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Before being reborn, Chu Qianxun had never softened to a demon in battle, but for some reason, looking at the crying face exactly like a human girl in front of her, she suddenly remembered Feng Qianqian, and her hand stopped momentarily.

In that short instant, the eyes of the demon lit up with a blue halo.

“Oops,” Chu Qianxun said in her heart.

She plunged into darkness before her eyes.

There was only a pale operating table in the dark, and a man was imprisoned on the operating table.

The man stared blankly at the ceiling, his naked body was covered with hideous wounds, connected to countless scarlet pipes.

“Peitian” Chu Qianxun frowned and walked over.

Ye Peitian, who was imprisoned on the operating table, turned around and looked at her, “I haven’t done anything bad, why are you doing this to me”

Chu Qianxun felt sad for a while, “No one will dare to treat you like this anymore, I will take you away.”

He sat up, and slowly tore the white dressing tape on his neck, and a bright red blood flowed down the pale neck.

He looked at Chu Qianxun, “Qianxun, are you hurt”

Ye Peitian raised his neck, his eyes burning, his lips curled, his throat swayed slightly, and the white skin was stained with red blood.

Chu Qianxun was stunned for a while, and found her heartbeat speeding up inexplicably.

“Qianxun, Qianxun,” Ye Peitian kept calling her.

Chu Qianxun woke up from the illusion.

In front of her eyes was a barrier made of yellow sand.

The barrier blocked the scorching heat, and a bright blue flame burned violently outside the yellow sand.

Ye Peitian was shaking her shoulders and desperately calling her name.

Chu Qianxun woke up from her daze, pressed Ye Peitian’s hand, and jumped out from behind the barrier.

The demon with broken four hooves was trapped on the ground by Ye Peitian’s yellow sand, and opened its mouth angrily, spraying blue flames from its mouth, burning the thick sand wall in front of it.

Chu Qianxun went straight down in the air and cut open the back of the demon’s neck accurately.

She endured the burning of the flames, reached into the body of the demon, and pulled out the green crystal core.

The blue flame finally went out, and when the centaur’s body fell, the yellow sand collapsed. 

Ye Peitian’s eyes were bleeding, so he closed his eyes, and slowly stood up.

“What’s wrong with your eyes” Chu Qianxun hurriedly helped him.

“It doesn’t matter, it will be well soon.”

At the time of the crisis, in order not to be controlled by the demon, he even blinded his eyes.

Chu Qianxun helped him sit down and brandished a blade at Xin Ziming who was unconscious.

That was a team with strong combat effectiveness.

She picked it up from their hands and obtained this extremely rare fourth-order crystal core.

According to the usual practice, these men should be killed, so as not to cause endless trouble to themselves in the future.

Feng Chengyu crawled over from the side and stood in front of his companion.

“You kill me first,” he covered his chest and stared at Chu Qianxun.

His neck moved slightly near the blade, but he still couldn’t start.

She turned to look at Ye Peitian.

He, who was once a fierce person, was sitting on the side, reaching out his hand to wipe the blood on his face, showing a harmless expression on his face, and groping to reach out to her.

It was impossible to expect Ye Peitian to encourage her to be cruel.

Chu Qianxun sighed for her increasingly soft-hearted character, and finally put away the blade and helped Ye Peitian to leave.

It was midnight, and a strange sound of demons was occasionally heard from the depths of the silent and dark town.

Chu Qianxun took Ye Peitian’s hand and ran cautiously on the deserted street.

“Qianxun.” Ye Peitian stopped, rubbing his fingertips on Chu Qianxun’s hand, “Is your hand burnt”

“It’s okay, a little hurt,” Chu Qianxun turned around.

“I…” Ye Peitian, who closed his eyes, opened his mouth.

Chu Qianxun immediately understood what he was trying to say, and suddenly remembered what she had seen in the illusion, and interrupted him hurriedly and embarrassingly, “It’s okay, let’s go quickly, it’s dangerous here.”

Leaving Gourd Town, they returned to the gathering place to meet everyone.

“What’s the matter, what happened to Xiao Ye’s eyes” Gao Yan used her power to heal Ye Peitian, “Fortunately, it is not too serious.

With Xiao Ye’s recovery ability, he should be able to see things soon.”

“Aren’t you two so good” Jiang Chengzhu angrily said, “I told you that I want to go with you too.”

He averted his gaze, and added unhapply, “Sister Qianxun, you don’t take me with you lately.

Do you think I’m too useless and would hold you back”

Chu Qianxun was wrapping Ye Peitian’s eyes with gauze.

Hearing that, she looked at him and said, “How can Chengzhu be useless Chengzhu is the best.

I thought I could deal with those two.”

Jiang Chengzhu reluctantly rejoiced and laid back by the campfire to continue sleeping.

“Okay, the bandage is complete, you have a good rest.

Get well soon,” Chu Qianxun wrapped up the wound for Ye Peitian, packed her things and got ready to get up.

But the corner of her clothes was suddenly caught.

Chu Qianxun was taken aback for a moment, then turned around.

Ye Peitian was sitting on the grass with white gauze wrapped around his eyes.

His slender fingers grabbed the corners of her clothes.

He pulled so hard that the knuckles were a little white.

But only for a moment.

After that, he let go, and silently curled his fingers back.

After losing his eyesight, there was only pitch black around, so Ye Peitian was in panic.

It was just dark, everyone was nearby, nothing terrible would happen.

He comforted himself in his heart, slowly pulled up the blanket and laid down on the grass.

“You are a man, how can you be afraid of the dark Do you want people to laugh at you” He repeatedly said to himself in the dark.

There was a rustling noise around him, and a person laid down next to him, a soft and warm hand stretched out from the blanket, and took his cold palm.

“Go to sleep, I’ll be with you,” a familiar voice rang in his ear.


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