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EXTRA 1 (Previous life)

When Chu Qianxun walked into the women’s bathroom with a basin, Gao Yan was lying prone in the sink and vomiting.

“What’s wrong with you, sister” Chu Qianxun passed by Gao Yan’s side and joked casually.

“What sister!” Gao Yan made a rude gesture to her, spooning a glass of water from Chu Qianxun’s basin with a cup.

“Shennai who killed thousands dares to let me eat that kind of food, and dares to ask for so much money for it!” The vomiting made her face flushed, she looked at the shabby mirror in front of the sink, cursing in a low voice while vomiting.

“Internal organs, human blood… it’s just abnormal.”

“No wonder… crazy.”

Chu Qianxun was squatting on the side of the drainage ditch to wash her hair, and couldn’t hear clearly.

“Sister Yan, what are you talking about”

It was a bathroom, but in fact it was just a big house with gutters dug on both sides.

There was only an earthen wall at the entrance to block the view and a few sinks.

The person who wanted to take a bath brought water with them, and just found a place to wash themselves.

No one had the energy to pay attention to the details of life those days, and no one could pay attention to anything like xoxo or comfort.

In fact, there were very few people who even took a bath, because water was not that easy to get.

Chu Qianxun squatted on the ground with the basin of water.

She washed her face first, then bent down to wash her hair as much as possible.

Then she wrung a damp cloth and wiped her whole body, and finally took off her shoes and washed her feet.

She was reluctant to throw the remaining dirty water, so she had to take it back to pour it on the few green onions planted on the windowsill in her room.

Gao Yan rinsed her mouth with the water in the cup, cleaned her mouth, and felt a little more comfortable.

“It’s nothing, never mind the messy things,” she said to Chu Qianxun.

Chu Qianxun finished cleaning herself, and walked out of the women’s bathroom with Gao Yan holding the basin.

Gao Yan put on light makeup that day, and her body still smelled of smoke.

Chu Qianxun knew that she had gone to fool around with a certain high-powered man again.

Perhaps because of it, she heard some gossip.

Chu Qianxun didn’t care who Gao Yan was fooling around with.

In that year, people did anything to survive, murder, robbery, fraud.

For the demons’ crystal core people killed their own brothers, for a bite of food, the husband and wife turned against each other.

Anything nasty could happen.

Although Gao Yan was mean and selfish, and her lifestyle was a bit messy, she never did any tricks behind others.

Basically, like Chu Qianxun, she was completely relying on her own efforts to live.

Chu Qianxun and her reluctantly regarded each other as friends- the kind of friends who could usually chat and spend some supplies, and if they encountered danger on the battlefield, both sides would not hesitate to leave.

“Dead woman, have you ever drunk the holy blood” Gao Yan couldn’t help asking as she walked on the road.

“I drank one a few years ago, a low-level one.

I spent all my savings at that time and it saved my life with it.

I heard that no amount of crystal cores can buy it now.

Shennai no longer produces holy blood.

“I’ve drank it too.

It was still high-end.” Gao Yan’s face became very ugly, but she quickly lowered her head in compromise and murmured, “Although it was disgusting, so what To have the holy blood, everyone is rushing to ask for it, after all, it saves your own life.”

Chu Qianxun didn’t understand her words.

Her attention was attracted by the excitement not far away, and she touched Gao Yan with her elbow, “Sister Yan, look over there.”

In the square not far from them, a group of people gathered.

These people had different clothes and shapes, and they obviously came from different places.

Both men and women, young and old, were equipped with shining equipment and weapons, and the whole body exuded a powerful aura.

“Wow!” Gao Yan quickly took Chu Qianxun to hide to watch the excitement, “The commander of our base and the top masters of the major mercenary groups are all there.”

Several off-road vehicles drove over, and some people got off one after another.

Walking ahead was a young man with a thin body and cold expression, his collar slightly open, and a black scale hung on his neck.

A short-haired woman walked behind, with a hideous scar, a huge machete on her back, and blood on her body, just like Shura returning from hell.

People who watched the excitement all around started talking.

“Is that Xin Ziming The mental ability holder boss, why is he here”

“That is Jiao Yuling with the queen of guns, Yan Xue.

I heard that she hates men so much that she crushes people into meat pie if they don’t agree with her.

Don’t mess with her.”

“Who is Jiao Yuling I heard that Boody Mary is also here.”

“Hush,, you dare to talk about this You are really not afraid of death.”

“Tsk tsk, the fire God, the metal boss, the plant boss…what a luxurious lineup, are there any high-level fallen people near our base”

“Sister Yan, what’s the situation” Chu Qianxun stretched her neck and looked around.

Gao Yan hesitated, “Let me tell you, don’t say anything.

They are all for that…”

She approached Chu Qianxun’s ear and whispered a word, “Human demon.”

Chu Qianxun was taken aback, “He Did he come here”

“Is it not”

Chu Qianxun didn’t understand, “That person…has an enmity with Shennai, and he has stirred up the Shennai group upside down in the past few years.

But Shennai is awesome, it has so many people Do these people want to eliminate harm for the people and help for justice”

“Help justice” Gao Yan snorted, and casted a glance at Chu Qianxun disdainfully, “The people who help for justice these days are just playing a nice flag and achieving their goals.”

“Let’s go, don’t mix in this kind of excitement or no one will collect the corpse if something happens.”


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