to recover, hehe, maybe become stronger.”

“Why close your eyes, big brother” The demon bent down and smiled at Feng Chengyu, who closed his eyes and turned his face away, “Open your eyes and take a look at me.

Just take a look, I can let you die in happiness, without pain at all.”

The innocent smile suddenly froze,

It jumped up, but unfortunately it was already a step slower.

It did not know when a girl in black appeared behind it.

The light of the knife flashed, and the surprised demon fell from the air.

Its four hooves were cut off, and its body rolled to the ground, unable to stand up.

Chu Qianxun swung her knife straight down, trying to get the crystal core.

“Don’t kill me, sister, don’t kill me,” the demon begged bitterly.

Its big beautiful eyes shed the same tears as humans, “I have been in this town since I was born, and I have never done anything bad, why do you want to do this to me”


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